Monday, February 25, 2013

Being called to the Bar

Last Friday my first ever chambering student, got "called to the Bar". Wanna hear about it?

Basically it means that she is finally qualified to practise as a lawyer..god help the world. She finished her 9 months training last year and had actually started working somewhere else so it was a surprise to find out from the Boss that he heard that she wanted me to go to her "long call" to "put on her robe". Apparently masters have to do that after the "mover" introduces the student. It's been so long ago, I have forgotten what happened at my own long call!  

First I got mad because she didn't even call me personally to tell me. It was going to be a Friday and I would have to cancel my bni meeting and it would have been nice if i had received more notice . 

She eventually called, and I said yes of course I'd go..and then left it at that..until a day before I was chatting to a lawyer in my office and the subject of clothes came up and she said you have to be robed and bibbed- what the hey?? Robed? What type of robe- bathrobe? 

Panic panic.. Boss said can borrow his robe. It's actually the black robe that a lawyer must wear to be in court . It's quite horrifying if you are not robed. There is even a long article at the Bar Council website about how this lawyer appeared before (of all people) Sri Ram (who was of the old school and strict)  without being robed and he said  "I can't hear you" and she kept on talking and in the end ANOTHER lawyer had to take over ...punyalah!! Embarrasing to her firm and her master pun kena marah...kenapa tak ajar..- SO IT'S A BIG DEAL . 

But to orang yang sangat jarang pi court - in fact kalau boleh tak langsung..what the heck is robe and bib right? The boss said he doesnt have the official lacy for girls bib but baby Muhammad's bib adalah..Har har har..manyaaakkk kelakar ..veryy the funny.

 I was freaking out and called my student up and said find the bib for me, or else the mover (ie introducer) can put your robe on. Memang boleh tapi macam tak best lah sebab the trainer lah yang put on the robe selalunya

Ok finally all sorted..she found the bib..and that night I rummaged through my wardrobe and unearthed a long black skirt, long sleeve white shirt , black blazer - and no open toed shoes ok - haiyaaa, very cerewet lah (fussy) being a litigator.

So off we went to Shah Alam..I said we because I managed to persuade the DARLING SUPERHUSBAND OF THE YEAR to send me to Shah Alam ..on the pretext that (a) I was sleepy because I was bz looking for the skirt etc the night before and therefore slept late and (b) I would get lost in a matchbox-- my sense of direction is THAT poor and I might end  up in Klang ..So he pun hantar laaa....

Sekali student tak sampai lagi! She arrived abt 15 mins later (Master lagi kiasu he he). Wah ramai trainee lawyer nak kena call to the bar...about 14 orang..

I met the lawyer who was introducing her , she works in the same firm, but she does litigation.I found her to have certain "air" ---.tapi I have long found lawyers who go to court, slightly more "action" or "aloof" than other types of lawyers...hehehe  macam berlagak..yelah. I think it's because they wear robes and meet they feel important ..My type of lawyer who do agreements - bathrobe pun ok need formal robe..As for judges-we see judges too..Maybe American Idol, or Masterchef..hihihihi...

Most of them are actually v nice once you get to know them but usually they would have this air around them (barristers) ...jangan marah.....

ANYWAY back to the story of the call...we entered the room ...the judge wasn't there but loads of lawyers in robes and also loads of family member. Met another lawyer who primarily does banking and conveyancing and as BLUR as me so we both were going "do we sit here?" and " what do we do now?" he he.. (except I'd like to think I do BLUR more elegantly he he) 

To fast forward-- everything went smoothly..although I did almost have a heart attack when one girl asked me if I can act as her "mover" as her mover did not come ! She was no 1! And the mover was also the mover for no 2!  Aiyoo she was near tears.I SOO wanted to say yes but--.I had to say no! cause you have to address the court and read from her script and know what to say sorry. Thank goodness someone else stepped in. But next time I can, since I have seen how they do it now!

Noted- everyone's script was the same! sigh...everyone cut and pasted from each other...the introduction part, the appreciation of families and masters etc...all were similar to each other that clearly they were copied he he

Takpalah..finally my turn came and I got to put on the robe on my chambering student..surprisingly it was a touching , Now you are a grown up lawyer...I told her- don't embarrass me and the firm you trained in OK!! 

The end of the story....byeee!

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