Thursday, February 21, 2013

Being shadowed today!

Today ada orang nak "Shadow" I

ie nak datang ikut I pi kerja


It's Nadine's friend actually, wanting to see what a real lawyer does. Ahaks! 

am i a real lawyer??

i am, but I don't go to court (which is what everyone thinks a lawyer does) and I spend time at the computer a lot (which must be  boring to watch). 

AND- being shadowed means I have to go into the office lah today heheheh

semangat nak masuk office sangat lah tiada...banyak kerja lagi langsai kalau kat real distraction and can ber santai-- free hair ke, dalam kaftan ke, tak mandi ke hehehehhe..but on the other hand, I need to go in to the office actually... otherwise things don't move and I always have to check. My staff is good but of course lah..kena check. We have about 5 girls helping us..well, one full time  clerk  helping me, a young girl who helps me a lot but a bit slacking on the" updating your boss once you have done the work" part = the others I feel I pinjam from the boss because they help him mainly, and I always tell them if Boss wants you to do something then do that first nanti dia kata I hog his staff. hehehehe. 

Hmm maybe Nadine's friend can be useful today-- maybe she can learn to, say... make me  a cup of coffee? Something all my kids have learnt to do heheheh- sorry guys! 

I bully my kids you say?? no laaa ..just teaching them how to be useful around the house.  The maid is still doing 95 per cent of the work around the house, although I have turned blue trying to get them to at least clean their own room. I am telling them to wash their own undergarments but they say it's easier to chuck them all in the wash-- yeah but in the end everything gets mixed up and I have no idea what belongs to whom. MY stuff I wash (which means the bathroom looks like a mini laundry on days) . I tell them at boarding school you have to do this, to which the answer was We're not in boarding school mummy. Harrumph but you can still be sent hokay! 

What was I rambling about hah? Oh yeah, being shadowed. Hope the girl won't get TOO bored. She's probably going to see me talk on the phone a lot. 

This girl shadowing me is Nadine's school friend and is going to Yemen with her. Oh yeah Nadine wants to go to Yemen. to learn Arabic. Before she goes to take her Sijil TInggi Agama Islam next year (which is in full arabic). Which she needs to take before she goes to University Al Azhar. Which is where she wants to go. 

Why laa Yemen, nadine?? Kat KL ni melambak good Arabic language schools. Plus you already went once..and now nak pergi lagi?? I must tell you hati I sangat berat to let her go. But she keeps asking and asking. She says it's better learning there because you are forced to speak it so you will learn it faster. SO? I want to learn Japanese , do I have to go live in Japan? (Maybe I should)'s mucho mucho money of course. And the lady who recommends it tells me it's very safe. Ya ya if anything happens to my daughter sapa nak jawab. 

Ok i better go get ready shadow is coming in an hour..nanti dia kata lawyer semua pakai kain batik duduk buat blog. 



MrsNordin said...

I'm amazed at Nadine's ability to learn and speak Arabic, plus she wants to sit for an exam in full Arabic! Adoi.. such a smart girl!

Anonymous said...

Support her Shila! She's both smart and want to be solehah too. Imagine understanding the quran as you read it.

Imam Masjidil Haram cried while reading one surah during solat, took him some time to compose himself. The Arab ladies were also sniffling and I really wish I understood what the surah was all about.


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