Thursday, February 14, 2013


I have now come to the realisation that no weight loss will occur without you really really wanting to.

If you secretly think you are actually Not That Fat- you won't lose weight.

If you secretly think that you actually Look Quite Cute Chubby- the weight is staying on

Basically- if you think that you dont need to lose weight- you won't.

No amount of slimming packages, gym packages, health drinks, food supplements...will help you!

I've enrolled in my friend's Concept 1010 (as you probably know) and I go there once a week to be tortured. Outside of this ..I don't exercise. I don't watch my diet either. I mean, I have a consciousness of what I eat and how it will affect me, but I  ate that Mars Bars anyway.

So how to lose weight?? I must actually think I don't need to lose weight!

And yet when I see the old pictures ..rasa macam rindu pulak nak slender(er) macam tu...and of course it is good for the health. I won't go mad over calories or fat count or what but I want to just lose a couple of pounds

And at my age, missing a couple of meals and doing exercise once a week- ain't gonna cut it- I need consistency and aggressiveness

OR! I can go for shortcut-- bariatric surgery (or weightloss). The husband does this on a (he hopes) daily basis at both the gomen and the bayar is basically a procedure where he modifies the stomach organ so that you don't eat so much..or you can't eat so much- One of weight surgery available is gastric bypass:

I had trouble with him doing this type of operation cause it's like- unnecessary and caters for the vain.- I mean- pergi la exercise dulu kan!! .but actually it's for those who are obese or cannot exercise anymore due to health reasons(knee rosak, high bp etc)...or arthritis ==== and this actually works!! Patients have lost 30 percent of their body weight in one year on average..and I have been hearing of so and so patient losing a heck of alot of weight and never thinking that they would ever lose it...

I am sooo tempted to just say CUT ME , go ahead! He is refusing point blank. He said I am not fat enough (I keep asking him for it just so I can hear this excuse he he he)  and further he knows it's gonna come out of his pocket..ha ha!

But for those who dah FEDUP exercise and NOTHING works...maybe can consider the meantime I am going to consider HYPNOTHERAPY to motivate me into wanting to get rid of this wobbly jelly!


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anis said...

Hi kak Shila, am your silent reader. I pun nak lose weight but it is so susah coz I like food too much. It has been a year of trying to eat not more than 1200cals a day (as recommended by health n fitness pro) plus jog twice weekly and to date I managed to lose 22pounds only. I say ONLY coz my friends lost 3x more in one year! huhuu..anyways I believe u can do it..slowly but surely :)

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