Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Wednesday All!

I hope you guys can see this video! It's ZOOM by Fat larry

It's such a romantic song..and the beat makes me happy! very uplifting!

I put on fb then I deleted- cause I wanted to say something that may be controversial considering the many types of friends I have on FB! (Dasar pengecut!) heheheh

I wanted to say how nice it was to hear R&B and how the African American singers used to just come out with these- remember Kool and the Gang? their song Cherish remains one of my favourite..or James Ingram and his "On the Wings of Love" or another favourite , Billy Ocean and "there'll be sad songs"?

Now, they are still very good singers- tapi lagu hentah apa apa= a lot of the songs now have "pauses" in between- either that or they are mangled due to the censorship "heroine" or "sex" please! Sure kena potong!

You may say we have strict rules but in the first we HAVE to have sexually oriented words or songs to make a good song? What ever happened to romance??

Kadang-kadang dengar lagu now, My KIDS tell each other not to listen to the lyrics!! Memalukann...hehehehhe

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