Friday, February 15, 2013

meradang kat redang

Tengah check out Redang for March


ok granted we have 7 of us here. and they give you 3 meals a day

Tapi kira per head tak achi lah kan...satu bilik RM600 ok lah satu orang RM600 apa hal...makan apa tu 

kira punya kira dekat RM6000  okay!!! 


Ok duk rumah je lah eh jang

Dulu pergi tak bayar apa apa pun sebab Berjaya Vacation resort ada  resort. We signed up ages ago where we get about 7 days at their "home" hotels.. They have one in London, one in Singapore as well. Their best hotels were Redang , Tioman and Langkawi.  I dapat lah cuba all three was cool because members were also allowed to use their KLPlaza pool and we were there almost every other week. 

AND THEN !!! They went and sold off that was a bummer..and we stopped going and gradually stopped going on holiday with them as well. 

UNTIL I found out how much the hotels are in Redang!! So off to Berjaya website I went...and guess what...

They do have one hotel in's called Redang Island Resort. 

But the reviews everywhere totally SUCK! No one liked it and apparently it is c*ap..

Tripadvisor recommends this hotel called TARAAS as the best hotel there. I pun check lah berapa...ribu raban okay..and wanna hear one menyakitkan hati fact?? It used to be FREE! THAT was one of the Berjaya Redang hotels! Which I stayed in! For free! So now I have a choice..either go free with the Redang totally suck review Island resort, or pay loadsamahneeee for the tip top meletop place which was originally free anyway. 

(Yeah I also read how angry the members were because Berjaya is such a crook - promising all these resorts but then selling off their resorts one by one) 

Yes yes I know..baruuuu balik cuti right..but this is Nadine's request. Saya menjalankan je..hehehehe


Anonymous said...

For 6K, kot you boleh bawa whole family ke bangkok ke singapore. more worth it. nowadays kan, apa2 pun dah mahal, business owner mmg pandai and mencekik darah. mrk tak kisah, pasal locals tak mahu, but foreigners esp singaporeans will go to their places. so, they can still earn kan.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Sha..betul lah you kata...or else i pi langkawi je lah nak pantai.....

MA said...
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MA said...

I nak suggest you pergi Perhentian Bubu Resort. I bought a package for 3d/2n fullboard makan 4x sehari, 2 snorkelling trips, one hiking, boat transfer to Besut. Last year I got it for RM350/pax (tak campur flight KUL-KB-KUL and taxi to Besut ) kat Matta Fair. Next mth March ada Matta Fair, it's best you gi survey kat sana, it's worth it.

Superwomanwannabe said...

MA- terimakasih for the suggestion! I dont mind at all - kita banyak pulau tapi tak tau mana yang best kan.. definitely will check it out. Thanks! Ribu raban yew!

Sarah said...

Hi kak,

would love to suggest Amannagapa in Telok Kalong Kecil, Redang as one of the best resort in redang... been there few times (since the time it was known as Wisana Beach Chalet, but then it was refurbished and upgraded to Amanagappa..Changed of management as well if i'm not mistaken)

Silent reader,Sarah :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sarah- thanks for leaving a comment finally hehehehe ....i checked it out - sooo cantik kan! still tengah planning- (half the fun)

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