Thursday, February 28, 2013


This morning MrsN shared a very beautiful video 

Mothers around the world got their kids up for school, made breakfast, sent them to school, watched their games, and in the end we find out that the kids are actually Olympian champions..and the moms at the end are crying with joy at their children's success..

They should also address moms who work...and outsource to other women to look after their maids, babysitters or such luxury like sending the child  to school (maybe got lah) or watching the child perform in sports etc (very rarely..maybe on weekend can lah, otherwise need to take leave)

I was talking about this to a teacher the other day..and the teacher said that children suffer when moms disengage themselves from doing mom's work..expecting the maid to feed them, or teachers to check their work. 

But what about the fathers?? I indignantly cried..both kena lah kan

yeah, but moms are important too...

What kind of mom have I been? I don't sit with them to do their homework..all I do is nag them to actually DO it but I don't sit next to them to help them. 

I don't cook for them (anymore)..the maid does a fantastic job of that. I don't clean for them ...

Wargh no wonder my kids aren't Olympic champions! :)

I asked the kids the other day- do you REALLY want mommy to cook?? Given mommy's limited skills? (or rather, dislike of kitchen?)

They looked at each other and  giggled. 

AH! I must say..I'm the type of mom who makes her kids laugh a lot. I don't think I have made them cry a lot. Maybe they do when I scold them particularly harshly but I think that's a rare occassion. 

I'm the type of mom whose jelly belly they love to play with. Seriously. From the 17 to the 11 year old fact the 11 year old has come up with a song about jelly belly..but nothing to do with me, he swears. It goes "looking at my jelly belly , jelly belly, jelly belly looking back at me" 

Ya think?

I'm the type of mom who will give them loads of hugs

But I will now try harder lah..maybe take them out on individual outings ke...(as recommended by the teacher) ..make them feel special. 

RUpanya I should stop making them be better kids-- and concentrate of being better mom. 


Anonymous said...

mmm....kerja susah, tak kerja pun susah....


Superwomanwannabe said...

I hear ya sistah!

cabaran..i tengok video tu..memang sah lah i tak buat tu....except maybe buat roti kot..or kejut budak pi sekolah ..but usually it's me going "BAANGUNN SUBUHHHH!! DAH TERANG!!!!" rather than the way the momsso lovingly did with their children ha ha

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