One of my friends posted in her FB  ,pics of her and family going for umrah...


If you had asked me decades ago when I first knew her..she would be the LAST person I would say , who would go for umrah . She had many boyfriends, drove and smoked. By our conservative standards she was a wild child he he- tup tup dia dah pergi ...

tu lah- jangan sekali sekali judge a person. Apa mat salleh say: Never judge a book by its cover ?. For all you know, that rocker dude will be first in line.after all wasn't there a prostitute who went to heaven all because she gave a parched dog a drink in the desert? 

But I must say..if THIS Friend has gone- then what am I waiting for?? ????Jom pergi!

Talking of going places..Nadine is over the moon that the dad finally said yes. I said yes too, to her going to Yemen. Had a long meeting wih the organiser who assured me that Yemen is safe and hundreds of families from Malaysia have actually returned TO yemen recently..and that the Malaysian embassy knows the centre - in God for her safety. After all the lady who organised this has her children there too. But we are only sending her for 2 months first. 

Ok ok am gonna have to get ready for work! Bye!


Anonymous said…
Salam I have something to ask you. Pls email me at : Tq
Anonymous said…
Hi SW,

Kan people change. some people are wild when young, but when they grow up, they wake up and turn over new leaf. some people are so alim when young, then tup tup, u know they are visiting bomoh lah, itu lah ini lah. I think people change as they grow. Some for good, some for worst.

Btw, what is Nadine going to do in Yemen? It's like one of those countries you rarely hear about. I wish her all the best in her endeavours there. I have a friend from Azerbajian. Never heard of this country till I met my friend. When he described his country to me, it sounds like a nice country with nice weather and people.

Hi Sha

She wants to do her Arabic for a year -apparently cepat if you do that.....we are not against THAT but only a bit (a LOT) worrid about the actual place..she's been before though and said it was very nice..maybe I go ikut dia kejap as well..

wah azerbaijan! I pun kena google ! :)
Hi Amimy- have done so!
Anonymous said…
Hi SW,

I think it will be good if you followed her there for a week or two. Sometimes, kids cannot understand how worried parents are for them. Just inform her to jaga diri baik2, contact you daily via skype or msn. keep all the impt contact numbers, embassy number, etc. If want to go out, make sure in group etc etc.

yeah..they think they are so big allready! I know she is pretty sensible but then still I worry. I will worry no matter how safe people tell me it is. :)

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