Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh family

Heard sister in law from HK is back home for a short break!


Heard from other sister in law who smsed me yesterday to say that the HK sister in law is singgahing her place (in Sepang). 

I told the hubs- call your sis lah and check where she is- maybe she wants to drop by? 

Just in case I had prepared her room for her and baby and family (In case)

you know what hubs said??

she can call ME.

Tu dia...abang long dah marah adek bongsu balik tak call call pun...haa haa lak leng tak tauuu

takpa lah yang..maybe she is je lah call dia! It's only a call what....whats the big deal...

or maybe dia tak biasa call call ni,..not a big deal kot...

and maybe you dah terbiasa dengan ke"clinginess" me and my family (my dad merajuk if I tak call more than 2 days) 

I 100% agree lah tapi. :) 

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