Short story

Do you want to hear a story? 

This particular person, X, divorced his wife about 4 years ago. He was married to his wife for 20 years, and they have 4 children. This woman asked for divorce after years of him cheating and beating her up. Now she is now suing him for more alimony. He feels she is being demanding and unreasonable because he is already paying RM800. But she is asking for more because that RM800 is for 2 kids, and not 4. the other 2 were supposed to stay with him but now have moved in with her.  Now that she is taking care of 4 , she wants more money. They all live in KL .Sounds reasonable to me. He is upset because he has no money. On paper he makes a pittance. His business deals etc are not on paper. What he makes outside is not recorded. On paper he is a pauper. He is actually a bankrupt even. And he is now heaping so much hate on his former wife for being so unreasonable. He has married again by the way. 

He really thinks the wife is unreasonable, that's the amazing thing! 

I have so many things I can say in comment to this story. But it aint good so I will shut up. What I want to share is that there is a situation like this. And many more men out there thinking like him. And thinking that they are right ! I so wish I can deck him. But I can't. 

The end....

(no its not anyone you know he he)


Anonymous said…
Hi SW,

View this blog for similar story, which is worst off.

Anonymous said…
Hi SW,

most of the time, in cases like this, it is the woman who is at a loss. most ex husbands just not keen to pay for their kids expenses, but they will happily move on and marry a new wife in the shortest possible time. in singapore, husbands have to pay into wife's bank account by xx date each time. failing which she can report it and he will be caught/brought to court. its time in msia, they do a strict law like this.

if the wife is workingn and able to bring up the kids, i suggest she just take the 800 and dont demand for more. what if he decides to take back the other 2 kids to live with him and the stepmum and later they get abused there?

Sha- you think so?? maybe right, take what you get and count your blessing that he is not asking for the kids! But I guess for her its sakit hati jugak since he is rich enough to support another wife....

ehhhh i read that other womans story...kesiannya!
MrsNordin said…
Why is it when it comes to alimony, the X-husband always say "Tak de duit". Nak bagi RM250 sebulan pun tak de ke? Even that, is not enough ok... RM250 boleh lepas transport anak pegi sekolah saja! Itu pun sangkut bayar, then claimed x-wife is being unreasonable.

Such an irresponsible man & father!
Kan, ...i pun rasa ..such a jerk - tu pun for anak dia kan...

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