Sunday, February 03, 2013

Stories of the Prophet

Nadine and I went to the nationbuilders Stories of the Prophet double weekend seminar  Started today at 10. Of course lah, at 10 baru lah jumpa the place. I got really lost. The embarrassing thing was, I was there  the very day before...and I have no excuse not to know where it it was held at the Faculty of Medicine UPM! he he he

Anyway arriving at 10 when it started at 10 am is usually no big deal right?? Sebab Malaysians always late pun kan...hah this time ..dia kunci pintu kau! Duduklah kau kat luar tu..Loads of people were loitering outside. Nadine and I had the brilliant idea (ok it was mine) to sit and evesdrop! We heard what the syaikh was saying and he was a loud person so it wasn't that hard! We were soon joined by about 7 other young girls and was listening and concentrating when suddenly-----

The syaikh came out ! And came to our side! And using his mike, told us off in a nice way! Saying that come we were all outside...and he opened the doors and we all stumbled in and of course i sat at the back - cepat!

Anyway that set the tone for all the breaks- it was prompt- 10mins meant 10 mins and dontcha be late if you know whats good for you!- and the guy walked the talk!

He's one colourful character! He was boisterous, he simply- made the prophets come alive to me. I was just lamenting to Nadine that I am looking, yearning, to feel the love and I want to appreciate , and continue to appreciate , the religion, the Quran, as being from God, - ya ya ya we all know it is, but we take it so much for granted kan? I do anyway..and I have soo much to do to improve please don't think I am preaching! I normally malas nak gi courses but for visual learners like  me I just had to go see this! 

So far, he had spoken about Adam as all the way to Ibraheem a.s the most fantastically tested man so far...he showed how in Noah's time, there was no way that Noah, who lived in the desert, could know HOW to build an ark, but build it he did under His guidance...and how can you ever doubt the quran when you remember that the words about waves, sailing etc..all revealed during a time not 100 years ago, but a thousand plus years ago - to a man who lived in a desert-- about an event thousands of years before ! Wow...I will try to keep that "wow (subhanallah)" feeling inside,so I will feel close to religion and God..

And he spoke about family- and how these prophets were plain men, fathers, brothers, Noah a.s was stricken when his own son refused to get on the ship and later drowned...because he disbelieved...and also how Ibraheem pleaded his idol maker dad , to stop and follow the right path...the words he used were very very gentle and well placed...oh my father, oh my father-- 4 family and respect for father and mother were very important..mana datang idea yang Islam ni violent taktaulah ha ha ha

He discussed each prophet one by one, reciting the quran in english in the same way he'd recite it in arabic (ie in tarannum!)- He caught one guy sleeping and he made us all get up and do a little aerobic routine! And he often asked us to hug each other! (girls and girls lah)

Anyyywayyy we got back home by Maghrib! And tomorrow going again..

In the meantime...Johan is having his friends over...celebrate his 11th birthday early..I can't join lah ...until petang ok jojo! 


Tina said...

Masha'Allah bestnyer you're there! Been attending Al-Maghrib courses without fail since my first in 2011 but just had to miss this one sebab takde org boleh tolong hantar/amik my kids from their activities this time. Sh. Riad is such a colourful character, you either love him or you love him? :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

i love him!! -- rasa rugi pulakkkk tak pernah pergi before...

Tina said...

This is his third seminar in KL, instructors tukar2 ikut subject would've loved Sh. Abu Eesa Ni'amatullah, a bloke from Manchester!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...