Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Exciting Quran- stories of the prophet part 2!

Wah semangat berkobar kobar lah after the seminar (Part 2) - bukan tak tau cerita prophet..just they never came so alive...

The Syaikh continued his talk about Ibraheem, Ismail, Ishak , Lut (who was Ibraheem's nephew) and Israel/Yaacob , aaand the Robert Pattinson (or Kim Hyun Joong-you choose) of the Prophets- Prophet Yusuf A.S! 

The Syaikh  called members of the audience to act out various scenes=the scene of when the wife of the Chief Trustee of Egypt trying to seduce the young dengan lenggang lengguk nye hehehe  ...and also he called  6 burly guys to pretend to throw this 10 year old boy (sapalaa bawak anak tu- he was soo cute) into a well - (acting out scene of Yusuf's 11 brothers throwing him into a well) 

By the way did you know the quran mentioned "al jub" for "well" which actually carried the meaning of something deeper and darker than your plain ol well! ie the brothers of Yusuf threw this 12 year old boy into a deeeeeep well where he couldn't call anyone or survived at all --and all because he was the daddy's favorite ..and even have the nerve to tell each other-- after we get rid of him, we repent ok ? not very nice people are they!

And Yusuf A.S was eventually rescued and sold as  a slave..he who came from noble lineage of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail etc ..a slave! .and he was the slave of that Chief Trustee...whose young wife eventually took a liking to him..

The story is so riveting!  later when Yusuf A.S was seduced by the lady of the house..and she locked the door, and she said to him "Come" (check the surah!) and he ran to the door, and she ran to the door, and then she pulled his shirt from the back and tore it off when all of a sudden - jeng jeng jeng!! The husband came in! And asked hey what's happening here??? And the wife said Oh Honey looked what he did to me, are you going to just sit there? Put him in jail! or kill him (she said jail first cause she still liked the guy and wanted to see him)

And the husband said - huh..i the judge..who then said - well if the shirt is torn from the front then he is the one assaulting her but if from the back then she is the one..and tengok it's from the he's innocent mate! And the husband only looked at the wife blur blur and said - repent lah ...ish ish takda perasaan tol..

Syaikh Riad said the Chief Trustee guy is to be blamed also...he had 
obviously neglected his beautiful wife..and she must have been so lonely....and there was this gorgeous butler hanging not to fall in lurve....he said this is a lesson for the guys there was take good care of your woman no matter how busy you are! 

The Syaikh made the stories so real(all spoken by God  that's the awesome thing ) = and we really should learn arabic baru get all the nuances.  

Talking of which , the husband had to go by himself last Arabic class. The ustaz marwan taught him colours last Sunday while I was at the seminar and he has been calling me all sort of colours to practice. he heh..he had tried speaking arabic to his arab patients and so far they were impressed and no one has actually rolled about laughing yet. I wonder what he was like alone in the class..when I am there we take turn asking each other the questions..and he always had to ask me difficult ones or making new examples in that lorat way of his. 

Back to the seminar = Semua orang terkekeh kekeh dengan Syaikh Riad. There is a serious message in all the stories-- put your faith in Allah, worship only  Allah and another thing- hoi, tak serik serik ke, (paraphrasing the Quran) we have punished so many other people before you because depa degil , taknak dengar dengar lagi ke...

Amazing- that Ibraheem A.S (cheh macam kenal je) can he go through what he went through and still believe wholeheartedly..and that Lut! Living in an era where people were gay (the Syaikh changed it to "eating  haram" and later "xx and xy"  when he noticed that 10 year old boy in the audience!) and the way he described the people of Lut macam jakun gila tengok the 3 handsome men (angels in disguise)- ahah! you MUST get this story from Surah Lut! 

Of course lah kan, bila talk about this surah, then he shared how back in the USA where he lived , and Canada where he now lives, being gay is an accepted way of life..there is even a gay and lesbian mosque..we all want to say it's okay but hey God says no and what do you say to Surah Lut?? The people of Lut were lifted to such a height (so high that the dogs' barks could be heard from heaven) and then flipped and flung back to earth and THEN stones from the depths of hell itself rained on them (now dead) ...I would take the hint, guys 

But as Syaikh Riad said..the guys who are gay are nice and are your friends and my friends and even sometimes, our family members...we love them...but what to do..we don't and we cannot - love what they do...

Ok ok enough preaching from Ustazahtakjadi ni yang tengah tunggu Magrib partner made fun of my sembahyang lambat...ok ok nak berubah lah niiiiii



Cik Kiah said...

SW, ceritalah lagi. You make the stories so interesting!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Cik Kiah. eh ye ke ..banyakkkk cerita nye...nanti boring lak he he

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