Sunday, February 10, 2013

The snake!

Tengah dengar dentam dentum outside

boy it's really really loud!

I am all for one malaysia and all...but seriously 1 am....please laaa cannot stop by 12 or what? Dragon also sleep at night kan

Talking of CNY - very interesting tidbit today at the Stories of the Prophet Part 3 today - did you know why Nabi Musa (a.s)'s stick turned into a snake? [interesting cause this is the year of the snake] Why did the cane turn into a snake? Why a snake? A snake because at that time, snake was the symbol of Egypt. And Musa was running away from the cruel Firaun who was ruler of Egypt. So Allah turned staff to snake to symbolise....what? overcoming Firaun or Allah is all powerful even over Firaun who was telling people he was god. Eh=eh perasan tol si Firaun ni.

Interesting how Musa tried to save the Bani Israel (his people)  from the cruelty of Pharaoh and brought them out finally and in the end some still did not believe his message...dah show many miracles (he parted the sea, man! what more you want??) still ada yang berbelah bagi..ishhhhhh..Ada yang mintak some more miracles...tak cukup ka kayu jadi ular beb...

Not to be xenophobic  or what..but the Bani Israel sound absolutely frustrating as a people! Reallly degil! God sent one prophet after another to them !  Our prophets from Ya'kub onwards were people of Israel (Ishak married from one of them) , Shuaib, Ayub etc etc and then followed Moses (who later married Shuaib's daughter)...and they were sent to the same people ..and the prophets a.s kept being killed, tortured etc etc. How many more signs  do they  want before you believe in Allah ? is what the prophet of the era must have thought. eh? Degil betul!

And apparently when Prophet Musa a.s took them all away from Egypt running away from the Firaun (who was evilllllll and cruellllll, so much so that when he repented as he was drowning, God said NO. too little too late, mate! you killed you plundered you tortured and at end of it all NOW you repent?? sorry nocure!) = anyway apparently when Musa a.s ran with the Bani Israel- they took with them all the barang barang - even doors of their homes! Punyelah materialistic......!

Btw- are Bani Israel Jews? yes? no?

Ok ok  yes I will change the subject ...

er..nothing to report cause brain is dead. talk to you later ok?



Anonymous said...

iya Shila...kat sini sampai pukul 3am pun masih dengar bunyi. padahal dari 8pm dah bermula. saya mmg tak kisah lah kalau nak berbunyi sampai 12 midnite. ni sampai 3am. bukan main kuat lagi...right now i am so sleepy...and groggy.


Superwomanwannabe said...

hi sensitif lah sikit kan to neighbours ...maybe other chinese neighbours pun marah...3 pagi tu pi sewa padang jauh jauh baru lah boleh dentam dentum suka hati...issssshhh

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