Saturday, February 16, 2013

WinterSonata revisited[edited after watching]

Thank you lah kan Sara.

My 2nd daughter who has just discovered K drama

Honestly, k drama is exhausting. You have to watch them. Once you watch one episode you end up watching all. You can't help it!

She's watched several before. But this time I caught her watching Winter Sonata

Alaaa jangan aku yang terwatch ..


so much I love about Winter Sonata.and now aku reminded again why...

1. The woman just loves her first love so blinking MUCH! the pain on her face whenever she talks about it..or when she looks at the hero..just gets you right THERE

2. The man is so easy on the eye! I thought he was SOO handsome , Bae Yong Joon..of course lah, now he is allready 40 but daymn if he wasn't cute in WS

3. The OST- (soundtrack) was so jiwang sentimental! Until today I cannot hear it without having to pause to take a breath.

4> The powerful chemistry! - that X factor! The way he looks at her, the way she looks at him.. sama macam Darcy looks at Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth edition- is there any other ??) anyway yeah the chemistry is soo palpable they don't need to talk- all they do is mope around and stare dolefully and longingly at each other ..bam there's some powderful love going on right there- and soo innocent..hugs, pecks and that's about it. Now why can't the west emulate this ...hehehe

Of course using my brain, I also appreciated that the drama was excellent on so many different levels - the topic of Love was explored so thoroughly ...many types of love:

1. First love- giddy, exciting
2. Love for some one who you have lost- total lockdown in grief
3. comfortable, best friend love who I might as well marry since I can't forget my lost love and there's no one else
4. uncomfortable love with that new guy who dang it- looks so much like my lost love but he is refusing to let me worship him as the dead love but forcing me to open my heart to him properly (I cringe as I write this)
5. Mother's love for her son forcing her to give him a new identity and allowing everyone to think he had died (damn you woman!)

6. the girlfriend who would not take no for an answer- that's stalkerish love I guess and kinda creepy.

7. that best friend who has waited for 10 years in love with the girl and thought he got her in the end when jeng jeng jeng!! the old lost love came back!

Don't know what I'm talking about?????

Watch Winter Sonata..(if you have about oh I donno- 6 hours to spare??)

Edited: watched it ..boy i forgot how depressing it was...I felt like shaking the heroine for being so wishy washy...fickle..kejap A pas tu B...what do you want girl?? I got mad at the hero= can you go fight for the girl? I got mad at the stalkerish boyfriend- stop clinging the girl allready told you she loves another man! And mostly I got mad for the writers for making them run around so much at airports , missing each other and never thinking of using the phone ..ishhhhhhh

But a few tinkle of the opening tracks...all is forgiven...

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