Thursday, March 21, 2013

My adventure in Johor

Yesterday I had to go Johor to see a client. 

Alah, Johor, you may say, Apa kecohnye. What's the big deal 

Well, for me, macam nak tertanggal kaki dibuatnye. It was so exhausting!

To start off:

1. Flight was at 7.25 am, so called a cab the night before , to come by 5.30 am. Plenty of time to reach KLIA right? Problem- woke up at 5.50, shaken awake by a panicked husband. Cab already downstairs since 5.20am. He and the maid had called me 3 times allready. usually we'd be up by this time, but somehow both of us slept like the dead. 

I bolted out of bed- ran to the bathroom brushed my teeth, and for the first time ever in my life (bar maybe a couple of times during cold cold winter at Uni) I did not have a shower! eee tak mandi! I changed and dashed down. 

The pakcik drove like a madman and reached the airport by 6.45 am. I ran in my new heels to the gate which just so happened to be A11 like the enddddd of the road. The last of the last. Like, if they want to make A12 it'd be out of the building already. Anyway, sempat solat at the surau..! 

2/ On the plane, got the window seat but there was a guy there who was JUST saying he wished no one would come - and then I turned up. He grinned at the lady next to him , and they changed seats so that it was me by the window, this lady and him.Lupakan cita cita nak tido as we chatted all the way to JB

Then arrived - still before 9. Heels were killing me so when I saw Sembonia tu- i teruuuus pi beli sandals. Which ended up killing me also. Anyway then I bought showering stuff and looked for the plaza lounge. Did not know then (benggg) that you have to check in to depart before you can actually use it. 

3/ Ok lah, off to the appointment at 10. Set in some industrial park, RM22 for cab fare. Who regretted picking me up since he got lost in the park. Finally offloaded me in middle of the road and I walked to the factory. 

Signed everything. Discovered that the Bank did not tell me that they changed the terms. Sigh. wasted time only. Anyway the owner of the factory gave me a lift back to the aiport. 

4/And I promptly took another cab to JPO. Not that I wanted so much to go, but I had never been and this was my chance. It was 1pm and I had nothing to do (except work in my laptop) so Rm33 cab fare to JPO it was.

JPO wasn't bz but was not exactly empty either. Similar to all retail outlets. First thing I bought- a handluggage carrier- to put my documents, laptop etc..then next stop- GAP for change of clothing- orang kayanya aku lalalalala.. 

After browsing one or two shops I thought- Oh why wasn't I born a midget-Then I could have worn the JPO style clothes hihihihi

5/ Hungry---- Ate at Kampachi. Alone. Heyyy treat myself why not. Spoke to Connie the Business Development Officer. Then the manager came out. Then he introduced the junior chef to me. I had 3 or 4 people stand by my table watching me eat and chatting with me. After  about 10 minutes I snapped my laptop shut (i thought I could work!) Then I got free macha icecream some more..Probably kesian , minah mereng mana yang makan jepun mahal sorang sorang ni. Total cost RM68

6/ One hour and a half passed by and I was bored. Told you I wasn't a shopper. Called back that cab driver who sent me. Who was actually sleeping when I called (he had gone home for lunch) - he came with his wife (probably I sounded sexy and menggoda kot on the phone when I called him and she picked up ha ha) - went back to airport- another RM33. 

7/ Then now what?? Checked in, and headed to the Plaza..still have 3 hours to go before flight balik at 6.40p.m.. The staff asked me- do I have a platinum card? Nope.Do I have a priority pass card? Nope to that too. he shrugged his shoulders and said "then you have to pay lar" . and he continued " It's expensive tau!". RM128 for 2 hours or something. I mentioned cousin's name (who worked with Plaza Prem. Lounge and had told me she'd call her friend to treat me like VIP ha ha ha) but I only asked if my cousin worked there . I didn't know how to say- eh my cousin said I can come in free what. Maintain water face at all times hehehe..

8/I was pondering RM128..mak kau..mahal..But by this time I WANTED A SHOWER SO BAD! i paid- and he gave me some good discount so I paid about RM80 kot. For free food, coffee tea milo, internet etc and shower-- thank GOD - ok lah kan! I said - I want to have a shower! And they gave me one fluffy towel. Hmm  sia sia je beli towel kat AKemi at JPO (RM69 for 2) 

I felt sooo much better after mandi- so much more HUMAN. Time to pray- thought can do it in the lounge but have to go out to find the sura Prayed full solat then realised I could have combined my zohor and asar! Duh. . 

I walked back to the calm sanctuary of the plaza. On the way back I saw people boarding a MAS flight at 4.30. What?? I didn't see this flight? I thought the earliest flight home was 6pm?? 

I approached one short large man dressed in MAS uni and asked him, can I go on this flight ? He said, you should have changed it at ticketing. Now too late. Oh well then..back I go to the plaza premium lounge..

I went to get coffee.. and spied pudding in the fridge. Just as I was about to take it- the man just now popped in , out of breath slightly , asking me , do you still want to go on the earlier flight? Of course lah!!He pulled me along and we stood in front of the boarding  counter (before you go to the plane) and he made lots of calls. In the end he said there is  a place for me. Was I holding the plane from taking off? He said no, they were due to go in 5 mins time. Another man was there with me, also given a seat. 

I had to pay the man in MAS uniform RM50 for cancellation fees (but no receipt ya) and got a seat by the window. Again, as we were the very last people to come in I had to disturb a man who was already sleeping , before I could move in to sit by my precious window (hey the kids never let me take that seat) . The other man with me , mr Chew was scheduled to leave at 6.40pm like me, but unlike me he was registered in  business class - so he gave up business to go back early..and sat next to  Sardine class. Sorry , I meant economy class.

Of courselah we talked. I think next flight I will try to NOT talk to the person next to me. He reminded me never to judge an apek from his clothes. The guy dressed so simply.He was the owner, founder, director of a pool cleaning company- doing so well his 3 children and wife are all staying in Sydney and he can't remember how many projects he has exactly. WOW. 

Arrived in KL finally-  but had to take cab to UPM pulak..husband tengah main tennis. Did not want to do the whole pick up wife from airport thing. Instruction dia- suruh cab go send you to UPM tennis court. Menggagau the cab driver- he was totally lost! Which tennis court? Which of the 3 main entrance are you talking about? Sigh

Finally arrived at UPM and sat in the car watching him play. 

And reached home by 8.20 kot. 

I don't know how you do it, oh trainers/lawyers/businessman who go up and down every other day..for me, just one day and I felt sooooooooo tired!! Slept terus I think!! 

That's the Johor adventure. Trust me to make a trip to Johor an adventure eh..hihihihi 


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shukran for a boring dayyy

This is now playing at the MPO ...tonight ada show. 

This however was NOT what we did..

It's 5.21 pm and we are all still at home

8 am- went to Arabic lesson where we successfully mangled the language and tested the Ustaz's patience. Ustaz pun, who asked you to speak full on arabic to us, don't you know we have NO CLUE what you said?? I wasn't  nodding because i understood you ! I was doing it to be polite ! heheheh- nasib baik Nadine is at home so we can ask.

9.45 am- we ran home since Sara has to go horseriding and we send her - she goes every Sunday morning and I really salute her because hey I'd hate to go if I have my nice warm bed waiting for me. And it's Sunday. Bapak dia hantar, on the way to the hospital. I went up to check on the other kids. 

What did I find- Johan playing his towel. Nadine was , amazingly,  ready (She usually sleeps in on Sundays) so I grabbed her to help me do my Arabic h/work. I kept asking her  what the Ustaz meant when he said bla bla bla. The girl is driving me want to do IB not STAM pulak....haiyaa make up your mind otherwise I will make it up for you. Nak go take a year out pulak...after Arabic nak buat IB next July. Nadine, Arabic sampai bulan 9 je...IB July so in the months in between nak buat apa...year out year out tu concept mat salleh yang banyak duit ler. You do not have such luxury la this is Malaysia. I need you to get on with it. Oh that reminds me I have to start buying prepacked food for her to take to Yemen. And where do I get Niqab ye. 

She's now at an education exhibition with her friend..pergi ler Nadine.. get some ideas. Otherwise if your results are good, jadik doctor ok. (heheh I remember my mom said if I didn't get good results- she'd marry me off!) 

Bibik said sorry she didn't clean the rooms. Aiyah I told her please help my kids learn! Remind them to do their share ! Before you go to bed, bibik, just do a quick final check that the house is not upside down inside out..although we the occupants should take it upon ourselves NOT to cause it to terbaliklah. Berleter lagi! 

Daya was no where to be seen when I came home. Now though she has 2 friends over- to do Geography computer homework. How did we survive ye when we were in school- and there was no computer? nowadays every project has to have computer. Whatever happened to manila cardboard and glue? 

Sophia was in the kitchen again, fiddling with the  delicious lemony cream cheese mix that she made. She made too much, now not enough cake. So she has to go bake some more. She wants to do business of baking. Kitchenguardian can be her sifu- although I think Sophia will probably be disheartened to know that if she train anywhere to bake, washing up will be high on her job description! 

Now we are all in my room, watching the downloaded cartoons. Dad came home from hospital at 3 pm and promptly slept. Yesterday he came home at 11 I think . Or was it 12? Kesian....Kalau ikut I , meh kita pindah ganu hospital jom! Better quality life! 

Ok we'll need to go see parents today. Dad dah panggil..also where is his second son..he has not seen us for yonks. 3rd son is in Kuching with family - he lives with mom. Parents love having them with their extremely cute kids- but need to make sure the parents don't feel ignored, snubbed etc. Kadang kadang kita tak perasan , ingat perangai kita dah elok sangat lah kan..but older folks can be quite sensitive... Mom and dad really alone this weekend. [oh yeah they just called- bro no 2 just arrived  - wah telepathy or what??].Masalah I is if i remind my 3rd bro ni, dia can be just as emo, and may sulk . Eh lantak ler. I am your kaklong and I have the POWERRRRRRR (ala ala thundercats!)

Later later we r going to husband's auntie's place for dinner..dia dah call and said she'd be cooking ...sorry mom, thought I could go and see you ..maybe later.? late pun late lar, I tell my husband..

Boring kan?? Where are the activities yang I dok plan nih? the picnics, the concerts, the museums?? (Panaslaaa)

However...I'm extremely grateful..that our lives are not disrupted by war..can eat what we want , can go where we want.   Boring boring lah!Kan?
(my kids 5 years ago)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mummy marah lah ni!

The Mummy sergeant came home just now wanting to use the loo. Her own loo was locked,  occupied. Other bathroom was also used. Vacant bathroom was in the other room- used by her daughters..

So mummy went in lar...and came out yelling. was less than 100 per cent clean, shall we say. There was hair everywhere.The sink was spotty with toothpaste marks. There was  mould in the sink. It was enough to make me see red. 

macam mana boleh macam ni? I dont know why but I never wanted to go in that particular bathroom before. I always shy away from it. 

And now I know why! Because ada rahsia! The secret is very messy!

I tore down the stairs to call the maid. I said why is the toilet so dirty. I told her please help my daughters..they will need to be tidier but you need to clean also. I want you to scrub tomorrow ok!
And now I'm just sitting down to make a to do list for her- I am not fussy but come ON - dirty toilet?? 

On the other hand , this is not just about her. This is about my daughters too. Why should I blame the helper who has to wash clothes, mop every day, cook, and also iron? I can't do it all myself so why am I expecting her to ? Why can't my kids help out?? Something is seriously wrong here.

 Hard to believe that they didn't see that the bathroom was so messy ?  Is that why they ran to mine? Instead of cleaning it?? Taulah tak pergi boarding school where you will be trained to clean after yourself, don't lah embarrass me when you are married - and your mom in law finds out you know NUTS about cleanliness and about housework!  

Nampaknya kena train lah ni how to mop, how to put the clothes in the wash, how to wash vegetables, how to clean room, how to wash toilets, how to sew simple stitches- how to wash plates! 

Not that they are total kids are good kids..tapi so used to having  a maid...when the maid is around,every one forgets to do  basic stuff. I don't exactly want them to be on their hands and knees mopping but then at least be self sufficient lar....This is why I said ok to my maid wanting to go home for a month.- I want to do WITHOUT a maid for a while. (no pay and she's going to pay for her own flight) 

I need to remember to train my little ladies..they are no longer the cute 5 or 6 year a few years (far far FAR into the future) they will be wives...and daughters in laws! They need to be exemplary ones! They cannot be the type that sit in front when the mom in law cooks! Or the ones that stay in the room all the time and don't join in ! They have to also know how to win the elders' hearts.basic politeness is also a skill- like, don't just walk pass - stop and say hello,. Soften your tone when talking to older folks. Offer to help. (even if you don't mean it)  Ha ha- make them drinks- fuss over them- don't keep to your laptop or gadgets when they are there!Fuss over them. Susahke? If ignore them je buat macam kawan-   It's the ultimate rudeness ! Betul tak??

When they are grown up, am I going to be accused of not teaching my daughters right?  

I called them all to the room, and told them all this..that they are now bigger girls..and the boy too ..kenalah segan sikit..the maid is just there to help. Not do the actual thing...and it's actually my job to make sure they turn out well ...(although the maid should have cleaned it!) 

And bibik also I think got a jolt (I hope) cause she has never heard the sergeant get mad before. Ada ke biar toilet tu kotor?? 

OK terimakasih for listening to my rant. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

When teachers get emo

Everyone gets stressed right? The main thing is how  you deal with your stress - do you reach inward and pull out that kesabaran in you? do you sigh a lot and eat heaps of  Melo?(Like I did). Do you go and pray (like I tried- it worked)- Do you stomp around and bang stuff (like someone I know did!) 

Or - do you do what my son's teacher did- turn around and left her class entirely! 

Ada ke?? The teacher apparently came in and , seing that the class was playing, told them, if you don't stop I will leave- A few minutes later, they were still noisy probably-  and this is the amazing thing- she left! She actually did! And didn't come back for the entire class! Ada ke? 

Tinggallaaa budak-budak ni terkontang kanting...left to their own devices they decided to go through their exam papers. One of them went to the front and pretended to be teacher, writing down the correct answers to their test, on the board..Alaa good kids nye. (When Johan tells me things, I believe him). He is very lurus bendul . 

And my lurus bendul(very earnest and straight) boy,went  with some other friends who are also lurus bendul, to find the emo teacher..and apologised! She said she was actually mad at Kid A, B and C, not Johan and gang. 

Ms does not matter one jot to me that you got mad at Kid A, b or c or even z ke, or not..what is not acceptable to me is that you LEFT the children..and you are a professional. And a grown up. And, like I tell my husband all the time, GROWN UPS DO NOT THROW TANTRUMS. 

I was saying this much to Johan ,and Daya, who was listening intently, nodded her head vigorously. I told Daya to go tell the principal but not to land her in trouble, but rather , to find out what's happening with her. Apparently she had "rasuk"(possession) case before-- she was found talking to herself and crying , Johan said. (Hey, I do that too on a particularly bad file-! ha ha ha) 

Daya forgot- ha ha!  She really wanted to go tell the principal (of primary school je) though.  I don't want to step in, yet. Biarlah kakak-kakak dia tolong. I am overreacting again, you think? Today pulak my son told me he and the whole class, made a card for her! A "We are sorry" card! And the thing was, he said, it was all a misunderstanding because the boys who she said was misbehaving, actually fell off their chairs. He was still being earnest, so I nodded jelar...

but then kan, tak kesah lah kan Johan. Budak tu jatuhke,  terbalik ke, terbang ke....Teachers cannot leave class - 2 minutes time out, ok.Ask the kids to go to the corner, Ok. Or stand on chair, ok. or, ask him to carry your books later. Whatever, something creative and appropriate to 12 year olds (my son is still 11) 

 But to babai terus??? er..maybe not lah kot Johan! For what you become teacher like that (sheesh my english) I mean, what happened to your training, Ms teacher?

I genuinely hope the teacher gets help ..she is clearly very stressed. The whole class of 12 year olds feel responsible for her state of mental health (quoting the doctor) - and the teacher could be depressed. I won't get involved but will send my little tiger Daya to speak to her superiors - maybe can just check on the teacher..see if she is ok. 

If I hear anymore cases like this though...mummy will go to school! Overreacting over reacting lah ha ha ha!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Never let me drive alone...

The instruction was simple.

go to Puchong for a meeting. I had to be at Bandar Puteri. I've been there before. Heck we have just bought a flat there. (small, for use of office). So easy right. I came from Midvalleh megah mall - followed my phone's limited GPS (the phone does not tell you that the highway it shows is actually not accessible from the road you are on, for one)- was one of the slowest car around..due to me always checking the phone.

Anyway I followed all signs to Puchong even though was on Jalan Klang Lama , a place I had never driven on alone. Amazingly, I reached Puchong. All I had to do was pass one traffic light..the road then split into 3. To the left, bandar kinrara I think. To the straight , I thought Sungai Besi. To the right, I thought Puchong. Of course, there were no signs to indicate - not like Australia where they'd tell you " WRONG WAY, GO BACK" . 

Of courselah  I was wrong. I turned right dengan penuh confident nya..-  I should have gone straight. I turned right and I saw TOLL to Subang. There was an immediate exit to the left with shoplots and even though I knew there was no exit to Puchong I tried anyway. Drove around and round manalah tau ada exit tiba - tiba. All I had to do was go to the other side - Failed  along with 2 other cars. Went back out to highway. A few exit roads further up which I thought could rescue me and bring me back to Puchong--except it said Pulau Carey. Whaaaa?? Took it anyway and found myself actually on some highway and eventually reached a toll.

Asked the kid manning the toll (Saja je paid in cash instead of swiping the touch and go  so that I can speak to someone) how to get back to Puchong, he said take the second exit after this. Ok..set..

On the way to the second exit...serious jam. Sign for second exit - Subang - Allready one hour late for the meeting at Puchong. Is it really worth it?? have another meeting (ok,date) at Subang Jaya. Ponder ponder...ok lah let's go to Subang. I needed to be at Empire.

The sign say- one way is lapangan terbang Subang and the other, PJ and KL. Figuring out that that Empire is otw to KL, i took the KL route...of course I was wrong again. Empire was on the other side.. we go again looking for a uturn. (My husband said it's all due to my lack of sense of direction)

Arrived finally at Empire ..about 2 hours early for next appointment. Went to Surau  for zohor and asar. Full of Indonesian ladies (workers I think) and seriously know how a pendatang felt cause I was the only local there . Anyway decided to charge my phone. took my pc out cause I only brought the cable that connects the phone to the pc...tengok tengok...the said cable wasn't there. Aiyoo..

After solat headed to Loaf...waited for friend...used internet there thank goodnesss, since phone was dead.

Had a good session, and left dah maghrib. it was dark..and of course lah I missed the KL exit- found myself heading to-- glenmarie.

Wargh..I want Ampang, KL, cheras..that direction.Not klang, shah alam , pelabuhan klang etc...

so anyway. turn and turn and took sliproad that says ---"Puchong".

NOW I find you! heeeesssshhhhhh. Tadi pusing bagai nak rak carik puchong, takda.

I took it, what the heck. Then found a sign board that said : Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. I took THAT. rationale = those are south of here and I need to get as far away from Klang/Shah Alam direction as I could.

Driving entah mana in the dark. Stopped for Maghrib at one PLUS customer service...was alone there..suspense jugak...tawakaltu alallah..

Anyway finally found myself on the MRR2--- was ecstatic...

reached home -- 3 hours later

Conclusion: I need a driver.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Model madu!

Madu tu pahit kan??

Yesterday I met a client with his 3 wives. They were all there signing the agreement!

Yang kelakarnye he was telling me about his children and he'd say - ah, ni dia punya (they are hers) while pointing to one of his wife! and yang ini dia ni pulak yang punya (and so and so child is hers)

Ha ha.-- the eldest is much older than the other 2 but the most serious I'm so Pissed Off looking is the youngest. The eldest cool je- heheh

Last year I went to Terengganu and met one client with 2 female co directors and rupanye they are both his wives also.the first wife is the trendier one..the second is really a suri rumah(housewife) with small kids. They were all happily chatting together

Namun..happy ke sebenarnye?


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A short history about the .....

I just bought a book by Bill Bryson"s A short History about Private Life .
Dia ni memang kelakar- very funny and very witty. Ive been reading him since uni days when he wrote travel books.  His latest story is about the home . 
So..I pun pikir..if he can write about his home and make money mehlah I try writing about what I have at home..let's start with the kitchen..

WHAT WE MUST HAVE Kalau takda life is huruhara: 

1. SUSU habis satu sehari kot....dalam kopi minum dalam cereal...the other day we tried other brand.tak sedap so we went back to DLady


Nutella... memang lah ni sebotol dua hari ..i memang dah try brand lain yang lebih murah...hmm pandang pun taknak...sebenarnye memang tak sama rasa last last terpaksa gak laa beli ni....i dah beli 6 sekali ( UO ada offer) tapi habis nya sama hari je...entah entah maid makan kot hahaha the kids' friends pun suka so apalah salahnye..depa sapu tebai tebai pas tu letak dalam toaster dengan cheklat nye ...hmmm sedap!!.


ni bapak dia suka makan dengan pasta ...and the pasta sauce is also a compulsory buy every time....Prego ok but Newman pun sedap pun manyak kedai ada offer....

4. BUAH 

ini ada lah kemestian..this is a must..the father wont buy the orangputeh fruit one..must be dad's favourite. Sometimes mata favourite...sometimes green apple..daya's favourite


hmm apa lagi..(eh I dah boring dah) macamana Bill Bryson tu boleh write buku cam tu ah..tak boring ke?? tebal tau! I baruuu sampai kitchen..dah bosan....zzzzz...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...