Saturday, March 09, 2013

Another Saturday..

Sooo today is Saturday. I don't want to waste today ! Let's do something kids! 

What ah?? The only thing I can think of is - shopping! KLCC! 
Boringkan? Any other ideas? 

Library? Art Gallery ? Swimming pool? 

All I know is...I don't want the kids and me to just be in front of the telly or pc again ....

Nanti I update you ok?

Sementara itu..what have we been up to...

Sara and Nadine took off their braces yesterday yay! For 2 years they have been wearing their braces entailing regular visits to the dentist to tighten or adjust the metal thingy- no more visits for that! And thankfully no more complaints from sara that her gums hurt ! Kesian kat dia...

I also sent Sara to her friend's birthday party- Sara insisted on wearing a full peach coloured jubah and black tudung..the result was a bit severe and I did suggest that she changed to jeans but she insisted. I think she wanted to make a point - her friend used to be in Adni but now had gone on to another non islamic-based international school and thus has collected a new group of trendy hijabless friends who wear trendy short skirts etc. I guess Sara wanted to make a statement  by being as severely hijabbed as poss?  hehehe..but I hope they all had fun anyway...

Sophia and Daya went to Qiyam ..Sara was supposed to go too, after her party..we were already snoring and suddenly got a call at 10 pm asking us to pick her up at the party! *yeah 10 pm and we were already in bed..age is catching up.....

So she called and we went - Alamak ! Took for granted her other friend that she went with , would send her back! Rupanye dua dua takda transport balik! Husband went to fetch her - after all that house pun dia kenal the family...old school friends pun. 

(me stayed in bed was cool and quilt was comfy and i was up since 5 am due to BNI...zzz lah jawabnye)

Johan went along with his dad to get Sara- happy lah dia, cause he'd been asking his dad to play FIFA game with him on them box..and was pretty upset when his dad said nak tido kejap!  I am seriously considering taking in an orphan of about 9 to 11 years old to be his friend..Ada tak? Serious ni! I'd be putting the child in school etc lah . 

Well all my kids are at home now..(and some extra kids too!) Ok ok get ready kids!!! 


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

You can check at the rumah anak2. Perhaps can invite a buddy/kid to come over your house on weekends. If all your kids are comfortable, then after some time, you can consider the kid to stay with your family full time.

Sometimes, some kids dont get along and do not like the existence of someone new. Or sometime, after few weeks or so, we may find that the kid we selected is not suitable for us. As you know, ny 11 yrs old, most kids have developed their characters.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Sha!

Been asking around- apparently they themselves apprehensive in letting the child go stay with outsiders that they dont vet- i supposed its a matter of accountability and they are all licensed kan..could be that they violate their license. It'd be fun though!

Sara said...

Mummy I was NOT making a statement... I just felt very safe in my jubah and felt at home in it and I have 3 other sisters and a class with 100% girls and now there are boys... jubah lah then!
OK, I was making a statement. But they didn't care that I dressed like a nun lah mummy :}

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