Girls day out

Yesterday I had the first girls' day out in a loooooooooooooong time

When I was in my late teens Zu and I (Zu, who married my husband's brother) used to lepak kat Yaohan and Yau Chuan our 2 favourite spots- bukan buat apa pun..we'd be walking around, trying on clothes, eating and then go back. Sometimes I'd stay overnight at her place. Yeah- we led such wild lives kan.

Anyway I think I mentioned that I don't really like to do that anymore..actually I don't like to do it unless I plan to - say I'm at Pavi for my facial.. I'd just go and once its done I'd go back. straight back. And if I have to go see client or friends for lunch at shopping  malls- I'd go and then I'd come back. I am boring that way.. But yesterday I had a date with a girl friend and spent like 10 am to 3 pm at KLCC ok! Completely girly day out and boy was it fun or what!

Dia ni pun anak ramai- but all are in boarding school. Husband was out playing golf. Mine was having a seminar he was chairing and the kids were still sleeping, exhausted  from their Qiyam lagi kot...

So mommy horray lah. Started the day at Dome, then strolled in Parkson-- bought a blinking expensive (to me!) pair of shoes , and then looked at ovens and home stuff , and clothes, and computers...and then makan some more..ate chocolate eclair.. then went to Kino - considered washing hair but then my friend said its blinking expensive at RM40 ..then went to Cold storage and then I dropped her off ..

wah! Best tol macam tu ye? When you set out to have that kind of day..memang enjoyable. No rush..and later on we took the kids win win lah.

Except the kids had to deal with an irritable mom towards 9 pm - cause I'd been out all day and was NOT in the mood to be shopping (which they wanted to do!)



MrsNordin said…
I ingat from 10am to 3 am... :0 Remember our day out at Mid Valley with Gina a long, long time ago? :)
nizamohamed said…
I love girls' day out!!! Happy, boleh lepak with friends and makan makan and catch up, in other words, gossip, heheh...
MrsN- yaa that was super nice-involve urut urut lagi!! We must do it again lah!
Niza= gossip tu satu acara mesti hahahaha but this one a little bit good girl so tak leh lah nak indulge sikit . you kat NYC sure banyak tempat can shop kan - I bayang kan hari hari shopping

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