Hi ya!

I read one of my friend's comment on FB that she didn't have a blog because her life is not exciting enough..

I beg to differ.

I am living proof that you can have a  blog even with a boring-as-heck life.

Ha ha ha!

Last weekend we spent Saturday for the sports right.. we stayed almost to the end.not so much because of school spirit but because I made husband send us all before he left for work -- all because I didn't want to drive..which meant all of us being stranded at the stadium until he picked us up..!

Sadly , Uhud (red house) came last again. This is the 10th year ! I nak naik darah ni sebab i feel ,  the teachers can do so much more! I mean, if you are really serious about getting your house to a better position ..then DO something kan?? masa the boys lari relay lah or 4 x 100 or other track events, the teacher for Badar (Blue house) (donno if coach or not) ran along with the student (ok lah it was hot so not all the way lah) and I saw the teacher for Hunain (green) pun ada run along with the Hunain kid.

The teacher for Uhud?? Nowhere to be seen! I saw a teacherlike person wearing red - who might be teacher for Uhud -standing around far from the students when they were running..What's more, he was wearing a HAT and SUN GLASSES and standing under the SHADE. Aparah. No wonder la last. Did you guys train extra time..shall I lobby sekolah to get coach ? And kids, can we make it compulsory for them to come and support their  house? At every event? And can they all have flags or something to wave when their house comes up?

Mummy pulak emo ek?.walhal none of my kids took part. I was yelling my lungs out and I was the only mom. So NOT muslimah.. Iw as going "Come on Uhud!" regardless of event..I kesian lah..i support the underdog...When my kids occassionally sauntered my way (yeah they were all over with their friends) then I'd asked them to cheer also. When Sophia cheered particularly loudly I said - eh not so loud lah tak manis! MUMMY SO HIPOKRIT ek ahahahaha!
Kitchenguardian's 2 sons Umar and Ib ran in the races-- waaah very impressive ! It was REALLY hot. 

I was so amazed that some of the boys can run 800m-- that's twice the stadium! Some-more after running that length can still walk around laughing with friends instead of heaving and lying on the grass watching your life flash before your eyes hehehe. I don't think I can do it. Well not without fainting lah. Naik tangga pun semput...

And that's another thing..the mission to kurus is NOT on ....are my fat cells welded to my skeleton or what??? I starve myself for one whole day (lama tu!)!! and nothing happened..? Ok lah ONE chocolate bread ...teeny weeny...takkan ada effect kot?? That's IT Im gonna go get the zenecal now..ceret ceret lah! Heart palpitations be damned!

Oh yeah..going to Yemen...nuridu an nazhab ilal yaman  , li ana nadine - er - wants to go (how ah to say?)-  basically I want to say we want to go to Yemen because Nadine wants to go ...takpa lah kan bapaknya? She nak pergi jugak...6 months at that....so let's go and see what her place is like. just consider it like taking a "year out" ala ala omputeh... Ok ok mummy wants to jalan also..Yemen looks really pretty..umrah next step...

An american friend questioned the wisdom of sending her there...and informed me that Nadine has to be careful as Yemenis marry off their girls as early as 11 - I was thinking in the USA how many pre-teenagers are actually pregnant  now, with their liberal free thinking ways....betol tak??may be even worse off than in the east. But I do think a lot of perception out there that what people practise in their culture, IS what the religion say...go back to Quran and Sunnah..eh cepat lah nadine habis then can be our source ha ha.

Ok then tata....


Anonymous said…
Hi shila its muzi ..muzals sister..i need to ask jab some medical opinion..how can i contact him?
Anonymous said…
Shila - Nuridu an nusafir ila Yemen fa Nadin turidu an tusafir.
Hi muzi-- email me at shishila@gmail.com your number? I will call u?or sms his number?
Aminah-- shukran!! na'am nuridu an nusafir ila yemen fa nadine turidu an tusafir.
jana said…
shila you suka tengok you tube kan sila tengok


menyeronokkan cubalah layan :)
Thanks jana-- issshhh karang tak buat apa kang heheh its soo addictive

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