Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I love Youtube!

You know, the other day someone said to me , that in this time and age, evil is IN our house. She meant, with the advent of internet etc, evil permeates the house without us having to go out. Our kids can be looking at porn , or violence right under our noses. She was also telling me that in Saudi , our Malay boys are the ones sent home or reprimanded by the Uni authorities for looking at porn! What's wrong with our malay youth, she asked! Entahlah-- my other friend kata, we are repressed! Ye ke..hehehe- once the freedom over cyberworld is in their hands, they go mad.

Anyway to me internet ni memang bahaya..can waste time, can make you mengumpat orang (if you tengok gossip gossip lah...btw sapa tasha shilla ah?) but on the other hand internet is also good if you use it for good.. right? I have just discovered this lady called MA*HA YACOUB who teaches arabic in a fun way - she is 27 ish, Palestinian christian, married to an Italian, now living there..found her quite coincidentally .there are SO MANY youtube vids on arabic but most are teaching type.but her, she makes very casual teaching videos. She's a teacher and you can tell.

One of the lessons for absolute beginners like moi!

Another thing I love you tube is the tafsir alquran- this i found also coincidentally -- I was supposed to go to Yayasan Taklim's classes but it's wayyyy over in TTDI (wah jauh giler lah tu) and I thought I'd check it out first. And I found like, so many of their previous classes! Yay!

Kalau ada orang nak teman I pergi, it's every morning 9.ish to 11ish..I ni nak kena ada kawan..jom lah!

Other fun things we go to are baking sites: This lady Titly Nihaan is on my kids' fave list I'm sure from how many times they watch her- she's funny too!

There's another guy that they love to watch - he's made a career on Youtube-- entah entah tak kerja except for that..but I pun suka..this is one of the funnier ones if only for the funny impression of OneDirection...he he.. *[yang ini I tak berapa suka if they spend too much time cause dalam category buang masa ha ha]

So the upshot of it is.....use Internet wisely...
As for me ..I absolutely love youtube!


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Shila I re-sent another email and a reply to your today's email am wondering if you received them.


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