Friday, March 01, 2013

Kids and school spirit

It's sports week at my kids' school. It has been for the last 2 weeks,actually. They do it in batches:  Last weekend it was the girls' sports . Dahlia got 3rd place at a track event. She also took part in badminton. Didn't get to watch but intensely proud. Tried to bluff her by saying I came secretly to watch but tak jadik..she's not buying it. Not that I didn't want to go but had the most terrible headache that morning which lasted in varying degrees the entire weekend, which wasn't very nice. I did go to get her and the others though- they all seemed to have enjoyed themselves immensely - even Nadine who is technically out of school, was there yelling her heart out. We went to eat Chinese Muslim food after that with the girls and 3 of their friends. Jojo was at his friend's house having a party- boys weren't allowed to be present at the girls' event. Daddy pun kena tunggu dalam kereta. Mommies only. [Oh yeah I saw Wardina-her daughter is in my kids'  school. She has  "celebrity" aura around her, totally. he he. I've been bumping into her time and time again- her daughter  takes horseriding too. She would smile and beam but not actively try to strike a conversation. I pun segan, sebab celebrity kan..heheh.. The other day at the Nationbuilders' conference I finally said hi to her. And at sports day she came to where I was sitting and said bye to the teachers and principals (I sat with them) and totally ignored me. Pulaak. ]

Tomorrow is the boys' event pulak. It's sort of the Final sports day- where not only do the boys compete, but the prizes get given for houses . Every year we hope that Uhud house (red house) will NOT come last. It has done so for the last 7 or 8 years! Kesian depa! The girls always do well, getting the most points amongst the houses - then somewhere down the line- hancusss..They tell me it's the boys' fault! hehehe..Maybe should re-name the house..being called after the only battle that the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w did NOT win is not very encouraging , perhaps. 

The one thing though that disturbs me is the lack of school spirit..I feel lah. Because they split into two events, my girls don't want to go to the boys' event because they say that there's nothing for them to do. Ada ke? Pi lah support your house! They say they can't even join the battlecry - they are not allowed to sing or chant or anything. I guess it's not becoming for them to do so kot..but the price of that to me, is loss of school spirit. they are simply not interested in what the boys' are doing! Ada house meeting pun they don't want to go, because does not involve them anymore.  Maybe should suggest that Adni be split to girls and boys school..senang. Once you have a co-ed school it gets quite complicated. 

On another note, am very happy for Jojo. He finally got a place in sports. he has sooo wanted to take part tapi dia was not picked for track and field event. But it seems for those who did not get selected, they organised futsal teams and Jojo was selected to be a midfielder in Team C. And he did so well and he came home beaming with pride. Brimming with stories of how he did. Sanggup tunggu nak beritau bapak dia yang balik pkl 10 malam ni, how he did. I told him to call je daddy dia but he wanted to wait. I'm so glad.The other time  he told me his friends said he wasn't good at futsal. I told him don't believe what people say about yourself. In sports pulak tu! just like in life..just cause you are down today does NOT mean you will be down tomorrow right?? things change overnight. and in sports one day champ can have off days tomorrow. And you practise pracise a lot, you WILL get better kan?? (I rasa nak jadik motivator budak budak je lah can ah) ehehehe...

Eh i better get ready for the BNI meeting..meh lah join me guys....


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