Model madu!

Madu tu pahit kan??

Yesterday I met a client with his 3 wives. They were all there signing the agreement!

Yang kelakarnye he was telling me about his children and he'd say - ah, ni dia punya (they are hers) while pointing to one of his wife! and yang ini dia ni pulak yang punya (and so and so child is hers)

Ha ha.-- the eldest is much older than the other 2 but the most serious I'm so Pissed Off looking is the youngest. The eldest cool je- heheh

Last year I went to Terengganu and met one client with 2 female co directors and rupanye they are both his wives also.the first wife is the trendier one..the second is really a suri rumah(housewife) with small kids. They were all happily chatting together

Namun..happy ke sebenarnye?



Anonymous said…
Biarlah rahsia....he he he

HEHEHE Bahaya tuu
Anonymous said…
Hmm.hapy or not, they have no choice, but just to make themselves happy kan?


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