Thursday, March 21, 2013

My adventure in Johor

Yesterday I had to go Johor to see a client. 

Alah, Johor, you may say, Apa kecohnye. What's the big deal 

Well, for me, macam nak tertanggal kaki dibuatnye. It was so exhausting!

To start off:

1. Flight was at 7.25 am, so called a cab the night before , to come by 5.30 am. Plenty of time to reach KLIA right? Problem- woke up at 5.50, shaken awake by a panicked husband. Cab already downstairs since 5.20am. He and the maid had called me 3 times allready. usually we'd be up by this time, but somehow both of us slept like the dead. 

I bolted out of bed- ran to the bathroom brushed my teeth, and for the first time ever in my life (bar maybe a couple of times during cold cold winter at Uni) I did not have a shower! eee tak mandi! I changed and dashed down. 

The pakcik drove like a madman and reached the airport by 6.45 am. I ran in my new heels to the gate which just so happened to be A11 like the enddddd of the road. The last of the last. Like, if they want to make A12 it'd be out of the building already. Anyway, sempat solat at the surau..! 

2/ On the plane, got the window seat but there was a guy there who was JUST saying he wished no one would come - and then I turned up. He grinned at the lady next to him , and they changed seats so that it was me by the window, this lady and him.Lupakan cita cita nak tido as we chatted all the way to JB

Then arrived - still before 9. Heels were killing me so when I saw Sembonia tu- i teruuuus pi beli sandals. Which ended up killing me also. Anyway then I bought showering stuff and looked for the plaza lounge. Did not know then (benggg) that you have to check in to depart before you can actually use it. 

3/ Ok lah, off to the appointment at 10. Set in some industrial park, RM22 for cab fare. Who regretted picking me up since he got lost in the park. Finally offloaded me in middle of the road and I walked to the factory. 

Signed everything. Discovered that the Bank did not tell me that they changed the terms. Sigh. wasted time only. Anyway the owner of the factory gave me a lift back to the aiport. 

4/And I promptly took another cab to JPO. Not that I wanted so much to go, but I had never been and this was my chance. It was 1pm and I had nothing to do (except work in my laptop) so Rm33 cab fare to JPO it was.

JPO wasn't bz but was not exactly empty either. Similar to all retail outlets. First thing I bought- a handluggage carrier- to put my documents, laptop etc..then next stop- GAP for change of clothing- orang kayanya aku lalalalala.. 

After browsing one or two shops I thought- Oh why wasn't I born a midget-Then I could have worn the JPO style clothes hihihihi

5/ Hungry---- Ate at Kampachi. Alone. Heyyy treat myself why not. Spoke to Connie the Business Development Officer. Then the manager came out. Then he introduced the junior chef to me. I had 3 or 4 people stand by my table watching me eat and chatting with me. After  about 10 minutes I snapped my laptop shut (i thought I could work!) Then I got free macha icecream some more..Probably kesian , minah mereng mana yang makan jepun mahal sorang sorang ni. Total cost RM68

6/ One hour and a half passed by and I was bored. Told you I wasn't a shopper. Called back that cab driver who sent me. Who was actually sleeping when I called (he had gone home for lunch) - he came with his wife (probably I sounded sexy and menggoda kot on the phone when I called him and she picked up ha ha) - went back to airport- another RM33. 

7/ Then now what?? Checked in, and headed to the Plaza..still have 3 hours to go before flight balik at 6.40p.m.. The staff asked me- do I have a platinum card? Nope.Do I have a priority pass card? Nope to that too. he shrugged his shoulders and said "then you have to pay lar" . and he continued " It's expensive tau!". RM128 for 2 hours or something. I mentioned cousin's name (who worked with Plaza Prem. Lounge and had told me she'd call her friend to treat me like VIP ha ha ha) but I only asked if my cousin worked there . I didn't know how to say- eh my cousin said I can come in free what. Maintain water face at all times hehehe..

8/I was pondering RM128..mak kau..mahal..But by this time I WANTED A SHOWER SO BAD! i paid- and he gave me some good discount so I paid about RM80 kot. For free food, coffee tea milo, internet etc and shower-- thank GOD - ok lah kan! I said - I want to have a shower! And they gave me one fluffy towel. Hmm  sia sia je beli towel kat AKemi at JPO (RM69 for 2) 

I felt sooo much better after mandi- so much more HUMAN. Time to pray- thought can do it in the lounge but have to go out to find the sura Prayed full solat then realised I could have combined my zohor and asar! Duh. . 

I walked back to the calm sanctuary of the plaza. On the way back I saw people boarding a MAS flight at 4.30. What?? I didn't see this flight? I thought the earliest flight home was 6pm?? 

I approached one short large man dressed in MAS uni and asked him, can I go on this flight ? He said, you should have changed it at ticketing. Now too late. Oh well then..back I go to the plaza premium lounge..

I went to get coffee.. and spied pudding in the fridge. Just as I was about to take it- the man just now popped in , out of breath slightly , asking me , do you still want to go on the earlier flight? Of course lah!!He pulled me along and we stood in front of the boarding  counter (before you go to the plane) and he made lots of calls. In the end he said there is  a place for me. Was I holding the plane from taking off? He said no, they were due to go in 5 mins time. Another man was there with me, also given a seat. 

I had to pay the man in MAS uniform RM50 for cancellation fees (but no receipt ya) and got a seat by the window. Again, as we were the very last people to come in I had to disturb a man who was already sleeping , before I could move in to sit by my precious window (hey the kids never let me take that seat) . The other man with me , mr Chew was scheduled to leave at 6.40pm like me, but unlike me he was registered in  business class - so he gave up business to go back early..and sat next to  Sardine class. Sorry , I meant economy class.

Of courselah we talked. I think next flight I will try to NOT talk to the person next to me. He reminded me never to judge an apek from his clothes. The guy dressed so simply.He was the owner, founder, director of a pool cleaning company- doing so well his 3 children and wife are all staying in Sydney and he can't remember how many projects he has exactly. WOW. 

Arrived in KL finally-  but had to take cab to UPM pulak..husband tengah main tennis. Did not want to do the whole pick up wife from airport thing. Instruction dia- suruh cab go send you to UPM tennis court. Menggagau the cab driver- he was totally lost! Which tennis court? Which of the 3 main entrance are you talking about? Sigh

Finally arrived at UPM and sat in the car watching him play. 

And reached home by 8.20 kot. 

I don't know how you do it, oh trainers/lawyers/businessman who go up and down every other day..for me, just one day and I felt sooooooooo tired!! Slept terus I think!! 

That's the Johor adventure. Trust me to make a trip to Johor an adventure eh..hihihihi 



DadaIQ said...

Enjoy your story Shila, we can never escape from hectic life!

Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

That sounds like quite an adventure.

Next time you wanna come JB, can inform me. I can let you know some info on where to go depending on your meeting location. Seeing the RM33 cab fare from your meeting to JPO, I think it was quite a distance.


Bella said...

Shila, we go to meetings and back to airport. That's it. No konar konar gi makan jepun etc hehehe funny ah you!!!

Nadine said...

Update your blog already!!! Dear mommy :) hehe

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...