Never let me drive alone...

The instruction was simple.

go to Puchong for a meeting. I had to be at Bandar Puteri. I've been there before. Heck we have just bought a flat there. (small, for use of office). So easy right. I came from Midvalleh megah mall - followed my phone's limited GPS (the phone does not tell you that the highway it shows is actually not accessible from the road you are on, for one)- was one of the slowest car around..due to me always checking the phone.

Anyway I followed all signs to Puchong even though was on Jalan Klang Lama , a place I had never driven on alone. Amazingly, I reached Puchong. All I had to do was pass one traffic light..the road then split into 3. To the left, bandar kinrara I think. To the straight , I thought Sungai Besi. To the right, I thought Puchong. Of course, there were no signs to indicate - not like Australia where they'd tell you " WRONG WAY, GO BACK" . 

Of courselah  I was wrong. I turned right dengan penuh confident nya..-  I should have gone straight. I turned right and I saw TOLL to Subang. There was an immediate exit to the left with shoplots and even though I knew there was no exit to Puchong I tried anyway. Drove around and round manalah tau ada exit tiba - tiba. All I had to do was go to the other side - Failed  along with 2 other cars. Went back out to highway. A few exit roads further up which I thought could rescue me and bring me back to Puchong--except it said Pulau Carey. Whaaaa?? Took it anyway and found myself actually on some highway and eventually reached a toll.

Asked the kid manning the toll (Saja je paid in cash instead of swiping the touch and go  so that I can speak to someone) how to get back to Puchong, he said take the second exit after this. Ok..set..

On the way to the second exit...serious jam. Sign for second exit - Subang - Allready one hour late for the meeting at Puchong. Is it really worth it?? have another meeting (ok,date) at Subang Jaya. Ponder ponder...ok lah let's go to Subang. I needed to be at Empire.

The sign say- one way is lapangan terbang Subang and the other, PJ and KL. Figuring out that that Empire is otw to KL, i took the KL route...of course I was wrong again. Empire was on the other side.. we go again looking for a uturn. (My husband said it's all due to my lack of sense of direction)

Arrived finally at Empire ..about 2 hours early for next appointment. Went to Surau  for zohor and asar. Full of Indonesian ladies (workers I think) and seriously know how a pendatang felt cause I was the only local there . Anyway decided to charge my phone. took my pc out cause I only brought the cable that connects the phone to the pc...tengok tengok...the said cable wasn't there. Aiyoo..

After solat headed to Loaf...waited for friend...used internet there thank goodnesss, since phone was dead.

Had a good session, and left dah maghrib. it was dark..and of course lah I missed the KL exit- found myself heading to-- glenmarie.

Wargh..I want Ampang, KL, cheras..that direction.Not klang, shah alam , pelabuhan klang etc...

so anyway. turn and turn and took sliproad that says ---"Puchong".

NOW I find you! heeeesssshhhhhh. Tadi pusing bagai nak rak carik puchong, takda.

I took it, what the heck. Then found a sign board that said : Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. I took THAT. rationale = those are south of here and I need to get as far away from Klang/Shah Alam direction as I could.

Driving entah mana in the dark. Stopped for Maghrib at one PLUS customer service...was alone there..suspense jugak...tawakaltu alallah..

Anyway finally found myself on the MRR2--- was ecstatic...

reached home -- 3 hours later

Conclusion: I need a driver.


Anonymous said…
or a GPS?

er yes. no lah jah, i somehow manage to get lost even with the gps. tak faham apa dia kata - adakah stay right tu turn right ? go straight? hehehehehe
Anonymous said…
Hi SW,time to get a garmin nuvi GPS :)
Ezza Muffinbiru said…
hahaha..lenkali tampal peta kat cermin depan tu...sure sampai..
nizamohamed said…
My sense of direction is also I feel you, my friend..:)) dare not drive in KL, sure sesat...hahaha
suhana sahil said…
i have no sense of direction too shila.gps help me lot.
heheh kak Ezza- ok lah ,lainkali saya pakai map besau..karang tak nampak lak

kalau saya sesat ke klang.saya attack rumah akak je....
niza- oh kawan ku! Kalau ikut signposts kl ni , mau nangis agaknya...and ada banyak perubahan..sometimes road got block, or tiba tiba put barricade etc..sigh..
Chu- I need to get a gps el pronto..

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