Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mummy marah lah ni!

The Mummy sergeant came home just now wanting to use the loo. Her own loo was locked,  occupied. Other bathroom was also used. Vacant bathroom was in the other room- used by her daughters..

So mummy went in lar...and came out yelling. was less than 100 per cent clean, shall we say. There was hair everywhere.The sink was spotty with toothpaste marks. There was  mould in the sink. It was enough to make me see red. 

macam mana boleh macam ni? I dont know why but I never wanted to go in that particular bathroom before. I always shy away from it. 

And now I know why! Because ada rahsia! The secret is very messy!

I tore down the stairs to call the maid. I said why is the toilet so dirty. I told her please help my daughters..they will need to be tidier but you need to clean also. I want you to scrub tomorrow ok!
And now I'm just sitting down to make a to do list for her- I am not fussy but come ON - dirty toilet?? 

On the other hand , this is not just about her. This is about my daughters too. Why should I blame the helper who has to wash clothes, mop every day, cook, and also iron? I can't do it all myself so why am I expecting her to ? Why can't my kids help out?? Something is seriously wrong here.

 Hard to believe that they didn't see that the bathroom was so messy ?  Is that why they ran to mine? Instead of cleaning it?? Taulah tak pergi boarding school where you will be trained to clean after yourself, don't lah embarrass me when you are married - and your mom in law finds out you know NUTS about cleanliness and about housework!  

Nampaknya kena train lah ni how to mop, how to put the clothes in the wash, how to wash vegetables, how to clean room, how to wash toilets, how to sew simple stitches- how to wash plates! 

Not that they are total kids are good kids..tapi so used to having  a maid...when the maid is around,every one forgets to do  basic stuff. I don't exactly want them to be on their hands and knees mopping but then at least be self sufficient lar....This is why I said ok to my maid wanting to go home for a month.- I want to do WITHOUT a maid for a while. (no pay and she's going to pay for her own flight) 

I need to remember to train my little ladies..they are no longer the cute 5 or 6 year a few years (far far FAR into the future) they will be wives...and daughters in laws! They need to be exemplary ones! They cannot be the type that sit in front when the mom in law cooks! Or the ones that stay in the room all the time and don't join in ! They have to also know how to win the elders' hearts.basic politeness is also a skill- like, don't just walk pass - stop and say hello,. Soften your tone when talking to older folks. Offer to help. (even if you don't mean it)  Ha ha- make them drinks- fuss over them- don't keep to your laptop or gadgets when they are there!Fuss over them. Susahke? If ignore them je buat macam kawan-   It's the ultimate rudeness ! Betul tak??

When they are grown up, am I going to be accused of not teaching my daughters right?  

I called them all to the room, and told them all this..that they are now bigger girls..and the boy too ..kenalah segan sikit..the maid is just there to help. Not do the actual thing...and it's actually my job to make sure they turn out well ...(although the maid should have cleaned it!) 

And bibik also I think got a jolt (I hope) cause she has never heard the sergeant get mad before. Ada ke biar toilet tu kotor?? 

OK terimakasih for listening to my rant. 


Ezza Muffinbiru said...

...ha hah mummy dah marah tu...
you all girls,tak boleh harap pada maid saja..dia pun manusia juga..tau penat jugak..bende kecik kecik ni macam kemas bilik dan cuci bilik air kena buat sendiri all pun dah besar kan...macam mana nak duduk di tempat orang kalau semua bende basic ni harap kat orang lain...kesian mummy tu...tak kan semua nya dia nak check...

Kan makcik ni dah bebel dah...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Oh terimakasih makcik ada , nak support...kalau maid takda tahu pun kemas sendiri..tapi sejak dapat maid ni...balik kepada perangai lama..betullah kak Ezza...nanti yang kena kutuk nye mak nye tol tak


haha i for one have an OCD for toilets..sampaikan toilet my MIL pun i basuhkan! haha..terbalikkan? just can't stand dirty house esp loos :)
w 3 boys..kencing aim asyik miss,if duduk takde problem actually..lately ni je i dok dengar diaorg scrub2 toilet diaorg..hope that lasts..hehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Memang...i pantang toilet berlendir......

hope it lasts too! heheheh

MrsNordin said...

As long as there's a maid in the house, they will NEVER do the toilets or make up their own beds. And I never go to their bathroom, takut I pengsan.

There was once we made them clean their bathroom (when they were younger). Menangis2 kat dalam toilet tu, macam kena dera! That time i baru kawin dgn Nordin. I'm sure they thought I was an evil step mother! Ha ha!

But that was the first and the last I saw them basuh their own bathroom.. :(

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