Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shukran for a boring dayyy

This is now playing at the MPO ...tonight ada show. 

This however was NOT what we did..

It's 5.21 pm and we are all still at home

8 am- went to Arabic lesson where we successfully mangled the language and tested the Ustaz's patience. Ustaz pun, who asked you to speak full on arabic to us, don't you know we have NO CLUE what you said?? I wasn't  nodding because i understood you ! I was doing it to be polite ! heheheh- nasib baik Nadine is at home so we can ask.

9.45 am- we ran home since Sara has to go horseriding and we send her - she goes every Sunday morning and I really salute her because hey I'd hate to go if I have my nice warm bed waiting for me. And it's Sunday. Bapak dia hantar, on the way to the hospital. I went up to check on the other kids. 

What did I find- Johan playing his towel. Nadine was , amazingly,  ready (She usually sleeps in on Sundays) so I grabbed her to help me do my Arabic h/work. I kept asking her  what the Ustaz meant when he said bla bla bla. The girl is driving me want to do IB not STAM pulak....haiyaa make up your mind otherwise I will make it up for you. Nak go take a year out pulak...after Arabic nak buat IB next July. Nadine, Arabic sampai bulan 9 je...IB July so in the months in between nak buat apa...year out year out tu concept mat salleh yang banyak duit ler. You do not have such luxury la this is Malaysia. I need you to get on with it. Oh that reminds me I have to start buying prepacked food for her to take to Yemen. And where do I get Niqab ye. 

She's now at an education exhibition with her friend..pergi ler Nadine.. get some ideas. Otherwise if your results are good, jadik doctor ok. (heheh I remember my mom said if I didn't get good results- she'd marry me off!) 

Bibik said sorry she didn't clean the rooms. Aiyah I told her please help my kids learn! Remind them to do their share ! Before you go to bed, bibik, just do a quick final check that the house is not upside down inside out..although we the occupants should take it upon ourselves NOT to cause it to terbaliklah. Berleter lagi! 

Daya was no where to be seen when I came home. Now though she has 2 friends over- to do Geography computer homework. How did we survive ye when we were in school- and there was no computer? nowadays every project has to have computer. Whatever happened to manila cardboard and glue? 

Sophia was in the kitchen again, fiddling with the  delicious lemony cream cheese mix that she made. She made too much, now not enough cake. So she has to go bake some more. She wants to do business of baking. Kitchenguardian can be her sifu- although I think Sophia will probably be disheartened to know that if she train anywhere to bake, washing up will be high on her job description! 

Now we are all in my room, watching the downloaded cartoons. Dad came home from hospital at 3 pm and promptly slept. Yesterday he came home at 11 I think . Or was it 12? Kesian....Kalau ikut I , meh kita pindah ganu hospital jom! Better quality life! 

Ok we'll need to go see parents today. Dad dah panggil..also where is his second son..he has not seen us for yonks. 3rd son is in Kuching with family - he lives with mom. Parents love having them with their extremely cute kids- but need to make sure the parents don't feel ignored, snubbed etc. Kadang kadang kita tak perasan , ingat perangai kita dah elok sangat lah kan..but older folks can be quite sensitive... Mom and dad really alone this weekend. [oh yeah they just called- bro no 2 just arrived  - wah telepathy or what??].Masalah I is if i remind my 3rd bro ni, dia can be just as emo, and may sulk . Eh lantak ler. I am your kaklong and I have the POWERRRRRRR (ala ala thundercats!)

Later later we r going to husband's auntie's place for dinner..dia dah call and said she'd be cooking ...sorry mom, thought I could go and see you ..maybe later.? late pun late lar, I tell my husband..

Boring kan?? Where are the activities yang I dok plan nih? the picnics, the concerts, the museums?? (Panaslaaa)

However...I'm extremely grateful..that our lives are not disrupted by war..can eat what we want , can go where we want.   Boring boring lah!Kan?
(my kids 5 years ago)

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