Friday, March 15, 2013

When teachers get emo

Everyone gets stressed right? The main thing is how  you deal with your stress - do you reach inward and pull out that kesabaran in you? do you sigh a lot and eat heaps of  Melo?(Like I did). Do you go and pray (like I tried- it worked)- Do you stomp around and bang stuff (like someone I know did!) 

Or - do you do what my son's teacher did- turn around and left her class entirely! 

Ada ke?? The teacher apparently came in and , seing that the class was playing, told them, if you don't stop I will leave- A few minutes later, they were still noisy probably-  and this is the amazing thing- she left! She actually did! And didn't come back for the entire class! Ada ke? 

Tinggallaaa budak-budak ni terkontang kanting...left to their own devices they decided to go through their exam papers. One of them went to the front and pretended to be teacher, writing down the correct answers to their test, on the board..Alaa good kids nye. (When Johan tells me things, I believe him). He is very lurus bendul . 

And my lurus bendul(very earnest and straight) boy,went  with some other friends who are also lurus bendul, to find the emo teacher..and apologised! She said she was actually mad at Kid A, B and C, not Johan and gang. 

Ms does not matter one jot to me that you got mad at Kid A, b or c or even z ke, or not..what is not acceptable to me is that you LEFT the children..and you are a professional. And a grown up. And, like I tell my husband all the time, GROWN UPS DO NOT THROW TANTRUMS. 

I was saying this much to Johan ,and Daya, who was listening intently, nodded her head vigorously. I told Daya to go tell the principal but not to land her in trouble, but rather , to find out what's happening with her. Apparently she had "rasuk"(possession) case before-- she was found talking to herself and crying , Johan said. (Hey, I do that too on a particularly bad file-! ha ha ha) 

Daya forgot- ha ha!  She really wanted to go tell the principal (of primary school je) though.  I don't want to step in, yet. Biarlah kakak-kakak dia tolong. I am overreacting again, you think? Today pulak my son told me he and the whole class, made a card for her! A "We are sorry" card! And the thing was, he said, it was all a misunderstanding because the boys who she said was misbehaving, actually fell off their chairs. He was still being earnest, so I nodded jelar...

but then kan, tak kesah lah kan Johan. Budak tu jatuhke,  terbalik ke, terbang ke....Teachers cannot leave class - 2 minutes time out, ok.Ask the kids to go to the corner, Ok. Or stand on chair, ok. or, ask him to carry your books later. Whatever, something creative and appropriate to 12 year olds (my son is still 11) 

 But to babai terus??? er..maybe not lah kot Johan! For what you become teacher like that (sheesh my english) I mean, what happened to your training, Ms teacher?

I genuinely hope the teacher gets help ..she is clearly very stressed. The whole class of 12 year olds feel responsible for her state of mental health (quoting the doctor) - and the teacher could be depressed. I won't get involved but will send my little tiger Daya to speak to her superiors - maybe can just check on the teacher..see if she is ok. 

If I hear anymore cases like this though...mummy will go to school! Overreacting over reacting lah ha ha ha!


Amilita Zaini said...

Ohh...this is a first. I tak pernah dengar cikgu buat macam ni. Tak boleh la kot, itu kerja dia kan..I cannot imagine if my husband gets stressed with his staff & tiba2 balik rumah...?
Me with my kids, okay la I pernah la buat macam ni (several times...? hehe) but of course I didn't leave them at home alone, setakat turun bawah atau kurung myself in my small office mengadap computer tengok Pinterest & figuring out what are the items to throw out (de-cluttering is my stress reliever). Hehe

MrsNordin said...

Aiyo.. I've written a long comment already but cannot post! And now it's gone! Nanti lah i'll write again.. :(

mokjadeandell said...

Leaving class is going to the land the teacher in hot water.However ,emo you are,its a no no.What if something bad happened during her absence? She's answerable to that.
Trs have to gali banyak ilmu on how to tackle a class.And am so sure,none would advocate abandoning the class.
cikgu pencen.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Tulah kan @amilita.. everyone needs some stress debusters but when you are in a position of authority- takkan you abandon kot your underlings...cian laaa kat bebudak tu..

i wish I can also throw tantrum like that and just go home ha ha

Superwomanwannabe said...

@mrsn- alaaaaaaaaa

i want to know what you think!

Superwomanwannabe said...

@cikgu pencen

i marah lah jugak sebab apa contoh you tunjuk kat budak budak tu...tapi baguslah kot bebudak ni pun tersentap--

tapi seriously need to get this teacher help lah...sebab tak macam normal behaviour kan?

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