Monday, April 29, 2013

candy crush

I am a 13 year old

I say this because I have become.....

hopelessly addicted to....

candy crush saga!!!

Aiyooo sapa laaa yang invite i main this stoooopeed game nih....and why lah i download on the phone....

now I display classic signs of an addict

I take my phone to the toilet

i hide my phone whenever anyone sees me

i (gasp!!) buy extra lives!! I have spent RM30 on it!!!

I need help

and it is serious

my daughters are now telling me they are going to delete it from my phone if I dont control myself


Try it., you'll see what I mean..!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Good morning and how are you ?


How are you ?

Lama dah tak borak kan? Buat apa minggu ni? Cuti panjang ke?

I don't think we are doing anything for labour day. I believe a lot of people are taking Mon and Tue off so that they have a long weekend. Not happening for us!

I have 3 kids away this weekend. Nadine is a "teacher" and Sophia an "adjudicator" for a debate championship-- they basically just accompanied the school's debating team - they get to stay at UITM for 4 days. Johan pulak pi school camp (kat compound sekolah) . If any of Adni kids go rotten I would be very surprised because they do so many motivational camps and leadership camps.

Johan told me yesterday that he finally got to play futsal..masa PE he is always sidelined kan..despite me telling him to go tell the teacher he never did. I siap relate the story to the principal lagi (socially lah not in a mengadu way) . Semalam he said the Ustaz said to the self elected tyco of the group, to select those who have yet to play in PE and Johan was selected. As a result another boy had to go out and "he had been playing many times, Mummy" and the boy said "ala napaaa???" (But why??") and I said Jojo I have been asking you to ask the same thing ! He said "I'm not the person who likes to say no, mummy but my friends , A, M and Z had my back and they all said to this boy alah you selalu mainnnnn johan tak main dah lamaaa!"

I am paraphrasing of course but my son really speaks like that..very sebijik sebijik and very proper. Mom said the other day that I speak to my kids like friends and it's true actually hehehe (Ok unless lah I jadi sargeant about makan, mandi , sembahyang, homework)

On another husband's colleague at work and our friend, received Datoship -- congratulations to him ! The kelakar part is yang tak bertitle ni (other half and some other docs) all relax je and joke about it! hehehe and they actually think it's not necessarily a good thing for them....nak kena donate to sultan lah katanye..hehe!

On yet another topic. excitednya nak vote!! Although I don't know to vote penyangak A or penyangak B ha ha ha! no lah.. I know already. Penyangak A!  The bendera and banners are very meriah kan? I keep thinking of what to do with them all after the election ends. Macam membazir. Yah  keep for future use. Kalau ada lagi lah party party yang macam macam rupa tu.

Penyangak - means criminals thugs or samsengs what have you. I am very fed up with hearing about the individuals in each party who take commission and loads of money paid atas angin one. for no work other than introducing  you to so and so. .Hearing it once too often. this is greed and not at all party I know but STOP the practice lah...nak tunggu earth quake or what to hit the country.

Ok catch you later!!

Assalamualaikum all!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today's topic is on parents

The other day my parents came around and my brother and his family were there as well . This is my 2nd brother. They live quite far away from us and don't see us all that often. So my dad was talking to his son (he's right after me, right) and he went - Boy, you haven't done this, you haven't done that..and started to berleter lah

I told dad laaa take it easy lah on my brother dad...kesian gak...sebab my brother just sat there blinking  and taken aback!

So today I found out why.

I was watching Nouman Ali Khan's talk on family and the quran and he said basically don't even bother lah nak dakwah to other people when you can't be civil to your family which is the most Islamic thing you can do. He went on to explain how parents are sometimes so critical, and the kids wonder why? He said when kids are young, kids want attention, when we grow older it's our parents who crave our attention. And when we ignore them they miss us at first but after many times of not getting us when they call, or wanting us to visit but we don't ..they get resentful..and their resentment builds up..until suddenly it explode out of the blue the minute they see you everything comes out and you get this very upset parent and you don't know why . 

So his tips?

Do things for your parents , buy them things,  pamper them. Talk to them more than 2 minutes, and not the "uh-uh , ok , a-ah" type. Really listen to them. And speak nicely to them and not harshly. 

I got  a couple of siblings I have to tell this to and I hope you take the hint heheh. Actually it's for me also because it's sooo easy to be annoyed at parents in their old age when they nag you all the time for not seeing them hehehe 

Recently I heard of someone being arrested and put in jail and the mother refused to bail her, saying a stint in jail will do her good! I'm like - what kind of a mom ARE you , that you can watch your daughter sit in jail when she has kids of her doubt the kids are now with you , but still, their mom is in jail...tak kesian ke??

What did the daughter DO to make the mom so mad. 

So...hope my brothers (and me) develop great skills at winning our parents hearts ! (and not because they want stuff hee hee) 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good morning!

I am now watching this malay drama called Ines something where this woman is an escort to men for money which she gives to her mom and brother and also her no good boyfriend, who needed the cash to take out other women, and now the mother has been beaten up by the no good father...Now the woman is in found out by her elder sugar daddy when she is with the no good boyfriend and jeng jeng jeng...!

Oh yeah, the mother kept being hit by the father for money and eventually killed him.

ahhhh typical kan?

Kesiannye sebab the elder sugar daddy used to be the heartthrob before..sapa tu? yang kawin dengan didie alias dah main peranan tua...

the hero is adi putra..sah pandai jadi watak gatal

the entire drama was shot around Taman Melawati and all our haunts are there...laaa bila depa shooting ah?

he music tu  boleh change tak because track instrumental sama je with other drama..tengok k drama tu..each drama has own track hehe

OK end of review of this drama...(now the bf pulak kena pukul dengan gang) at home things are chaotic as normal. I went to visit an old friend yesterday at her clinic (she's a gp) and she treated me to lunch at a vegetarian restaurant..mula mula sooo chinese that i doubted the halalness but then it was purely vegetarian and it was delicious!

Going back I took a cab and I was worried for a while there cause langit berdentum dentam and I was flailing and flailing for one..semua buat dono, ada customer lah, nak pergi tempat lain lah take je lah kan? Last just before the first rain drop fell I got one. Alhamdulillah!!

Called hubby to fetch me! tapi apakan daya he was bz but came home early yay!

The kids are fine.. Sophia is debating now, in her sister's footsteps. This Thursday to Sunday tido kat UITM for a debating thing. Why have to sleep over ah? I told them I can go and send everyday but nooo..they will be sleeping over.

Ok lah byee

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Update on the Interview and others

Phew!! The interview is over. We were told to be early, dad said he was going to give me the car...but then he arrived home pun about 1 imagine how freaked out I was..when the interview starts at 2. To make up for it he agreed to send us and later we will find our way home ourselves. Oklah  so off we went. 

Sampai-sampai je dah ramai parents and kids. Nadine sampai just in time to register, and 2 minutes later , they were all cordoned off to some other place. Apparently they have to go to 3 centres in groups, centre 1 to be tested in BM centre 2 to be tested in English and centre 3 would be the interview itself. 

Dad hung around until she went in, and then fell asleep on the bench. I didn't have the heart to wake him up plus was receiving dramatic phone calls from the office so I was quite distracted myself. 

An hour later, I woke him up and we went off to do our Zohor. he decided to just stay lah and play rookie from work. We had lunch, met other parents, and later , due to the extreme heat, sat in the car until she came out! 

She said it was okay...the panelist asked what they thought about the mutu bahasa malaysia yang kian merosot..that to me is NOT GOOD NEWS heeheh..

Thank you daddy for staying with us until 6

Results will be out in 2 weeks! 

I balik the next day terus demam(ie yesterday). I went home after the morning networking meeting and crashed, I felt soooo ill. queasy lah, pening lah, nak muntah lah..joints aching lah..I slept on and off from 10 am to 2 am! Straight ok. 

Today feel a LOT better. Now helping Sara conquer Physics. I suggested using internet to find interesting websites on physics. I tengok pun i nak tidor, apatah lagi dia..but sara, grit your teeth, ok ,  you just have to understand it. There are some good vids out there in youtube, and I found this:
to advise you of the interesting websites!

Where was the internet when I was a student?? 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Doa kan

Nadine's interview for JPA/Mara scholarship is todayyyyy...need your doas everyone..

the past few days have been a flurry of getting forms/copies/birth certs etc etc. 

The MPV is still in workshop, so we will be depending on daddy's car or atok's car. I probably will work from home in the morning , and go with her at 12.30-- I think we should leave by then, cause her session starts from 2.30. I heard from another colleague that there is a written one hour test ..tak tau lah. We advised her to just brush up on local and international issues. Perhaps she will be interrogated as to why she feels she needs a scholarship to do education, when she comes from a private school and therefore by implication, can pay for her education. theoretically lar. Hmm. wonder if she can offer the fact that we have other kids as a reason to please finance her studies? hehehe or the fact that she wants to go to cambridge and short of selling the house, only government help is going to help her go there? Oh well, kalau kena, tembak je lah nadine...Kalau ada rezeki, adalah. [Fervently praying ehehe].  Hope she won't be taking any poverty stricken person's place if she gets it, cause I absolutely will be guilt stricken if that happens. She herself doa for whatever is deemed the best for her. 

Ok babai...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

bunga bunga!

Weh dapat 2 more bouquets weh!!
Photo: Thank youuuuu safia and aida n khairul!! Mwaaahhhh
Macam ni boleh birthday hari hari ni!
EDIT! Ini bukan daripada suami terchenta...I excited lah gak  tapi rupanya daripada kawannnssss

husband kena leter pagi ini on the subject of "making the effort"

although he said kan kita pergi MO etc etc

tapi i said its all saya yang arrange yang oiiii...yang you arrange takda pun

nak hantar bunga pun tak sempat ke..walhal kedai bunga bawaaaah je hospital

Dia sengeh je....

Then petang ni I dapat bunga I ingat dia lah bagi..tapi rupanyefrom orang lain....sorang tu owner of the flower shop (punyerlah selalu sangat order) and sorang lagi tu my cousin terchenta.....

Huwaaaa!! I ingat dapatlah ilham ..rupanye tak....

tapi i feel bad gak berleter.....,dah lah dia balik lambat....mamat tu tido pun tak betul.. yesterday he was muttering in his sleep -" its so good to be home"

Better lay off him lah

Girls yang tak kawin out there- marry lah orang kerja kerajaan ok.


New template, new day!


[do you like the new template? sempena 44 tahun...tukar lah sikit] 

Funny how you think you are "over" birthdays and yet when it comes around you are as giddy as a kid. Waiting for people to wish you..and give pressies....hehehe

Oh you don't ? just me then? ok..hihi

Well the kids all gave me a hug and daddy too. Went to work. Before that , went to send the beat up estima to the car shop to be repaired. So many dents etc and that side view mirror was distracting, the way I took it off and everything. 

Went to work, everyone wished (aww so nice). Suddenly one of staff asked to see me and  we spoke about work and allocation of work. I said how much I appreciated her coming in and working for scatterbrain me. 

And suddenly everyone was at the door, bringing in a plate of cakes ! It was a small square cake surrounded by all these cupcakes! And a biiig pot of orchid! nice!

We all had pizza (thoughtfully ordered by the office) and office gave me a pressie (thoughtfully ordered by partner at work) which was a lovely Braun Buffel (really like this brand for its clean lines ) little purse/bag to put in all "pens" he says. 

then I had to rush to Subang . Neighbour depan invited me and nadine to go see Yasmin Mogahed talk in aid of Gaza. Ada high tea

Ok - I don't really know who this Yasmin is. All i know is she is a popular speaker talking about women and religion, religion in general, coming to your senses. etc .  She is a poet I supposed, a writer.  She reflects a lot. This is her website: .

Basically she is some one who loves Allah swt so much and has found serenity in Him that she goes around talking about the lost connection we have with Him. Who sees the Quran as beautiful. Jealous jugak -- someone who sees Allah swt as a loving savior personal to her  whereas the majority of us born muslims see Islam as rules and regulations and God as someone we don't really know that well but supposed to worship. She says LEARN what you utter every prayer . I agree, barulah meaningful.  And her topic was this world is just an illusion- we are soo attached to our goods and gifts. We love the toy car because we have not seen the real car. We love the gifts but we don't love the giver. hehe. Good talk , hardhitting, very eloquent woman. 

It was clear though that this was not an event for simple students of religion - the ladies were very nicely dressed and were all very glamorous. Rather high society- I met  the MC outside (the daughter was selling scarves) and she said she was very nervous to handle the job. She did well, I assured her-. I did miss the praises to God that normally is given by the MC in a situation like this - Subhanallah, alhamdulillah, insyaAllah etc but I guess that is her background? God is simply not part of your daily life other than in prayers and fasting. I pun macam tu I suspect. However who are we to judge a person- you cannot judge a person from their appearance or lack of appearance of Islamness  so what if they wear turban showing neck etc or what - for all you know, they will be in heaven and you won't (na'uzubillah).  I am sure I embarrassed myself (if only I care) with my lack of elegance and fluidity of movement . For example no 1- I went around my table salaming everyone, which no one did . Even if they didn't know me. And example no 2- after I bought the tudung I told the ladies on my table, I got one free because as a birthday pressie;  and the ladies said -How did she know it was your  birthday ? And I said - hee told her lah, I'm shameless that way. And then they all said they should have said the same thing! :)

Anyway it was a good event and nadine and I had a good time. There was tea and book signing (impromptu) . Decided that it was unislamic to rush or fight the queue (which was happening) so went out to the bazaar.  I bought a lot of tudung which was very cheap. (cheap lah..considering.. RM25- RM45 each)- Plus I was helping gaza whattt..

By the way...Gaza- do you know that I did not know what it was about until maybe 6 years ago?? I thought it was Muslims being repressed. yes it was. but it was also a landgrab . And it was a blatant, cool as you like, daylight robbery . Palestinians woke up one day in their own country and have another group of people "given" their land. by the UN. And then told to get lost from own country. How angry would you be. Water shortages, everything we take for granted is held precious there. There are Xtians in Palestinian too (Maha the Arabic teacher who ran to Italy)- this woman showed a video of her village - dulu full of houses, now barren land after the Jews just razed them down. Say what you want lah..but who DOES that? 

Did not like the jam coming back from subang though..what was THAT??Teruk betol!!! BUT!! Sabar is a virtue so sabar jo laa. 2 cakes waiting for me! Yay! But soo kenyang allready ... maybe today (aiyoooo how lah diet) and also Sophia insisted on baking another one . (thanks Sophia)

Went to bed early - sandwiched between 2 daughters (nice that) . 9 pm kot.  Ngantuk laaaa . Other half not back until midnight..someone had a difficult cancer. Kesian that someone...cancer is NOT good news and I pray for her/his well being. If I was a lesser person I would be moaning "but it was my biiiiirttthhdayyyyyyyy..can't you pass the op to someone else??" but thank goodness I am now a mature person hehehehehehehehehe

Ok lah!! I have tonnes of neglected work I need to look at and I cannot believe it is now 7a.m. that stupid dumb rear view mirror (side view mirror?) cost RM1,200 can you believe it??? Have to go pay that first. Sigh..takda rezeki tol

Ok then guys..take care and have a great day! MrsN- lunch today! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Before, during and after MO - excited much? (get your coffee AND cake this is a long un!)

Macam pratt tak? 

Takda air? Check into Mandarin Oriental! 

hahahahaha! How to handle watershortage like daBoss. 

(advertisement kejap!) Thanks to my Elite membership, I may have mentioned   (cheaper than the price of one room and gets you free accommodation, waiver of RM2600 gym joining fee, free lunch for 2 and tea for 2 and dinner for 2, 50% off meals for 4 to 10 people at their restaurants - the chinese restaurant is good ) call me if interested ok 


Free room or no free room, doesn't it sound absolutely decadent when you say it out loud? eheheh!

And to make me feel even sillier, by the time we were finally ready to go, water had returned in full force to the house. So, no reason really to go. 

But as Nadine puts it...birthday celebration , so spoil yourself lah mom. AAANYY excuse will do. Budak-budak ni memang suka dok hotel pun benarnye. 

Anyway I was supposed to go early  by 12.30 Saturday, check in and put our bags..maybe mandi manda sakan, makan lunch ke, then go home, then pick up the kids from camp who would have just returned at 4.30 pm and all of us then go to the hotel for the night.  This was allllll planned. The dad would come from his other house the Hospital. We'd spend a night in luxury and use up all the freebie voucher ..and then come  home. Kids do homework, I finish my drafting, the end. 


on Saturday 9.20 a.m I went to my Concept 1010 . Can't really put it off anymore since I dah tak pergi lama. At 9 am though I was still terhegeh-hegeh at home..trying to sort the house out when there was no water..ish rimas...Husband was at home also getting ready ...I begged and begged and in the end he agreed to send me to the gym - where  I got scolded by the trainer for missing my sessons dah 4 weeks kot. Hey I've been busy ok! 

dah habis, and about to go home, TIBA TIBA I bumped into an old friend. She is a 46 year old lady - was my client and sister to my ex clients..and we got to chatting and she told me to wait for her to finish. So I waited at the Chawan place (FINALLY I tried it..everytime I go to Concept 1010 I'd think I have to try it..but malaslah minum kopi alone) . 

It was good , catching up, she told me about her personal problems and family issues and I shared some advice which she was SOOO Appreciative for that I am now thinking maybe I should go take a counselor's diploma (glamour name for Diploma for makcik sebok ahahha) Anyway it's comforting for the common people to know that no matter how high you are on the corporate ladder and how much bling bling you wear, you can still have a messed up life. Like Nabi Yacoub, when you think about it, his kids were descendants of prophets, grandson of prophet Ishak p.b.u.h , great grandson of Prophet Ibraheem pbuh and they STILL tried to kill their brother. 

Anyway yeah. 

Finally got home at almost 12..Nadine wanted to go to her friend's wedding. But another friend dropped in. Also long time never chatted. She wanted to buy the Genie Bra I was selling . Oh yeah by the way....I tokey bra now (malunya nak cakap) ..taklah i dabble je..but i totally suck in business sebab I have no inventory of my goods, and I have no idea what discount I gave to whom. Its really comfortable and no underwire but still supportive (but downside is not sekxi lahh) - Call me or email me if interested ok One pack got 3 bra one...(OK END OF ADVERTISEMENT) 

 Back to the friend who came to pick up the undergarment from me.. we chatted and chatted and before you know it one whole big tupperware of rempeyik was gone and it was 4 pm. yes yes I could have cut it short but it was riveting conversation! The moral of her story- the most devoted of husband can be "spelled"! If you have a determined woman after your husband, she can go to Indonesian bomoh, Siamese bomoh, and Melayu bomoh and using all the jins etc and your poor husband would not know what hit him, irrespective of whether  the lady in question is ugly as sin or what! My friend ni pesan betul betul...tak sangkarable can happen to ambiklah pengajaran she said.Learn from her. Devoted husbands can leave you if he is under a spell . I know of a couple who never in a MILLION years would I say he was capable of doing what he is doing to his wife now. And the sad thing is..the wife is way way way WAYYYYYYY prettier than the 3rd party and there are SO MANY kids involved. eh third party bomohplaying lady- be afraid..There is a god you know. Justice will be served. 


  • Wow...Do you worry about stuff like this? I don't normally but yeah the risk is always there  I guess...purely because in Malaysia, things like this happen. the bomoh i mean.The other half is exposed to students lah....nurses, patients.. Even if he doesn't want to stray, if there is a person remotely interested, she can make him want to, by other (dirty) means! Western drama- the girl seduces the man (or vice versa) and they have an affair and he repents and leave the girl and if he really is unlucky his girlfriend will boil  his rabbit (think Fatal Attraction!)or he divorces his wife who will go on to marry other men . Malay drama..girl seduces man, girl gets genie to help. man leaves the family for this girl, and man's wife dies mysteriously. I kid you not. (of course there is also the story where girl smiles at older man, man smitten and thinks  he is young and attractive, man leaves the family, girl takes him to cleaners, he repents (or not)  hehehe) 
  •  Let's think good thoughts. Good luck to all of us ok..don't look for trouble where there is none. Just hope (1) no one thinks of fishing in my Ocean.(2) even if they do have the intention to come over to fish, then I pray they will be  put off by the many kids and the  fact that the ocean is actually not THAT deep you know and (3) if STILL undeterred , then hope the man in question will not himself be willing (nak kena???)  A lot of ladies get blamed for seducing  other women's husbands when in fact the husband is equally menggatal right...and by the way men- beware of women with problems needing strong shoulders to cry love sob not take pity on them , oh husbands out there! 
  • Kes "kesian" (pity) memang sah has destroyed many a marriage...when the girl confides in the relative sorang ni punyelah kesian dengan his staff who had five kids and had exhusband was in jail-- he kept listening to her problems and becoming her counsel until suddenly we heard he MARRIED her..and the sad part is he is  a better father to the 5 kids than to his own kids! Not enough with taking someone's husband kan...the second wife is constantly sending "presents" to the first wife...making her ill, cough blood, being possessed, kesiannye..! I think she wants the first one out of the picture terus punyerlah..And the husband ni  not hensem or kaya pun...
  • So hubby if you are reading this and some woman want to confide in you her problem...please redirect to me! I will listen to her problem --before she becomes MY problem ..ok?  keh keh keh!

EH! Topik apa nih??? Dah merapu rapu.. Let's not dwell on all this -- never ending! Back to the story of us going to M.O. 

So this friend finally left and I discovered that Nadine's friend's wedding was in Kota Damansara which was really far (well not really but I had dinner at MO planned for family and invited my parents as well and with the Saturday jam and everything how to go to KD, and come back and get the kids in time?) so in the end, although she was disappointed, we didn't go...and i felt really bad..hope the weekend made it up to her..and anyway maybe it was a good thing that she didn't see her friend get married. the girl is still in school ok. Ish ish!  I do not approve laa- What do you know about love at 17? rasa can make it happen? 

Anyway anyway finally all the kids at camp came home..and husband also came home. [By the way...My maid always want to see my husband whenever he is coming back or going away, she will be there ..RIMAS nye I. Boleh masuk rumah tak?Sebenarnye I buat tak tau je kat dia even though I rant and rave here. So she doesn't quite know how demented I am. ]. 

Kids from camp were sooo tired ..they didn't sleep they said. I told them they have a treat in store..and can have long long sleep in lovely lovely huge bed. 

FINALLY AT MANDARIN....(lamanye membebel kan) 

FINALLY the girls and I went to MO. Jo and his dad went somewhere first and would come separately.  Us girls arrived  and was straight away brought up to Club floor to check in. Wah VIP treatment yew!  got drink somemore. Dah dekat nak maghrib , asar belum lagi nih..but we were offered to help ourselves to light refreshment....and sad to say we succumbed ! After gulping down the sushi and the cakes we ran to our rooms and SEMPAT SEMPAT je solat Asar..ish ish taubat lah oi!! The kids made up for it by praying extra prayers and made up the prayer there and  then hihi..

The rooms were nice!! We got room next to each other although not adjoining..Which was actually not what they had given us in the beginning.- Ada ke they wanted us on separate floors! Are you serious. The rooms were big and had a huge king sized bed and a sofa..There was a bit of confusion about which room should mum and dad take and which room for the girls and where would Johan sleep. [In the end Johan slept with us, and the girls shared a room]

The view sucked I must say... facing other apartments around KLCC. But no matter! The bed was huge and fluffy and bathroom was marble adn the bath was deep and the towel was so fat...Everyone was suitably impressed. We messed up one room , keeping the other room pristine..while waiting for daddy and Johan to come. In the end we went to dinner without waiting for them. I had made reservations at LaiPoHeen for the family and my parents. 

Sophia's choice tu, Lai Poh Heen (Best halal chinese restaurant awarded by the 3rd International Restaurant Awards 2007) all cause she loves the hot and spicy soup. Nasib baik lah mom and and dad tak sesat. They arrived really late. JUST after my husband and son who rupa-rupanye had their bath at home. 

Laipoheen food was good- had peking duck (crispy skin , good tender meat) had prawn in oats mix and also some fish, and of course, the hot and sour soup. I was also entitled to one free cake so I ordered it, ingat sumer nak nyanyi lah . Unfortunately they forgot to give me and by the time we remembered to ask we were SO full so I asked to take it away je.. Good thing too, tak sing ...maluuuu..Then we all lepak in our room (mom and dad included) before husband had to leave for the - guess- ?? yeahhhh anda menangggg ! The hospital. 

Hohum kan the rest you know lah...apa aktiviti lagi kalau masuk hotel kan...makan and tido lah... Next morning had breakfast on the 24th floor for the club floor (spesel tuh hihi) ..Husband and I went first. The rest of the kids were taking too long to get ready man! Plus we wanted to be alooooneee. hehehe...Chose table next to window and sat down only to find someone's PHONE under the napkin on the table ..eheheh sorry orang punye table rupanye..! Cabuuuutttt...Found another one by the window. Bukan tengok apa pun..just thrilled to be so high up (perghak nye)

Food was good - Buffet food - you always over eat kan..even though you are full to the brim actually you just have to try all the food: congee lah , waffle lah apa lah. Ish ish ish..Although i note that the beef bacon is now  called cured beef (I like it better this way) . most of the breakkie stuff we can do it at home (and will, I promise, kids!) . Then johan came in with sophia - followed by the rest..and they all sat far away from us as they wanted their own window seats !

Checked out around 1pm.The plan: Mommy (me) go for a massage at the SPA.  Kids (girls) go to KLCC sebab nak carik entah hapa hapa. Dad and Jo will go off to do their own thang. Everyone , Meet at home. So, off we went. 

The massage was nice . I have a bazillion half price vouchers but never go sebab still more pricey than the one at my office. You do get extra services the tea and fresh hot towel..and going into a waiting room first..invitation to go to sauna/steam first before massage..(I said no) . Then a lady takes you into the SPA area itself, where you pass the changing room, the bathroom, and jacuzzi and get this- the relaxation room. Where there comfy chairs and coffee and tea and water and mags and  tv and you can lepak or tidor there or what. There were loads of ladies milling about..they can't ALL be having massages can they? It turned out the bathroom the changing room etc were shared by those going to the gym and pool and tennis court  etc. I saw the jacuzzi..warm and cold pool. Soo tempting..the girl who massaged me told me I should try. Righttttt....Takkan nak go in the nude kan? Unless can go in the jacuzzi wearing a towel? I was sorely tempted , tapi cancel , karang buat sejarah pulak kat Mandarin hehehe. 

I like the girl who massaged me cause even though I was told to be in a towel, my modesty was preserved at all times. Nothing was exposed except bits that needed to be kneaded or tortured. The girl managed to sell me their massage oil as she massaged (I know, I am such a sucker) and told me my skin is soooo dry (right) and also pore very small (that's the only thing small, dear) . After finished she waited for me expectantly. tunggu tip kot. I buat tak tau because hey, I am in  atowel and there was no where I could stow away cash. Nantilah! 

Called the kids, they were still in KLCC trying on clothes. Sophia went to Kino to look at books and Daya was bored. Normally I do not like (and still don't  like) kids their age lepakking at malls. But this time make an exception lah since I malas nak teman. I took my time getting ready then, since they were still bershopping. Saw MariaFarida at the changing room looking half her age. and my age. How old IS she. Bumped into her again on the way out sans make up. 

Anyway also bumped into a lady who jumped at me when i said I was a lawyer. Can market lagi tu, terror tak I boss. except nothing I can do for her. 

Prayed at the surau (2nd floor) and waited for my girls..they came back at 5 and daya stayed with me while they went back to fetch the sister in Kino (she has no phone so cannot tell her to come down..maybe I should reconsider this phone for each child thing)  Finally went home after 6...panic jap when the parking showed RM128 ...then rupanye that was the original parking was actually free when I gave them the ticket MO gave us on checking out...

Ok then PHEW!! That was a looong story about us going to MO ..heheh sorry lah terover ! 

Have a great Monday tomorrow everyone! I m going to see Yasmin Mogahed with Nadine! Byeee!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Air oh Air

You know...the Creator only has to take ONE blessing away and our whole lives are in chaos. We are soooo fragile...and yet talk so big macam so invincible kan? ehehhehe

Yeah I'm talking about the water crisis. To recap, since Thursday a huge 2 km pipe had burst in Batu Caves and the Syabas heroes have been busy repairing the pipes [kesian depa] and in the meantime , 500,000 houses would be without water. My taman was regretfully, in the list. Taps were totally drip free- not a single drop. 

I managed to have a shower (read: bath using half a pail) before BNI last Friday and for once husband was very eager to send me  when usually he would take so long to get ready (sorry honey) ,and have me nag him to please hurry (cause I have to be there by 6.45 am ) - well, this time around he almost pushed me out of the door! Sebab== want to go get ready at hospital maaa..

I had a plan though..for last night lah~! I had these free nights vouchers for a hotel that i haven't used so this was as good a time as any to use them right? I went home to fetch the kids later to get them and was met with a resounding not today laa mom!! Because 3 kids would be in camp until saturday pm!Tak aci laaaa! depa tak dapat la join.

So i pushed it to saturday- today. Got myself 2 rooms for the family. Got free dinner, tea and breakfast. Have to pay a little bit more to top it up. Alaaa kasi chan lah  birthday pressie lah kira...hihihi- got so many free stuff oso..(explaining to hubby ni he he)

For the rest of the day I took Johan to mom's place. Parents said good thing that this happened otherwise we would not see you (ouch). Mandi semua..tengok tengok rumah depa pun affected. 

Was good to chat with parents...Mom and dad pretty unhappy that their kids are abandoning them..sorry lah mom. Brother and family was there but was on the way out to Brother's in laws in Kepong. Brother was grumpy wumpy and I asked the wife why. She said hasn't he always been like this? er no. Brother must realise that he sounds curt and abrupt . Hmm mana doa pelembut hati tu? 

By the parents also thought I should stop blogging (they say I expose too much and can be embarrassing = this blog is too candid...) . I you think less of me from this blog? Do you make judgement of me or us? Probably some of you do (hehehe if you read lah) I think if I knew you do,  I would be upset kot but since I don't so far get any negative response , I am blithely happy. I did ask the other half, does he mind? he said no. (not sure lah if betol ke tu) 

Trip to mom was expensive - I broke the side mirror against the pillar of the porch!! Aishhh...Had to go back to send Johan to tution (Maths)..he reminded me! 


This morning though (5 am)  I am ECSTATIC to report that the pipes downstairs seem to have water. Although it was about 3 am that I discovered this, when I went down to get a(nother) bottle of water. Thank goodness a couple of weeks ago we had a little family do and we bought boxes of mineral water which were not used (and was found with relief) and came in very handy when the filtered water dried up. I've been using bottles of them for wudhu and small things. For big things- well Im blue from holding things in hehehehe. Maybe later go to the husband's hospital. Oh! that hotel ! Also can ....husband btw balik at 3 am. Surgery he said. Mandi I suspect haha hahahaha

What was I saying? Oh yeah, so I went down to try to see if I can get water, and thought ok lah jom try the taps. The taps had been bone dry since 24 hours ago and believe me...we have SU-FFERED! (bukan "suffer me" ye, macam I dengar a famous singer say on radio hihi) ...Anyway yeah this was also the time I found out that the tank rupanye has been empty for a long time. I have a big tank that makes a lot of noise daily (water pump I think) but I only found out now that it's not been storing anything! 

Eh ok lah sorry rambled on and on ...stay strong guys and if you are in same position as me...sabr!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Appreciate water!!

No water to the taman!! 


Calling Syabas and got a message to say that there is an emergency pipe failure/damage affecting half a million users and my area, mom's area and anyone near for me to pau a bath, all down. The hotline was soo jammed with I think people  like me, calling and saying EH  REALLY AH YOUR WEBSITE SAY LIKE THAT....I NEED TO HAVE MY SHOWER STAT! I'm still trying their line if only to ask for water to be sent to my area. Can't do anything without water. Food, ok lagi. electricity, still bearable. Water???NOOOOOOOOOOO....

How can we have no water in this day and age. Is it to teach us a lesson to appreciate water? Lesson learnt! I do I do! Is it to appreciate ruling party? (yeah dumb thing to bring out , it's just that I remember one time when Ampang area  had no water for like a month,  someone said it was  a trick because selangor is under PKR so the BN wanted to show them up) which at the time I thought wah terrornye boleh control water!
Anyway yeah...i read it can last a week (let's hope that was them being pessimistic) > Should I check in hotel somewhere? (Saja carik excuse) . (Half packed dah nih). 

Tu larrrr bila mandi macam tak hengat never remembers kan, my other half takes half an hour in the shower. I don't understand why people can't just do 3 minute showers like me. I get cleaned just fine. I just do it in 99percent less time than you. I wash my hair everyday! and I take maybe 10 minutes tops. My kids ada yang laju ada yang bercinta kat dalam toilet..they'd pour water over themselves at least 100 times. I donno, I think lah. I stopped giving them showers when they hit 5. I know some people give their kids a bath at age 12 pun ada...eee tak yahlah.  Ini mummy proindependence ni.. as soon as you can, do it yourself please. Which is not to say I don't check you out lar. Otherwise how would I know actually you never used to brush your teeth one. come ah. 

Daughter no 3 and 4 going for some motivational camp this weekend so they are sorted. At least, I hope their place have water! (Janda Baik) 

Still, need to sort everyone out this morning home we don't keep so much storage of water...we used to, until we discovered we were developing aedes theme we threw most of it out...did we replenish ke ah? Aishhhhh I'm due in BNI in 3 hours time...aishh how to not mandi..must find water...

Oh yeah to distract's a story. My yemeni teacher has an american wife. he cant go to America obviously and she cant see herself settled in Yemen . Asked my help about visa etc in KL but in the end I was like a marriage cousellor. Let this remain private (Pulakkk- sorry was about to dish then guilty conscience set in ) anyway they are basically seeking my advice about whether she can get work in Malaysia and whether he can get employed in a higher earning job in you guys know?? Maybe international school need Arabic teacher? He is very good! Patient..I can testify to that!
Another thing to distract myself - I get really mad at the way tzxidrivers are being oppressed. Apparently they have to pay hotels etc RM300 onwards to ply their trade there...and that on top of having to pay a cut off any airport trips they take from the hotel.. AND On top of that..they have to pay RM40 to RM100 A DAY to the taxi company for their permit who does not need the money or do anything for their welfare! Taxi drivers do not drive taxis for fun ok guys (talking to guys who rule here)..enough enough lah if you want to make money..go make money out of other not bully these wonder lah they charge tourists macam cekik darah...they need to

I personally love taxi far none has been rude and everyone has been very informative and some had even given timely advice!
ok back to moaning about no water-- ciao....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


My wobbly tummy is a source of joy and happiness to my kids


I say this because the other night I was lying down on the mattress (sigh bilaaalah nak graduate to a no mattress family) and Daughter no 4 came over, llaid down, and put her hand over my stomach to shake it. Daughter no 1 came over and laid down and did the same. And both were soon cooing how soft and jelly webbly it was! 

All this time I was closing my eyes trying to sleep but also trying not to laugh hahahaha> They were fussing over my tummy and I had my arms around both of them. 

Yesterday I went to Pavi for my facial (supposedly once in 3 weeks but now once in 2 months ha ha) and the lady offered me radical new treatment to bust open all cellulite cells and spread it around and basically remove it forever. Basically it was a machine that looked like an oversized hand held vacuum and it grabbed huge chunks of your tummy as it moved up and down the tummy, making this loud sucking noise. Aiyo painful some more. The young wisp of a beautician told me she decided to go do my tummy area because it's the biggest. [!!!]

Normally I would be totz insulted. But since now I know, my tummy is my special asset that toyzrus pun tak leh patent...I senyum je lah....

After facial is done (and my tummy sore!) I met hubs for dinner. He went to pray at the surau pavillion. I was so malas to walk so far....and did my prayers in the actual slimming centre. (got shower etc) 

Nice to have a date, actually. Haven't done that for a looooong time. Entah--- tak plan pun..suddenly je decided to date ...sans kids...

We headed to our favourite dating place- red box. Ok ok I know it's not very islamic to spend your hours singing your heart out (my kids disapprove) but it was fun! Plus got dinner! We sang our favourite songs and spent about 2 hours there. Every 10 mins the kids called. Disturb the leaf betol!! Actually memang tak aman...there was no peace! Baru je nak tarik suara nyanyi..the waiter would come in lah, bagi bill lah, bagi air lah...isssshhhh I think we should get a set for home. tak shok tol. 

Hubby told me he just learnt the demise of his friend's marriage yesterday. The mother of the guy went to the hospital and hubby asked about his wife, her daughter in law. Then was told that they were no longer together...The guy went to school with him and had no children with his wife and now has since remarried. Laa I didn't know (To FTM, did you know?) - anyway he said let's hope we don't go the same way. I told him, as long as you can speak to me and I can speak to you, and the lines of communication remain open all the time, and we can reminisce about our dating years happily  (though these days we do it very quietly , since our children  disapprove of the concept of dating and we very hypocritically tell them NO dating) then we should be ok.  

then we chatted about Nadine. he said actually now he wished she would just go to Yaman to do her Islamic studies..instead of wanting to do education..because again, scared she might be distracted later.. I put this to her but she is adamant. Kids. 

Talking about kids, I sat with my wise old son Johan..who is actually hilarious to chat to., in his solemn ways. Did i tell you I tell him all my problems and ask for his opinion? And he said mummy is always angry but never too angry, while daddy is never angry but once he is angry, all the anger he has been holding on to, comes out. Totally true. I told hubs this. he thinks it's good that the kids think that of him.

 I have been watching Youtube Nouman Ali Khan and he said if you are angry with your kids, they wont tell you anything . And he said Surah Yusuf shows what a good parent child relationship nabi Yakub (pbuh)had with Nabi Yusuf (pbuh) - in that, when Yusuf had a bad dream he told his dad. How many kids , in their teenage years, tell you anything , what else when they have a bad dream?? Yacub was an awesome dad, therefore. 

Ok at home...raining watching the rain from my window....take care.......

Ok then bye....

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Last one- graduation dinner

Ok ok laaaaaaaaast post on graduation ok! Pas ni no more..promise hehehe

This one is about the Graduation Dinner that the kids held last Sunday night... you know how other kids at other schools would organise proms etc etc right?  so the kids here pun organise a dinner = at Duchess Place no less!They had fundraising exercises to fund this because I think the school only subsidised a little bit.. so for a few days my house stored stuff for iceblended cocoa lah apa lah...

ANYWAY! Nadine was in the organising committee headed by this guy Jaz- he bakes lovely brownies which were also the goodie gifts for the guests. 

I don't know what other proms are like but I don't think they normally include parents and teachers hehe but since this is Adni and the kids are soo  innocent , we were all invited. Siap beli baju ok.. I pun excited . 

Okaylah..cant say too much about it. Kids were not that experienced in handling events and ada lah not too smooth the procedures..but overall I think it was a commendable effort although I told Nadine lain kali must practice ...cause the lack of practice always shows. VIP speeches were skipped for dinner (good decision though). etc etc

But us moms sat together and we had a good time..I moved to the other teachers' table after a while. There were only 2 other moms with me (dont know where the others are). Kids were dressed up so fancily. Boys were in suits. Girls were in dresses. depending on the type of girl lah , some of the dresses were more flamboyant than the others. There were girls who were heavily made up. There were girls who were still normal. Nadine was wearing a long pleated skirt and gold blouse that went after her hips so that's normal for her. The boys and girls had separate tables. 

[There was this Thai boy who  the teachers told me was an orphan sponsored to come and he didn't have anyone and when he arrived he didn't know a word of english and now look at him..awww. ]

They made me go up and give a speech. Very short one which I was not prepared for. Arghhhhh entah apa apa laaaa I spoke

There was this girl though that menjolok mata we allz. She was wearing a hijab but very short and clothes that were sheer with skirt like pareo . She had on black leggings like tights that showed her shapely legs. She was also loud,and flirty with the boys. At the photography session when everything was over. she hugged the boys. 

No one said anything, to each other or to her. BUt eyes macam nak terjojol lah. I called Nadine to tell her to tell this girl to tone it down. Respect the surroundings lah....and who the heck IS this girl anyway? Turned out she was their friend who had left in Form 1 and went to Cempaka Girls School (v prestigious v private v expensive hehe) . OK, no need to say more. It must be par for the course lah. 

Alah! I pun hipokrit..i pun selamba je hug hug orang kan?? Tu duluuuuuu hehe-- Hopefully no more lah cause really that is NOT being modest , hijab or not we are called to be modest right? 

Anyway that was the only thing that was a bit off. Other than that it was ok 

So now..what??

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Graduation Day [ get your coffee before you read this as its rather long ]

Yesterday was Adni's graduation day. Graduation Day is basically a day for all the form 5 both taking SPM and Cambridge O levels (both systems offered here) . Also an awards day for exams which result came out AFTER the December performance day last year. Daddy dropped Nadine, Daya and me at the very beautiful ISTEC building at Jalan Duta behind the Bus station . MasyaAllah it looks like a Moors palace. Yours truly opted to wear a blouse and pants and instantly regretted it the minute I went in and saw ladies swishing by in glittering abaya and jubah! DONG! I ALWAYS do this, every year. I start thinking its casual, then regret cause everyone would be in their baju melayu and formal wear. Ah never mind larh- they know me is not jubah and niqab , me is me lah. 

So in we went, sans the ever busy Surgeon (woooooiiii bapaknya...kalau sebok sangat maknya akan selalu boook holiday nak jumpa you punya pasal hokehhh heheheh) .

Nadine and Daya soon went off to their respective groups- daya was taking an award for excellence in her junior internal exams (compulsory) which she did well in, and nadine went to join her Form 5 graduates . She was up for a couple of awards, best in SPM and also alhamdulillah, Khalifah award, ie leader award. Her co- debater also took Khalifah award (he was head boy when she was head girl) and excellence in Cambridge O levels- although the best Cambridge O levels result went to this other guy (brother of Johan's BFF).

Took a while to get into the hall though, since all the teachers who greeted me spent a couple of minutes congratulating me. heheh..tahniah for nadine etc. Yang belajar nye dia yang kena tumpang glemer mummy hehehe--IOne lady Teacher N who held quite a high managerial position too said something nice-- whose husband taught Nadine as well : she said Nadine got good results because she was ahem- get ready- perfect . in akhlak and morals. and HOW did I raise her to be like that?? "Sempurna" you! waduuuuuhh risau .- puji tinggi tinggi sangat ni tak elok orang kata- I caution my daughter not to let it go to her head..enjoy the moment, sure but  be humble always. 

I hazarded a guess that Nadine wanted success and felt confidence of success,perhaps. Which followed my earlier rant about my other kids who may feel that success or understanding of the subject is far from them. The teacher shared that the results of SPM this year was quite bad with some students performing below expectation-- who knows why... could be that they studied hard but  SPM is so dependant on your performance on the day..if you excel the rest of the year but have migraine for that day- hancus oso. 

I shared with her my concerns about my other 4 kids ...each with their own characters . She told me how no 3 and 4 are quite outgoing. No 2 is quiet but a leader as well in her own way. They are all different but insya Allah, they will be successful. "Success" after all is different to different people. I am very successful because to me, success means a happy marriage (insya Allah) and a happy family . Dah lah! takda duit berkoyan koyan pun ok...takda position that starts with "VP" or "Director of" or "Chief" this or that pun OK- takda gelang emas satu lengan pun okay lah....handbag I tukar only if luncai pun ok lahhehehehhe,.. I am a very successful person kan?? heheheh

I enjoyed the graduation ceremony..didn't feel 4 hours long at all! .first the chairman and the principal gave speeches, and the guest of honour and the former principal - because this school is so small (although it's getting bigger) the messages felt personal and I found myself sniffling dengan terharunye. Then the graduates came up to take their certificate , pose for pictures, shake the principal's hand. Nadine came up to take hers and was given a standing ovation hehehe . Then the speeches by the 3. The best Olevels guy speech was kelakar..and honest. Full of malay and english, about his mom and dad and their advice, and how he wanted to be rich because he wanted to be sponsoring lots of things for islam. The 2nd speech was given by the former headboy, [also chief debater, best speaker etc ]etc and of course lah speech dia macam pro lah kan,. slang siap ..about how he was ill for form 1 and 2, and bed ridden but alhamdullillah he found himself today getting a khalifah award etc so his message was roll with whatever life throws at you...

and then Nadine came up..totally not prepared anything..she mentioned how she is different to the girl 6 years ago and how grateful she was to the school for introducing her to people who were very passionate and sincere about the deen. and she went to thank everyone in school and teachers and she also quoted some hadith and also quoted the earlier VIP speakers (nice touch that) and she was very warmly applauded and I think some of the teachers teared up he he (she later came to me and said sorry she totallyforgot to say thanks to her parents!) 

Then the rest of the kids came up for their awards (PMR, and all the other exams including UPSR) and then pictures time and I had to pose as well by the way ...when they called Nadine to take the award. 

Then makan time! I was asked to sit with the principals now they know  that Nadine's mom crack jokes all the time and have so much to say about everything and is totally the reason why Nadine has a sense of humour. Eg Dr Fauzi's english wife was telling me about this book called "QUIET" dealing with how quiet kids can also succeed and I said yeah thats so great, but do they have one that says "HOW TO BE- "?  ie how to be quiet? ahahah. I know, joke bodoh. Sigh is  a journey kan? I hope the other kids will get the same benefit from the school. I always make doa that they grow up to be kind, you know. Not clever or rich, but kind and a good muslim. Insyallah , if they are good muslim they are going to be successful in their own way. And happy. 

Hmm maybe say a few words about the family and what we did for nadine. 

Basically- nothing. 

I didn't have any special formula. Goodness knows I am also very malas to set aside a reading hour or what ..but a few things I was very adamant about:

1- kids must have in them , the religion. Ie, it cannot be a taught thing, it has to be a living thing, around which life revolves. This is not because I am so ustazah, but because I felt lacking in MY education and lifestyle (to be fair to mom and dad only now do we have all these schools, before the good schools were the convents and the boarding schools only) . Because of that they must be comfortable with their religion- and not just see it as  a subject they learn. Islam for them must be a lifestyle like their nenek and their opah..everything around solat. We go after solat, before solat etc . Learn to pray and learn the quran was vital somehow to me. My kids learnt to pray by 5 i think. This is also the reason why other half finally went to the dark world of private practice. T

2. Never be rude and never be hateful. Words like hate, stupid were and are still banned in my home (although sometimes I forget). which is  now biting me back since jojo told me to stop saying "crap"  (as in, the food was -----).

3. Always be loving..if fight, must always say sorry and hug each other. Must , must must. Hugs galore in the house. Im forever hugging them. PDA abounds in the house. 

4. talk to them about everything . So much so that they dread going in the car as I will take the chance to get them to talk 

5. Joke around. Have a happy atmosphere. If not happy, do not leave the child alone to brood around - hey not allowed. in the house their dad is silly actually. 

6. Lots of laughter. Lots of shouting. Lots of emotions. Which is hard for their dad I guess since he's not that big about showing your emotion. lots of nagging

7.  Have parents who are polar opposites of each other- so insyaAllah you get a bit of dad's sensibility and mom's impulsiveness 

Does that make sense? 

In the end it's all up to Him..and I think we are very lucky..and here's praying that however far they go , they will not forget family and the values we have...

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Sigh...record starting again.

got really really mad at one of the kids today.

if you are reading this , sorry I marah you and made you cry--  it's not because I don't love you.

I don't compare your results to your siblings. I just want you to compare the results with what you know you can do, had you only put in more effort

I never emphasised A , you know that. I always say the A is not important . What is the meaning of 100 A if you don't really understand what you are must really know what you study-- if only .so that years from now, when you marry a smart aleck know it all like your daddy, you still remember what you learnt ages ago and can rebut his arguments with your own. do not study when there is exam only - if the exams are not around, you don't study . That's how I studied and did I retain a single thing?? Na-uh!

And in this case this was exactly my child did...there was a monthly test that this child tak expect and the results show that ...the results were a mixed bag..did well for some, did average for others.

But for 2 subjects...REALLY sailing close to the failing mark. One actually failed I think,

And for the first time, I was REALLY MAD. because the subject yang dia fail tu, I brought in a teacher to teach!! Aiyoo what have you been doing lah!  Because of that I absolutely saw red. Nak nangis pun ada.

I had given a lot of chances to this child. I have protected this child from the wrath of the dad and calmed him down by saying that each child has his or her own talent....and different way of learning-daddy ingat you malas je ! All I want is for the child to meet me half way.

So far , so good so I thought..but when results come out of a surprise test , and you fail, then it means ?? you don't know enough or you dont remember, or you didnt understand...

or, what I suspect, you did not revise at all.

And that is why I marahlah!! when I do NOT see this child putting in the effort and getting the same results...I know this child need a dose of reality.

You must want to succeed and you MUST want to have it. If you don't know how, let's figure it out together..but you cannot wait for me to tell you what to do, and then you don't even do it. In life you do NOT get everything handed to you on a must figure it out by yourself. It is nothing to me if you do not succeed,. but YOU are going to regret it. Take control of YOUR results and STOP this rubbish . Enough with social media!

because I know you can do it, I know you are smart. I am not going to molly coddle you . I have gotten you all the support I think I can get you,you must be solely accountable for your life now. One thing you must be clear. I know you can do better, And you BETTER do better. I will NOT accept that you cannot do better. KAPISH!?? and tomorrow you get me that appointment with your teachers. They have sum splaining to do to me, why my child cannot get a decent mark in a class of less than 25 kids. Why for heavens sake??

Tomorrow Im going to tell you that I am proud of your fantastic 100%. And keep it up. But the subject you did badly - do something.

Sigh....i really want them to be able to be happy in what they want to do..and I want them to have CHOICES..and also I want them to have knowledge...

And not putting in the effort is not acceptable to me. I am too lazy to chase after you.

Allah... record start balik....hehehehe

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

First SPM results!

Belated post- cerita dah basi hehehe

Well= Nadine scored 12 A wooot!!

Do you remember how she was so certain that she was going to Yemen, and then STAM, then Egypt?, and we had been so bz making plans for her etc, and buying tickets to accompany her etc ? That we had almost forgotten that the results of SPM were due to come out ! All of a sudden we heard results would be out by 10 am tomorrow! Slowly but surely I became very very nervous! nailbiting betul nak tunggu pkl 10 tu! In the end I waited at home and at 11 something she called me to say COME TO THE SCHOOL! 5 minutes walk later and there we were all converging at the library...where other schools probably had one whole assembly hall of SPM takers, my kids' school ada 2 tables worth. Ahaks. Parents were allready there. And I grabbed the hands of some of nadine's friends who I sejuk nye...takpa relax relax....

The teacher began by saying whatever is in this slip has been preordained and be grateful anyway. Then came the short (ish) speech by Pak Hasni who is not known for short speeches ha ha and he said after this everyone must go perform sujud shukur--prostrate for gratitude. So many more years ahead of you, this is only the beginning.

Come on come on...finally they called out name to take the slip. First to be called - nadine

She went and then the teachers hugged her and all this while more and more names were being called and the boys and girls came up to get their results. In the end , not knowing what to do, I went to the front too, and the teachers hugged me too and there I was being more and more baffled ..what did she get??.7A? 8 A? the standards of this school not being too academic conscious I wasn't sure what was hug worthy -- but I know my daughter's standard so I had some hopes that it might be  lots of A. (although this school said A is not important!)

We went out,and as soon as she stepped out she jumped for joy and then immediately shushed ME, saying we had to be sensitive! Ahaha! .I looked at her slip- masyaAllah....She had gotten all As! And 8 of that- A pluses! waaaaahhhh!! I felt like shouting for joy too! Can't believe her geography that she decided to take as an extra subject.. which was not taught in school, which I paid a private teacher to come to the house to teach- I can't believe she got A plus for that!

Nadine had broken the records of the school- by getting straight A and A in Arabic as well (adake sekolah apparently tak pernah ada yang dapat A- islamic school nih)

Clearly , her dad's genes. tak appear to study but score. ahahaha

So now what next?? Yemen , STAM and EGypt right?

Wrong-- all of a sudden madam realised how many organisations were willing to pay for her education (ie she was eligible, bukan she automatically get one) that she began to consider A levels. Problem, sponsored A levels do not cover her intended course- Islamic studies. But if there were pun, that would mean she takes it in the West first and not in the East . Her choice...I said. Some said to me that if she wanted to do Islamic Studies she should go straight to Yemen, and then later do her postgraduate studies in Education in the West. She wants to be in education, she says. There is no money in it, a friend says. What does her mommy say? Let them do what they want. if they love it, then the money will come, insya Allah .

She was going round and the end she applied for the scholarship . And in the end she decided, Education degree first, then further in Islamic studies. I told her, ok but this we stick to , with or without the scholarship. As in, kalau tak dapat , still do the same thing and pray for financing later.  I am very proud of what she wants to do , and hope she can indeed change the education system later. And  be a teacher and more.

And Yemen?? I will need to ask for a refund lah....what a pity...maybe can go later..

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...