Saturday, April 13, 2013

Air oh Air

You know...the Creator only has to take ONE blessing away and our whole lives are in chaos. We are soooo fragile...and yet talk so big macam so invincible kan? ehehhehe

Yeah I'm talking about the water crisis. To recap, since Thursday a huge 2 km pipe had burst in Batu Caves and the Syabas heroes have been busy repairing the pipes [kesian depa] and in the meantime , 500,000 houses would be without water. My taman was regretfully, in the list. Taps were totally drip free- not a single drop. 

I managed to have a shower (read: bath using half a pail) before BNI last Friday and for once husband was very eager to send me  when usually he would take so long to get ready (sorry honey) ,and have me nag him to please hurry (cause I have to be there by 6.45 am ) - well, this time around he almost pushed me out of the door! Sebab== want to go get ready at hospital maaa..

I had a plan though..for last night lah~! I had these free nights vouchers for a hotel that i haven't used so this was as good a time as any to use them right? I went home to fetch the kids later to get them and was met with a resounding not today laa mom!! Because 3 kids would be in camp until saturday pm!Tak aci laaaa! depa tak dapat la join.

So i pushed it to saturday- today. Got myself 2 rooms for the family. Got free dinner, tea and breakfast. Have to pay a little bit more to top it up. Alaaa kasi chan lah  birthday pressie lah kira...hihihi- got so many free stuff oso..(explaining to hubby ni he he)

For the rest of the day I took Johan to mom's place. Parents said good thing that this happened otherwise we would not see you (ouch). Mandi semua..tengok tengok rumah depa pun affected. 

Was good to chat with parents...Mom and dad pretty unhappy that their kids are abandoning them..sorry lah mom. Brother and family was there but was on the way out to Brother's in laws in Kepong. Brother was grumpy wumpy and I asked the wife why. She said hasn't he always been like this? er no. Brother must realise that he sounds curt and abrupt . Hmm mana doa pelembut hati tu? 

By the parents also thought I should stop blogging (they say I expose too much and can be embarrassing = this blog is too candid...) . I you think less of me from this blog? Do you make judgement of me or us? Probably some of you do (hehehe if you read lah) I think if I knew you do,  I would be upset kot but since I don't so far get any negative response , I am blithely happy. I did ask the other half, does he mind? he said no. (not sure lah if betol ke tu) 

Trip to mom was expensive - I broke the side mirror against the pillar of the porch!! Aishhh...Had to go back to send Johan to tution (Maths)..he reminded me! 


This morning though (5 am)  I am ECSTATIC to report that the pipes downstairs seem to have water. Although it was about 3 am that I discovered this, when I went down to get a(nother) bottle of water. Thank goodness a couple of weeks ago we had a little family do and we bought boxes of mineral water which were not used (and was found with relief) and came in very handy when the filtered water dried up. I've been using bottles of them for wudhu and small things. For big things- well Im blue from holding things in hehehehe. Maybe later go to the husband's hospital. Oh! that hotel ! Also can ....husband btw balik at 3 am. Surgery he said. Mandi I suspect haha hahahaha

What was I saying? Oh yeah, so I went down to try to see if I can get water, and thought ok lah jom try the taps. The taps had been bone dry since 24 hours ago and believe me...we have SU-FFERED! (bukan "suffer me" ye, macam I dengar a famous singer say on radio hihi) ...Anyway yeah this was also the time I found out that the tank rupanye has been empty for a long time. I have a big tank that makes a lot of noise daily (water pump I think) but I only found out now that it's not been storing anything! 

Eh ok lah sorry rambled on and on ...stay strong guys and if you are in same position as me...sabr!!


Anonymous said...

Yes I know how it feels. Tak de letrik ok lagi but tak de air memang leceh. Hang in there, sabar...
Well i like your blog. No pretense. Just a life of an ordinary professional working mum like me.

Superwomanwannabe said...

๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒthank u!! I heard ada air dah! But not In m house

Nadine said...

Eew Mommy why go mention the toilets? to public?? D:


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