Appreciate water!!

No water to the taman!! 


Calling Syabas and got a message to say that there is an emergency pipe failure/damage affecting half a million users and my area, mom's area and anyone near for me to pau a bath, all down. The hotline was soo jammed with I think people  like me, calling and saying EH  REALLY AH YOUR WEBSITE SAY LIKE THAT....I NEED TO HAVE MY SHOWER STAT! I'm still trying their line if only to ask for water to be sent to my area. Can't do anything without water. Food, ok lagi. electricity, still bearable. Water???NOOOOOOOOOOO....

How can we have no water in this day and age. Is it to teach us a lesson to appreciate water? Lesson learnt! I do I do! Is it to appreciate ruling party? (yeah dumb thing to bring out , it's just that I remember one time when Ampang area  had no water for like a month,  someone said it was  a trick because selangor is under PKR so the BN wanted to show them up) which at the time I thought wah terrornye boleh control water!
Anyway yeah...i read it can last a week (let's hope that was them being pessimistic) > Should I check in hotel somewhere? (Saja carik excuse) . (Half packed dah nih). 

Tu larrrr bila mandi macam tak hengat never remembers kan, my other half takes half an hour in the shower. I don't understand why people can't just do 3 minute showers like me. I get cleaned just fine. I just do it in 99percent less time than you. I wash my hair everyday! and I take maybe 10 minutes tops. My kids ada yang laju ada yang bercinta kat dalam toilet..they'd pour water over themselves at least 100 times. I donno, I think lah. I stopped giving them showers when they hit 5. I know some people give their kids a bath at age 12 pun ada...eee tak yahlah.  Ini mummy proindependence ni.. as soon as you can, do it yourself please. Which is not to say I don't check you out lar. Otherwise how would I know actually you never used to brush your teeth one. come ah. 

Daughter no 3 and 4 going for some motivational camp this weekend so they are sorted. At least, I hope their place have water! (Janda Baik) 

Still, need to sort everyone out this morning home we don't keep so much storage of water...we used to, until we discovered we were developing aedes theme we threw most of it out...did we replenish ke ah? Aishhhhh I'm due in BNI in 3 hours time...aishh how to not mandi..must find water...

Oh yeah to distract's a story. My yemeni teacher has an american wife. he cant go to America obviously and she cant see herself settled in Yemen . Asked my help about visa etc in KL but in the end I was like a marriage cousellor. Let this remain private (Pulakkk- sorry was about to dish then guilty conscience set in ) anyway they are basically seeking my advice about whether she can get work in Malaysia and whether he can get employed in a higher earning job in you guys know?? Maybe international school need Arabic teacher? He is very good! Patient..I can testify to that!
Another thing to distract myself - I get really mad at the way tzxidrivers are being oppressed. Apparently they have to pay hotels etc RM300 onwards to ply their trade there...and that on top of having to pay a cut off any airport trips they take from the hotel.. AND On top of that..they have to pay RM40 to RM100 A DAY to the taxi company for their permit who does not need the money or do anything for their welfare! Taxi drivers do not drive taxis for fun ok guys (talking to guys who rule here)..enough enough lah if you want to make money..go make money out of other not bully these wonder lah they charge tourists macam cekik darah...they need to

I personally love taxi far none has been rude and everyone has been very informative and some had even given timely advice!
ok back to moaning about no water-- ciao....


Anonymous said…
Please get your yemeni friend to apply for teaching positions at IIUM or Kolej Islam Antarabangsa. Also a few international schools in KL always looking for Arabic teachers. Hope
thanks anony! Do you know anyone personally ?
thanks anony! Do you know anyone personally ?

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