Sunday, April 14, 2013

Before, during and after MO - excited much? (get your coffee AND cake this is a long un!)

Macam pratt tak? 

Takda air? Check into Mandarin Oriental! 

hahahahaha! How to handle watershortage like daBoss. 

(advertisement kejap!) Thanks to my Elite membership, I may have mentioned   (cheaper than the price of one room and gets you free accommodation, waiver of RM2600 gym joining fee, free lunch for 2 and tea for 2 and dinner for 2, 50% off meals for 4 to 10 people at their restaurants - the chinese restaurant is good ) call me if interested ok 


Free room or no free room, doesn't it sound absolutely decadent when you say it out loud? eheheh!

And to make me feel even sillier, by the time we were finally ready to go, water had returned in full force to the house. So, no reason really to go. 

But as Nadine puts it...birthday celebration , so spoil yourself lah mom. AAANYY excuse will do. Budak-budak ni memang suka dok hotel pun benarnye. 

Anyway I was supposed to go early  by 12.30 Saturday, check in and put our bags..maybe mandi manda sakan, makan lunch ke, then go home, then pick up the kids from camp who would have just returned at 4.30 pm and all of us then go to the hotel for the night.  This was allllll planned. The dad would come from his other house the Hospital. We'd spend a night in luxury and use up all the freebie voucher ..and then come  home. Kids do homework, I finish my drafting, the end. 


on Saturday 9.20 a.m I went to my Concept 1010 . Can't really put it off anymore since I dah tak pergi lama. At 9 am though I was still terhegeh-hegeh at home..trying to sort the house out when there was no water..ish rimas...Husband was at home also getting ready ...I begged and begged and in the end he agreed to send me to the gym - where  I got scolded by the trainer for missing my sessons dah 4 weeks kot. Hey I've been busy ok! 

dah habis, and about to go home, TIBA TIBA I bumped into an old friend. She is a 46 year old lady - was my client and sister to my ex clients..and we got to chatting and she told me to wait for her to finish. So I waited at the Chawan place (FINALLY I tried it..everytime I go to Concept 1010 I'd think I have to try it..but malaslah minum kopi alone) . 

It was good , catching up, she told me about her personal problems and family issues and I shared some advice which she was SOOO Appreciative for that I am now thinking maybe I should go take a counselor's diploma (glamour name for Diploma for makcik sebok ahahha) Anyway it's comforting for the common people to know that no matter how high you are on the corporate ladder and how much bling bling you wear, you can still have a messed up life. Like Nabi Yacoub, when you think about it, his kids were descendants of prophets, grandson of prophet Ishak p.b.u.h , great grandson of Prophet Ibraheem pbuh and they STILL tried to kill their brother. 

Anyway yeah. 

Finally got home at almost 12..Nadine wanted to go to her friend's wedding. But another friend dropped in. Also long time never chatted. She wanted to buy the Genie Bra I was selling . Oh yeah by the way....I tokey bra now (malunya nak cakap) ..taklah i dabble je..but i totally suck in business sebab I have no inventory of my goods, and I have no idea what discount I gave to whom. Its really comfortable and no underwire but still supportive (but downside is not sekxi lahh) - Call me or email me if interested ok One pack got 3 bra one...(OK END OF ADVERTISEMENT) 

 Back to the friend who came to pick up the undergarment from me.. we chatted and chatted and before you know it one whole big tupperware of rempeyik was gone and it was 4 pm. yes yes I could have cut it short but it was riveting conversation! The moral of her story- the most devoted of husband can be "spelled"! If you have a determined woman after your husband, she can go to Indonesian bomoh, Siamese bomoh, and Melayu bomoh and using all the jins etc and your poor husband would not know what hit him, irrespective of whether  the lady in question is ugly as sin or what! My friend ni pesan betul betul...tak sangkarable can happen to ambiklah pengajaran she said.Learn from her. Devoted husbands can leave you if he is under a spell . I know of a couple who never in a MILLION years would I say he was capable of doing what he is doing to his wife now. And the sad thing is..the wife is way way way WAYYYYYYY prettier than the 3rd party and there are SO MANY kids involved. eh third party bomohplaying lady- be afraid..There is a god you know. Justice will be served. 


  • Wow...Do you worry about stuff like this? I don't normally but yeah the risk is always there  I guess...purely because in Malaysia, things like this happen. the bomoh i mean.The other half is exposed to students lah....nurses, patients.. Even if he doesn't want to stray, if there is a person remotely interested, she can make him want to, by other (dirty) means! Western drama- the girl seduces the man (or vice versa) and they have an affair and he repents and leave the girl and if he really is unlucky his girlfriend will boil  his rabbit (think Fatal Attraction!)or he divorces his wife who will go on to marry other men . Malay drama..girl seduces man, girl gets genie to help. man leaves the family for this girl, and man's wife dies mysteriously. I kid you not. (of course there is also the story where girl smiles at older man, man smitten and thinks  he is young and attractive, man leaves the family, girl takes him to cleaners, he repents (or not)  hehehe) 
  •  Let's think good thoughts. Good luck to all of us ok..don't look for trouble where there is none. Just hope (1) no one thinks of fishing in my Ocean.(2) even if they do have the intention to come over to fish, then I pray they will be  put off by the many kids and the  fact that the ocean is actually not THAT deep you know and (3) if STILL undeterred , then hope the man in question will not himself be willing (nak kena???)  A lot of ladies get blamed for seducing  other women's husbands when in fact the husband is equally menggatal right...and by the way men- beware of women with problems needing strong shoulders to cry love sob not take pity on them , oh husbands out there! 
  • Kes "kesian" (pity) memang sah has destroyed many a marriage...when the girl confides in the relative sorang ni punyelah kesian dengan his staff who had five kids and had exhusband was in jail-- he kept listening to her problems and becoming her counsel until suddenly we heard he MARRIED her..and the sad part is he is  a better father to the 5 kids than to his own kids! Not enough with taking someone's husband kan...the second wife is constantly sending "presents" to the first wife...making her ill, cough blood, being possessed, kesiannye..! I think she wants the first one out of the picture terus punyerlah..And the husband ni  not hensem or kaya pun...
  • So hubby if you are reading this and some woman want to confide in you her problem...please redirect to me! I will listen to her problem --before she becomes MY problem ..ok?  keh keh keh!

EH! Topik apa nih??? Dah merapu rapu.. Let's not dwell on all this -- never ending! Back to the story of us going to M.O. 

So this friend finally left and I discovered that Nadine's friend's wedding was in Kota Damansara which was really far (well not really but I had dinner at MO planned for family and invited my parents as well and with the Saturday jam and everything how to go to KD, and come back and get the kids in time?) so in the end, although she was disappointed, we didn't go...and i felt really bad..hope the weekend made it up to her..and anyway maybe it was a good thing that she didn't see her friend get married. the girl is still in school ok. Ish ish!  I do not approve laa- What do you know about love at 17? rasa can make it happen? 

Anyway anyway finally all the kids at camp came home..and husband also came home. [By the way...My maid always want to see my husband whenever he is coming back or going away, she will be there ..RIMAS nye I. Boleh masuk rumah tak?Sebenarnye I buat tak tau je kat dia even though I rant and rave here. So she doesn't quite know how demented I am. ]. 

Kids from camp were sooo tired ..they didn't sleep they said. I told them they have a treat in store..and can have long long sleep in lovely lovely huge bed. 

FINALLY AT MANDARIN....(lamanye membebel kan) 

FINALLY the girls and I went to MO. Jo and his dad went somewhere first and would come separately.  Us girls arrived  and was straight away brought up to Club floor to check in. Wah VIP treatment yew!  got drink somemore. Dah dekat nak maghrib , asar belum lagi nih..but we were offered to help ourselves to light refreshment....and sad to say we succumbed ! After gulping down the sushi and the cakes we ran to our rooms and SEMPAT SEMPAT je solat Asar..ish ish taubat lah oi!! The kids made up for it by praying extra prayers and made up the prayer there and  then hihi..

The rooms were nice!! We got room next to each other although not adjoining..Which was actually not what they had given us in the beginning.- Ada ke they wanted us on separate floors! Are you serious. The rooms were big and had a huge king sized bed and a sofa..There was a bit of confusion about which room should mum and dad take and which room for the girls and where would Johan sleep. [In the end Johan slept with us, and the girls shared a room]

The view sucked I must say... facing other apartments around KLCC. But no matter! The bed was huge and fluffy and bathroom was marble adn the bath was deep and the towel was so fat...Everyone was suitably impressed. We messed up one room , keeping the other room pristine..while waiting for daddy and Johan to come. In the end we went to dinner without waiting for them. I had made reservations at LaiPoHeen for the family and my parents. 

Sophia's choice tu, Lai Poh Heen (Best halal chinese restaurant awarded by the 3rd International Restaurant Awards 2007) all cause she loves the hot and spicy soup. Nasib baik lah mom and and dad tak sesat. They arrived really late. JUST after my husband and son who rupa-rupanye had their bath at home. 

Laipoheen food was good- had peking duck (crispy skin , good tender meat) had prawn in oats mix and also some fish, and of course, the hot and sour soup. I was also entitled to one free cake so I ordered it, ingat sumer nak nyanyi lah . Unfortunately they forgot to give me and by the time we remembered to ask we were SO full so I asked to take it away je.. Good thing too, tak sing ...maluuuu..Then we all lepak in our room (mom and dad included) before husband had to leave for the - guess- ?? yeahhhh anda menangggg ! The hospital. 

Hohum kan the rest you know lah...apa aktiviti lagi kalau masuk hotel kan...makan and tido lah... Next morning had breakfast on the 24th floor for the club floor (spesel tuh hihi) ..Husband and I went first. The rest of the kids were taking too long to get ready man! Plus we wanted to be alooooneee. hehehe...Chose table next to window and sat down only to find someone's PHONE under the napkin on the table ..eheheh sorry orang punye table rupanye..! Cabuuuutttt...Found another one by the window. Bukan tengok apa pun..just thrilled to be so high up (perghak nye)

Food was good - Buffet food - you always over eat kan..even though you are full to the brim actually you just have to try all the food: congee lah , waffle lah apa lah. Ish ish ish..Although i note that the beef bacon is now  called cured beef (I like it better this way) . most of the breakkie stuff we can do it at home (and will, I promise, kids!) . Then johan came in with sophia - followed by the rest..and they all sat far away from us as they wanted their own window seats !

Checked out around 1pm.The plan: Mommy (me) go for a massage at the SPA.  Kids (girls) go to KLCC sebab nak carik entah hapa hapa. Dad and Jo will go off to do their own thang. Everyone , Meet at home. So, off we went. 

The massage was nice . I have a bazillion half price vouchers but never go sebab still more pricey than the one at my office. You do get extra services the tea and fresh hot towel..and going into a waiting room first..invitation to go to sauna/steam first before massage..(I said no) . Then a lady takes you into the SPA area itself, where you pass the changing room, the bathroom, and jacuzzi and get this- the relaxation room. Where there comfy chairs and coffee and tea and water and mags and  tv and you can lepak or tidor there or what. There were loads of ladies milling about..they can't ALL be having massages can they? It turned out the bathroom the changing room etc were shared by those going to the gym and pool and tennis court  etc. I saw the jacuzzi..warm and cold pool. Soo tempting..the girl who massaged me told me I should try. Righttttt....Takkan nak go in the nude kan? Unless can go in the jacuzzi wearing a towel? I was sorely tempted , tapi cancel , karang buat sejarah pulak kat Mandarin hehehe. 

I like the girl who massaged me cause even though I was told to be in a towel, my modesty was preserved at all times. Nothing was exposed except bits that needed to be kneaded or tortured. The girl managed to sell me their massage oil as she massaged (I know, I am such a sucker) and told me my skin is soooo dry (right) and also pore very small (that's the only thing small, dear) . After finished she waited for me expectantly. tunggu tip kot. I buat tak tau because hey, I am in  atowel and there was no where I could stow away cash. Nantilah! 

Called the kids, they were still in KLCC trying on clothes. Sophia went to Kino to look at books and Daya was bored. Normally I do not like (and still don't  like) kids their age lepakking at malls. But this time make an exception lah since I malas nak teman. I took my time getting ready then, since they were still bershopping. Saw MariaFarida at the changing room looking half her age. and my age. How old IS she. Bumped into her again on the way out sans make up. 

Anyway also bumped into a lady who jumped at me when i said I was a lawyer. Can market lagi tu, terror tak I boss. except nothing I can do for her. 

Prayed at the surau (2nd floor) and waited for my girls..they came back at 5 and daya stayed with me while they went back to fetch the sister in Kino (she has no phone so cannot tell her to come down..maybe I should reconsider this phone for each child thing)  Finally went home after 6...panic jap when the parking showed RM128 ...then rupanye that was the original parking was actually free when I gave them the ticket MO gave us on checking out...

Ok then PHEW!! That was a looong story about us going to MO ..heheh sorry lah terover ! 

Have a great Monday tomorrow everyone! I m going to see Yasmin Mogahed with Nadine! Byeee!


1na said...

Salaam kak,

Byknye cerite tapi saya sukaaa... hehehehe..

dulu bibik sebelah rmh pun mesti je keluar rumah time husband sy balik kerja etc cam tayang muka... btw masa tu sy tgh berpantang di kg.

lepas pantang, saya sembang dgn majikan dia, rupa2nya mmg dia tgh ushar husband... boleh dia cakap dgn majikan dia, dia ingatkan saya dan husband nie adik beradik!!! sejak tu, sy x berani nak sidai baju memlm (ada porch) takut hilang apa2... dibuat jampinya hehehehe

hehehehe anyway... love ur story... byk gist...


Nadine said...

We do not "lepak"!

Sarah said...

Hi Kak Shila,

I'm sooooo interested to know about the MO's membership.How can I contact you? emails,perhaps?

the not-so-anonymous-anymore-reader
Sarah :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Dear Sarah

Yes do email me at! It's actually good value I think!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ina=laa i rasa i ada balas tau comment you but tak jumpa pulak...

apa rah maid nih...semalam i marah dia sebab i dah masuk rumah, dia dok jenguk jenguk laa kat luar tu tengok the other half tak masuk lagi. So I sergah dia hehehe

Anonymous said...

SW, how much is the price of the bra per pack and do they come in sizes?


Superwomanwannabe said...

er can i email you? and yes it's in s, m, l , xl , xxl pun ada!

Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

Sure, my email is Thanks a lot.


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