Doa kan

Nadine's interview for JPA/Mara scholarship is todayyyyy...need your doas everyone..

the past few days have been a flurry of getting forms/copies/birth certs etc etc. 

The MPV is still in workshop, so we will be depending on daddy's car or atok's car. I probably will work from home in the morning , and go with her at 12.30-- I think we should leave by then, cause her session starts from 2.30. I heard from another colleague that there is a written one hour test ..tak tau lah. We advised her to just brush up on local and international issues. Perhaps she will be interrogated as to why she feels she needs a scholarship to do education, when she comes from a private school and therefore by implication, can pay for her education. theoretically lar. Hmm. wonder if she can offer the fact that we have other kids as a reason to please finance her studies? hehehe or the fact that she wants to go to cambridge and short of selling the house, only government help is going to help her go there? Oh well, kalau kena, tembak je lah nadine...Kalau ada rezeki, adalah. [Fervently praying ehehe].  Hope she won't be taking any poverty stricken person's place if she gets it, cause I absolutely will be guilt stricken if that happens. She herself doa for whatever is deemed the best for her. 

Ok babai...


MrsNordin said…
Good luck, Nadine! I'm quite sure she will get it.

Yes, use all those reasons you mentioned. They are valid points actually.
Anonymous said…
Good Luck Nadine! InshaaAllah murah rezeki. Let us how it turned out.

Thank you Auntie J!

And Auntie Seri!

Ni mak dia yang nerbous
Anonymous said…
Good Luck and all the best to Nadine. Not to worry. A lot of my friends from well to do family were under the JPA scholarships, mostly studying in top tier univ in USA.

IDA said…
Good Luck to Nadine, It so happened that my boss pun on leave today sebab nak accompany her daughter interview for JPA/MARA scholarship ni juga :)
ramai gak parents Ida.. penat tol!! nanti i update the way nice blog you have!

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