First SPM results!

Belated post- cerita dah basi hehehe

Well= Nadine scored 12 A wooot!!

Do you remember how she was so certain that she was going to Yemen, and then STAM, then Egypt?, and we had been so bz making plans for her etc, and buying tickets to accompany her etc ? That we had almost forgotten that the results of SPM were due to come out ! All of a sudden we heard results would be out by 10 am tomorrow! Slowly but surely I became very very nervous! nailbiting betul nak tunggu pkl 10 tu! In the end I waited at home and at 11 something she called me to say COME TO THE SCHOOL! 5 minutes walk later and there we were all converging at the library...where other schools probably had one whole assembly hall of SPM takers, my kids' school ada 2 tables worth. Ahaks. Parents were allready there. And I grabbed the hands of some of nadine's friends who I sejuk nye...takpa relax relax....

The teacher began by saying whatever is in this slip has been preordained and be grateful anyway. Then came the short (ish) speech by Pak Hasni who is not known for short speeches ha ha and he said after this everyone must go perform sujud shukur--prostrate for gratitude. So many more years ahead of you, this is only the beginning.

Come on come on...finally they called out name to take the slip. First to be called - nadine

She went and then the teachers hugged her and all this while more and more names were being called and the boys and girls came up to get their results. In the end , not knowing what to do, I went to the front too, and the teachers hugged me too and there I was being more and more baffled ..what did she get??.7A? 8 A? the standards of this school not being too academic conscious I wasn't sure what was hug worthy -- but I know my daughter's standard so I had some hopes that it might be  lots of A. (although this school said A is not important!)

We went out,and as soon as she stepped out she jumped for joy and then immediately shushed ME, saying we had to be sensitive! Ahaha! .I looked at her slip- masyaAllah....She had gotten all As! And 8 of that- A pluses! waaaaahhhh!! I felt like shouting for joy too! Can't believe her geography that she decided to take as an extra subject.. which was not taught in school, which I paid a private teacher to come to the house to teach- I can't believe she got A plus for that!

Nadine had broken the records of the school- by getting straight A and A in Arabic as well (adake sekolah apparently tak pernah ada yang dapat A- islamic school nih)

Clearly , her dad's genes. tak appear to study but score. ahahaha

So now what next?? Yemen , STAM and EGypt right?

Wrong-- all of a sudden madam realised how many organisations were willing to pay for her education (ie she was eligible, bukan she automatically get one) that she began to consider A levels. Problem, sponsored A levels do not cover her intended course- Islamic studies. But if there were pun, that would mean she takes it in the West first and not in the East . Her choice...I said. Some said to me that if she wanted to do Islamic Studies she should go straight to Yemen, and then later do her postgraduate studies in Education in the West. She wants to be in education, she says. There is no money in it, a friend says. What does her mommy say? Let them do what they want. if they love it, then the money will come, insya Allah .

She was going round and the end she applied for the scholarship . And in the end she decided, Education degree first, then further in Islamic studies. I told her, ok but this we stick to , with or without the scholarship. As in, kalau tak dapat , still do the same thing and pray for financing later.  I am very proud of what she wants to do , and hope she can indeed change the education system later. And  be a teacher and more.

And Yemen?? I will need to ask for a refund lah....what a pity...maybe can go later..


Cik Kiah said…
Why is it i pulak yang rasa sebak..?
Masyallah, you have raised an all rounder muslimah.
Congrats to you and Nadine!

Nani said…
Huge congratulations to your daughter! Reading this, I also felt like jumping for joy hehe ..

-Nani, your ex-silent reader -

Couldn't resist commenting on this one :)
Anonymous said…
Alhamdulillah and congratulations all around! Good job supernadine :) Kuah-nasi thing I'm sure

MrsNordin said…
I've been waiting for this post!

First and foremost, I'm so happy for her excellent results. Secondly, the choices she made: Education & Islamic Studies are simply great! Ask around, not many kids want to do Education simply because the money is no good. Education would be the last on their lists.

But your daughter here is not in for the money (just like her daddy before her mummy forced him to go private!) and I believe she really wants to make a change. And i'm so proud of her for making that excellent choice!
Tina said…
masha' Allah tabarakallah! mabrook Nadine and mom.
Anonymous said…
Hi! Just a passerby..
I am so sebak and terharu that your daughter did really well. So proud of her. What an all rounder and well grounded daughter you have. So happy for you even though I hardly know you!!!!
Nadine also gives hope to other private students who excel academically that there are sponsors out there as long as they study hard and earn it the right way.Also, that if you manage your time well you can still be very active in extracurricular activities and excel in academics

Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Nadine. Well done. And if there was a like button for Mrs Nordin's (Hi J!) comment, I would hit it for sure.

Fulltime Mom
Ezza Muffinbiru said…
Tahniah Nadine,mummy dan daddy nya..banyak nya A's nya...
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to Nadine.

Cik Kiah- thanks very much-- i pun sebak gak hihi..insyaAllah she will do well..
nani- awat laaa dok senyap je.hebohkan sikit blog i ni heheheh..thanks ye
JH- thanks! kuah ke nasi eh...masinlah mulut you for the other 4.insya Allah....
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hi seri- thanks for dropping by! yes you are right...kerja kuat then can get rewarded right insya Allah.. i think that before memang private student susah nak dapat sponsorship but now ramainya have scholarship-glad to see companies coming on board.. as for my daugther yeah I thnk she has a good balance between her hairbrained mom and her steady boring daddy!hehe
Hi May! Thanks !
@mrsnordin...she has not wavered at all from her choice..i hope she will be able to make a change..i hope she gets the university of her choice (nak buat education degree kat cambridge ok, cita cita tinggi tol)

thanks for your comment dear.esok lunch ok!
Kak Ezza- banyak kan??? i dulu satu dua A pun nak pengsan..hehehe

Sha- thanks very much dear!!
ummisara said…
Kak Sheila,

Happynya i baca...tahniah nadine and tahniah untuk u & ur husband jugak sbb mendidik dengan baik...

Anonymous said…
Tahniah for Nadine, Mom & Dad...kena buat kenduri kesyukuran ni ;-)

Kak azi
please blog about what you practice to get such a well rounded muslimah daughter like Nadine. :) Congrats again to nadine and you and your hubby. If Education degree in Cambridge, then, she will be the next mover and shaker in the Malaysian Education fratenity, heck even Internationally. So happy for you and Nadine.

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