Saturday, April 27, 2013

Good morning and how are you ?


How are you ?

Lama dah tak borak kan? Buat apa minggu ni? Cuti panjang ke?

I don't think we are doing anything for labour day. I believe a lot of people are taking Mon and Tue off so that they have a long weekend. Not happening for us!

I have 3 kids away this weekend. Nadine is a "teacher" and Sophia an "adjudicator" for a debate championship-- they basically just accompanied the school's debating team - they get to stay at UITM for 4 days. Johan pulak pi school camp (kat compound sekolah) . If any of Adni kids go rotten I would be very surprised because they do so many motivational camps and leadership camps.

Johan told me yesterday that he finally got to play futsal..masa PE he is always sidelined kan..despite me telling him to go tell the teacher he never did. I siap relate the story to the principal lagi (socially lah not in a mengadu way) . Semalam he said the Ustaz said to the self elected tyco of the group, to select those who have yet to play in PE and Johan was selected. As a result another boy had to go out and "he had been playing many times, Mummy" and the boy said "ala napaaa???" (But why??") and I said Jojo I have been asking you to ask the same thing ! He said "I'm not the person who likes to say no, mummy but my friends , A, M and Z had my back and they all said to this boy alah you selalu mainnnnn johan tak main dah lamaaa!"

I am paraphrasing of course but my son really speaks like that..very sebijik sebijik and very proper. Mom said the other day that I speak to my kids like friends and it's true actually hehehe (Ok unless lah I jadi sargeant about makan, mandi , sembahyang, homework)

On another husband's colleague at work and our friend, received Datoship -- congratulations to him ! The kelakar part is yang tak bertitle ni (other half and some other docs) all relax je and joke about it! hehehe and they actually think it's not necessarily a good thing for them....nak kena donate to sultan lah katanye..hehe!

On yet another topic. excitednya nak vote!! Although I don't know to vote penyangak A or penyangak B ha ha ha! no lah.. I know already. Penyangak A!  The bendera and banners are very meriah kan? I keep thinking of what to do with them all after the election ends. Macam membazir. Yah  keep for future use. Kalau ada lagi lah party party yang macam macam rupa tu.

Penyangak - means criminals thugs or samsengs what have you. I am very fed up with hearing about the individuals in each party who take commission and loads of money paid atas angin one. for no work other than introducing  you to so and so. .Hearing it once too often. this is greed and not at all party I know but STOP the practice lah...nak tunggu earth quake or what to hit the country.

Ok catch you later!!

Assalamualaikum all!

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Tjanting said...

He he he. Thats why i always look forward to ur post. Ur chirpiness is addictivela.

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