Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good morning!

I am now watching this malay drama called Ines something where this woman is an escort to men for money which she gives to her mom and brother and also her no good boyfriend, who needed the cash to take out other women, and now the mother has been beaten up by the no good father...Now the woman is in found out by her elder sugar daddy when she is with the no good boyfriend and jeng jeng jeng...!

Oh yeah, the mother kept being hit by the father for money and eventually killed him.

ahhhh typical kan?

Kesiannye sebab the elder sugar daddy used to be the heartthrob before..sapa tu? yang kawin dengan didie alias dah main peranan tua...

the hero is adi putra..sah pandai jadi watak gatal

the entire drama was shot around Taman Melawati and all our haunts are there...laaa bila depa shooting ah?

he music tu  boleh change tak because track instrumental sama je with other drama..tengok k drama tu..each drama has own track hehe

OK end of review of this drama...(now the bf pulak kena pukul dengan gang) at home things are chaotic as normal. I went to visit an old friend yesterday at her clinic (she's a gp) and she treated me to lunch at a vegetarian restaurant..mula mula sooo chinese that i doubted the halalness but then it was purely vegetarian and it was delicious!

Going back I took a cab and I was worried for a while there cause langit berdentum dentam and I was flailing and flailing for one..semua buat dono, ada customer lah, nak pergi tempat lain lah take je lah kan? Last just before the first rain drop fell I got one. Alhamdulillah!!

Called hubby to fetch me! tapi apakan daya he was bz but came home early yay!

The kids are fine.. Sophia is debating now, in her sister's footsteps. This Thursday to Sunday tido kat UITM for a debating thing. Why have to sleep over ah? I told them I can go and send everyday but nooo..they will be sleeping over.

Ok lah byee


Amilita Zaini said...

Ridzuan Hashim ke ye? Masa zaman dulu memang heart throb, he was a model kan. Fuh.
Every wednesday my kids balik lambat sikit/pegi awal and I am so tempted to plonk myself infront of the tv..tapi...argh. Hehe.

Superwomanwannabe said...

helloo!! yeahh this was 4 in the morning tu pasal ter dapat tengok hehehe

nizamohamed said...

I minat la sgt dgn si ridzuan hashim dulu, hahaha..memang hensem..:)). Memang drama melayu, mostly soundtrack sama jer, hhmm...dah lama tak tengok drama melayu, the last one was adam dan hawa..(ya..ya..i pun terjebak...hahaha...)... Any recommendation?:))

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