Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Last one- graduation dinner

Ok ok laaaaaaaaast post on graduation ok! Pas ni no more..promise hehehe

This one is about the Graduation Dinner that the kids held last Sunday night... you know how other kids at other schools would organise proms etc etc right?  so the kids here pun organise a dinner = at Duchess Place no less!They had fundraising exercises to fund this because I think the school only subsidised a little bit.. so for a few days my house stored stuff for iceblended cocoa lah apa lah...

ANYWAY! Nadine was in the organising committee headed by this guy Jaz- he bakes lovely brownies which were also the goodie gifts for the guests. 

I don't know what other proms are like but I don't think they normally include parents and teachers hehe but since this is Adni and the kids are soo  innocent , we were all invited. Siap beli baju ok.. I pun excited . 

Okaylah..cant say too much about it. Kids were not that experienced in handling events and ada lah flaws..eg not too smooth the procedures..but overall I think it was a commendable effort although I told Nadine lain kali must practice ...cause the lack of practice always shows. VIP speeches were skipped for dinner (good decision though). etc etc

But us moms sat together and we had a good time..I moved to the other teachers' table after a while. There were only 2 other moms with me (dont know where the others are). Kids were dressed up so fancily. Boys were in suits. Girls were in dresses. depending on the type of girl lah , some of the dresses were more flamboyant than the others. There were girls who were heavily made up. There were girls who were still normal. Nadine was wearing a long pleated skirt and gold blouse that went after her hips so that's normal for her. The boys and girls had separate tables. 

[There was this Thai boy who  the teachers told me was an orphan sponsored to come and he didn't have anyone and when he arrived he didn't know a word of english and now look at him..awww. ]

They made me go up and give a speech. Very short one which I was not prepared for. Arghhhhh entah apa apa laaaa I spoke

There was this girl though that menjolok mata we allz. She was wearing a hijab but very short and clothes that were sheer with skirt like pareo . She had on black leggings like tights that showed her shapely legs. She was also loud,and flirty with the boys. At the photography session when everything was over. she hugged the boys. 

No one said anything, to each other or to her. BUt eyes macam nak terjojol lah. I called Nadine to tell her to tell this girl to tone it down. Respect the surroundings lah....and who the heck IS this girl anyway? Turned out she was their friend who had left in Form 1 and went to Cempaka Girls School (v prestigious v private v expensive hehe) . OK, no need to say more. It must be par for the course lah. 

Alah! I pun hipokrit..i pun selamba je hug hug orang kan?? Tu duluuuuuu hehe-- Hopefully no more lah cause really that is NOT being modest , hijab or not we are called to be modest right? 

Anyway that was the only thing that was a bit off. Other than that it was ok 

So now..what??

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