Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New template, new day!


[do you like the new template? sempena 44 tahun...tukar lah sikit] 

Funny how you think you are "over" birthdays and yet when it comes around you are as giddy as a kid. Waiting for people to wish you..and give pressies....hehehe

Oh you don't ? just me then? ok..hihi

Well the kids all gave me a hug and daddy too. Went to work. Before that , went to send the beat up estima to the car shop to be repaired. So many dents etc and that side view mirror was distracting, the way I took it off and everything. 

Went to work, everyone wished (aww so nice). Suddenly one of staff asked to see me and  we spoke about work and allocation of work. I said how much I appreciated her coming in and working for scatterbrain me. 

And suddenly everyone was at the door, bringing in a plate of cakes ! It was a small square cake surrounded by all these cupcakes! And a biiig pot of orchid! Aww..so nice!

We all had pizza (thoughtfully ordered by the office) and office gave me a pressie (thoughtfully ordered by partner at work) which was a lovely Braun Buffel (really like this brand for its clean lines ) little purse/bag to put in all "pens" he says. 

then I had to rush to Subang . Neighbour depan invited me and nadine to go see Yasmin Mogahed talk in aid of Gaza. Ada high tea

Ok - I don't really know who this Yasmin is. All i know is she is a popular speaker talking about women and religion, religion in general, coming to your senses. etc .  She is a poet I supposed, a writer.  She reflects a lot. This is her website: http://www.yasminmogahed.com/ .

Basically she is some one who loves Allah swt so much and has found serenity in Him that she goes around talking about the lost connection we have with Him. Who sees the Quran as beautiful. Jealous jugak -- someone who sees Allah swt as a loving savior personal to her  whereas the majority of us born muslims see Islam as rules and regulations and God as someone we don't really know that well but supposed to worship. She says LEARN what you utter every prayer . I agree, barulah meaningful.  And her topic was this world is just an illusion- we are soo attached to our goods and gifts. We love the toy car because we have not seen the real car. We love the gifts but we don't love the giver. hehe. Good talk , hardhitting, very eloquent woman. 

It was clear though that this was not an event for simple students of religion - the ladies were very nicely dressed and were all very glamorous. Rather high society- I met  the MC outside (the daughter was selling scarves) and she said she was very nervous to handle the job. She did well, I assured her-. I did miss the praises to God that normally is given by the MC in a situation like this - Subhanallah, alhamdulillah, insyaAllah etc but I guess that is her background? God is simply not part of your daily life other than in prayers and fasting. I pun macam tu I suspect. However who are we to judge a person- you cannot judge a person from their appearance or lack of appearance of Islamness  so what if they wear turban showing neck etc or what - for all you know, they will be in heaven and you won't (na'uzubillah).  I am sure I embarrassed myself (if only I care) with my lack of elegance and fluidity of movement . For example no 1- I went around my table salaming everyone, which no one did . Even if they didn't know me. And example no 2- after I bought the tudung I told the ladies on my table, I got one free because as a birthday pressie;  and the ladies said -How did she know it was your  birthday ? And I said - hee told her lah, I'm shameless that way. And then they all said they should have said the same thing! :)

Anyway it was a good event and nadine and I had a good time. There was tea and book signing (impromptu) . Decided that it was unislamic to rush or fight the queue (which was happening) so went out to the bazaar.  I bought a lot of tudung which was very cheap. (cheap lah..considering.. RM25- RM45 each)- Plus I was helping gaza whattt..

By the way...Gaza- do you know that I did not know what it was about until maybe 6 years ago?? I thought it was Muslims being repressed. yes it was. but it was also a landgrab . And it was a blatant, cool as you like, daylight robbery . Palestinians woke up one day in their own country and have another group of people "given" their land. by the UN. And then told to get lost from own country. How angry would you be. Water shortages, everything we take for granted is held precious there. There are Xtians in Palestinian too (Maha the Arabic teacher who ran to Italy)- this woman showed a video of her village - dulu full of houses, now barren land after the Jews just razed them down. Say what you want lah..but who DOES that? 

Did not like the jam coming back from subang though..what was THAT??Teruk betol!!! BUT!! Sabar is a virtue so sabar jo laa. 

Balik..got 2 cakes waiting for me! Yay! But soo kenyang allready ... maybe today (aiyoooo how lah diet) and also Sophia insisted on baking another one . (thanks Sophia)

Went to bed early - sandwiched between 2 daughters (nice that) . 9 pm kot.  Ngantuk laaaa . Other half not back until midnight..someone had a difficult cancer. Kesian that someone...cancer is NOT good news and I pray for her/his well being. If I was a lesser person I would be moaning "but it was my biiiiirttthhdayyyyyyyy..can't you pass the op to someone else??" but thank goodness I am now a mature person hehehehehehehehehe

Ok lah!! I have tonnes of neglected work I need to look at and I cannot believe it is now 7a.m. that stupid dumb rear view mirror (side view mirror?) cost RM1,200 can you believe it??? Have to go pay that first. Sigh..takda rezeki tol

Ok then guys..take care and have a great day! MrsN- lunch today! 


jana said...

Happy Birthday Shila

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thank you Jana!!

Anonymous said...

Hi SW, Happy Birthday to you.


1na said...

Happy birthday kak shila.. Cantik orkid tu kak... Sy tgk kt instagram hehehehe

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