My wobbly tummy is a source of joy and happiness to my kids


I say this because the other night I was lying down on the mattress (sigh bilaaalah nak graduate to a no mattress family) and Daughter no 4 came over, llaid down, and put her hand over my stomach to shake it. Daughter no 1 came over and laid down and did the same. And both were soon cooing how soft and jelly webbly it was! 

All this time I was closing my eyes trying to sleep but also trying not to laugh hahahaha> They were fussing over my tummy and I had my arms around both of them. 

Yesterday I went to Pavi for my facial (supposedly once in 3 weeks but now once in 2 months ha ha) and the lady offered me radical new treatment to bust open all cellulite cells and spread it around and basically remove it forever. Basically it was a machine that looked like an oversized hand held vacuum and it grabbed huge chunks of your tummy as it moved up and down the tummy, making this loud sucking noise. Aiyo painful some more. The young wisp of a beautician told me she decided to go do my tummy area because it's the biggest. [!!!]

Normally I would be totz insulted. But since now I know, my tummy is my special asset that toyzrus pun tak leh patent...I senyum je lah....

After facial is done (and my tummy sore!) I met hubs for dinner. He went to pray at the surau pavillion. I was so malas to walk so far....and did my prayers in the actual slimming centre. (got shower etc) 

Nice to have a date, actually. Haven't done that for a looooong time. Entah--- tak plan pun..suddenly je decided to date ...sans kids...

We headed to our favourite dating place- red box. Ok ok I know it's not very islamic to spend your hours singing your heart out (my kids disapprove) but it was fun! Plus got dinner! We sang our favourite songs and spent about 2 hours there. Every 10 mins the kids called. Disturb the leaf betol!! Actually memang tak aman...there was no peace! Baru je nak tarik suara nyanyi..the waiter would come in lah, bagi bill lah, bagi air lah...isssshhhh I think we should get a set for home. tak shok tol. 

Hubby told me he just learnt the demise of his friend's marriage yesterday. The mother of the guy went to the hospital and hubby asked about his wife, her daughter in law. Then was told that they were no longer together...The guy went to school with him and had no children with his wife and now has since remarried. Laa I didn't know (To FTM, did you know?) - anyway he said let's hope we don't go the same way. I told him, as long as you can speak to me and I can speak to you, and the lines of communication remain open all the time, and we can reminisce about our dating years happily  (though these days we do it very quietly , since our children  disapprove of the concept of dating and we very hypocritically tell them NO dating) then we should be ok.  

then we chatted about Nadine. he said actually now he wished she would just go to Yaman to do her Islamic studies..instead of wanting to do education..because again, scared she might be distracted later.. I put this to her but she is adamant. Kids. 

Talking about kids, I sat with my wise old son Johan..who is actually hilarious to chat to., in his solemn ways. Did i tell you I tell him all my problems and ask for his opinion? And he said mummy is always angry but never too angry, while daddy is never angry but once he is angry, all the anger he has been holding on to, comes out. Totally true. I told hubs this. he thinks it's good that the kids think that of him.

 I have been watching Youtube Nouman Ali Khan and he said if you are angry with your kids, they wont tell you anything . And he said Surah Yusuf shows what a good parent child relationship nabi Yakub (pbuh)had with Nabi Yusuf (pbuh) - in that, when Yusuf had a bad dream he told his dad. How many kids , in their teenage years, tell you anything , what else when they have a bad dream?? Yacub was an awesome dad, therefore. 

Ok then..am at home...raining outside...love watching the rain from my window....take care.......

Ok then bye....


Anonymous said…
If it is who I think it is, yes.

hi ftm! its been a year! I think it is who you think it is. that is so sad
Anonymous said…
Actually they split up quite some time already. The remarriage is recent (last year, I think).


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