Thursday, April 04, 2013

Sigh...record starting again.

got really really mad at one of the kids today.

if you are reading this , sorry I marah you and made you cry--  it's not because I don't love you.

I don't compare your results to your siblings. I just want you to compare the results with what you know you can do, had you only put in more effort

I never emphasised A , you know that. I always say the A is not important . What is the meaning of 100 A if you don't really understand what you are must really know what you study-- if only .so that years from now, when you marry a smart aleck know it all like your daddy, you still remember what you learnt ages ago and can rebut his arguments with your own. do not study when there is exam only - if the exams are not around, you don't study . That's how I studied and did I retain a single thing?? Na-uh!

And in this case this was exactly my child did...there was a monthly test that this child tak expect and the results show that ...the results were a mixed bag..did well for some, did average for others.

But for 2 subjects...REALLY sailing close to the failing mark. One actually failed I think,

And for the first time, I was REALLY MAD. because the subject yang dia fail tu, I brought in a teacher to teach!! Aiyoo what have you been doing lah!  Because of that I absolutely saw red. Nak nangis pun ada.

I had given a lot of chances to this child. I have protected this child from the wrath of the dad and calmed him down by saying that each child has his or her own talent....and different way of learning-daddy ingat you malas je ! All I want is for the child to meet me half way.

So far , so good so I thought..but when results come out of a surprise test , and you fail, then it means ?? you don't know enough or you dont remember, or you didnt understand...

or, what I suspect, you did not revise at all.

And that is why I marahlah!! when I do NOT see this child putting in the effort and getting the same results...I know this child need a dose of reality.

You must want to succeed and you MUST want to have it. If you don't know how, let's figure it out together..but you cannot wait for me to tell you what to do, and then you don't even do it. In life you do NOT get everything handed to you on a must figure it out by yourself. It is nothing to me if you do not succeed,. but YOU are going to regret it. Take control of YOUR results and STOP this rubbish . Enough with social media!

because I know you can do it, I know you are smart. I am not going to molly coddle you . I have gotten you all the support I think I can get you,you must be solely accountable for your life now. One thing you must be clear. I know you can do better, And you BETTER do better. I will NOT accept that you cannot do better. KAPISH!?? and tomorrow you get me that appointment with your teachers. They have sum splaining to do to me, why my child cannot get a decent mark in a class of less than 25 kids. Why for heavens sake??

Tomorrow Im going to tell you that I am proud of your fantastic 100%. And keep it up. But the subject you did badly - do something.

Sigh....i really want them to be able to be happy in what they want to do..and I want them to have CHOICES..and also I want them to have knowledge...

And not putting in the effort is not acceptable to me. I am too lazy to chase after you.

Allah... record start balik....hehehehe


MrsNordin said...

Shila, keep this post. You'll need it again in the future... :)

Tina said...

Shila, can I copy paste and send this letter to my daughter? sigh

one daughter got 60% for science and I said how comeeee??? she said that it is the KBSM syllabus test and not what they learn in school. then why are they tested on what they are not taught, and why aren't they taught what they were going to be tested on? ke anak I torak? You know any good tutor for math and science form 2?

Superwomanwannabe said...

MRs N- yah...i have a feeling this will be on replay

Superwomanwannabe said...

Tina= i left a comment yesterday..tak nampak-- and u r right..i heard the same thing haritu...what the heck is happening..we are buzy but we are not THAT busy that we can ignore this kan? Tutor maths ada, the one that comes to the house,Jaslynm..tutor science i need also. Your daughter is with Sophia kan? maybe we can arrange together


Kak Shila I hear you in this post. I say the same things over and over again to my children. And worse still, they are boys. Molly cuddle, spoon feeding, semua dah buat now jerit2 marah2 siapkan tali pinggang everytime I teach them. Tapi sometimes their answers to my anger abt them not doing well is legit: 'tapi cikgu mmg tak pernah ajar ni!' Which I know it is true because sometimes the exam questions are set by the Pejabt Pendidikan and the school tak habis syllabus and things like that.
Of course my answer wld be that's y u hav to do all the work books so that no matter how they turn the questions inside out pun you still can answer them. That's how I studied dulu..but boys are different.
And yes, they feel pressured with the other sibling that scored all As and their own mix results. But today, received a letter from school cakap every thursday ada tuition for standard 4 & 5 for 1 hr fr April - Sept and parents need to pay RM105. Which diwajibkan oleh the school and I'm all for it - but then, 1 hr after school and you feed them some more with extra work, don't know la how they'll retain the ilmu since they'll be tired by then. We'll see.- sorry la terpanjang tulis. :)

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