Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today's topic is on parents

The other day my parents came around and my brother and his family were there as well . This is my 2nd brother. They live quite far away from us and don't see us all that often. So my dad was talking to his son (he's right after me, right) and he went - Boy, you haven't done this, you haven't done that..and started to berleter lah

I told dad laaa take it easy lah on my brother dad...kesian gak...sebab my brother just sat there blinking  and taken aback!

So today I found out why.

I was watching Nouman Ali Khan's talk on family and the quran and he said basically don't even bother lah nak dakwah to other people when you can't be civil to your family which is the most Islamic thing you can do. He went on to explain how parents are sometimes so critical, and the kids wonder why? He said when kids are young, kids want attention, when we grow older it's our parents who crave our attention. And when we ignore them they miss us at first but after many times of not getting us when they call, or wanting us to visit but we don't ..they get resentful..and their resentment builds up..until suddenly it explode out of the blue the minute they see you everything comes out and you get this very upset parent and you don't know why . 

So his tips?

Do things for your parents , buy them things,  pamper them. Talk to them more than 2 minutes, and not the "uh-uh , ok , a-ah" type. Really listen to them. And speak nicely to them and not harshly. 

I got  a couple of siblings I have to tell this to and I hope you take the hint heheh. Actually it's for me also because it's sooo easy to be annoyed at parents in their old age when they nag you all the time for not seeing them hehehe 

Recently I heard of someone being arrested and put in jail and the mother refused to bail her, saying a stint in jail will do her good! I'm like - what kind of a mom ARE you , that you can watch your daughter sit in jail when she has kids of her doubt the kids are now with you , but still, their mom is in jail...tak kesian ke??

What did the daughter DO to make the mom so mad. 

So...hope my brothers (and me) develop great skills at winning our parents hearts ! (and not because they want stuff hee hee) 

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nizamohamed said...

For somebody yang dah takde both parents like me, I would say to those yang still ada parents, love and layan them the best way you can! Bila dah takde, rindu yang amat..:(

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