Saturday, April 20, 2013

Update on the Interview and others

Phew!! The interview is over. We were told to be early, dad said he was going to give me the car...but then he arrived home pun about 1 imagine how freaked out I was..when the interview starts at 2. To make up for it he agreed to send us and later we will find our way home ourselves. Oklah  so off we went. 

Sampai-sampai je dah ramai parents and kids. Nadine sampai just in time to register, and 2 minutes later , they were all cordoned off to some other place. Apparently they have to go to 3 centres in groups, centre 1 to be tested in BM centre 2 to be tested in English and centre 3 would be the interview itself. 

Dad hung around until she went in, and then fell asleep on the bench. I didn't have the heart to wake him up plus was receiving dramatic phone calls from the office so I was quite distracted myself. 

An hour later, I woke him up and we went off to do our Zohor. he decided to just stay lah and play rookie from work. We had lunch, met other parents, and later , due to the extreme heat, sat in the car until she came out! 

She said it was okay...the panelist asked what they thought about the mutu bahasa malaysia yang kian merosot..that to me is NOT GOOD NEWS heeheh..

Thank you daddy for staying with us until 6

Results will be out in 2 weeks! 

I balik the next day terus demam(ie yesterday). I went home after the morning networking meeting and crashed, I felt soooo ill. queasy lah, pening lah, nak muntah lah..joints aching lah..I slept on and off from 10 am to 2 am! Straight ok. 

Today feel a LOT better. Now helping Sara conquer Physics. I suggested using internet to find interesting websites on physics. I tengok pun i nak tidor, apatah lagi dia..but sara, grit your teeth, ok ,  you just have to understand it. There are some good vids out there in youtube, and I found this:
to advise you of the interesting websites!

Where was the internet when I was a student?? 

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Nadine and good luck with the scholarship! (I always missed the boat so slow of me, baru nak baca your updates!)hehe.
Anyway, Nadine's mom wont be needing internet back then coz dia budak class A1, so very pandai one...


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