Thursday, May 30, 2013


Today, the waiting has ended ....

(Well, not really , Nadine said)

Ok , amend:

today, the waiting has been partially ended.

We found out that Nadine was offered a scholarship for her go to the USA. That's all we found out. all the other details like where the preparatory course was going to be held, what course she was being offered, all will be answered next Monday.

But! that was enough!! Phewwwwwwww!!

so now I asked her- is this ok, cause you were targetting to do Alevels and Degree in cambridge  - or rather, I tried to ask her, but she was jumping and whooping all over the place so she didn't answer.

To take or not?? Are you kidding me?? Of course lah, take.

Hope she can utilise this big gift for the good of the country. With big power comes big responsibility. waduhhh


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sara oh Sara!

Kesiannya Sara anak I ni

She has had her run of  bad luck , I tell you

She was the one with the huge goiter at the age of 2. Which sorted itself out naturally  thank goodness. Previously as a baby she had glue ear and had to be taken to hospital for tests. She was then ok  And then at 9 or 10 she spilled hot tea on her right leg and scalded herself very badly. Her dad went out to giant to get the emergency diy first aid kit...clingwrap and vaseline! Sara was wrapped like a mummy ! Noo hospital for her then. Now her leg is almost scar free. What about the time she was ill for so long that we sent her to the hospital , in case she hd SARS. Half a day of tests and was given the all clear. Not dengue either, phew! The fever sorted itself out as well

And here we are in hospital - back again. This time, Sara dislocated her kneecap - this happened yesterday in school.Yes, it was a public  holiday but the school had teachers day celebration , and kids brought food and pressies to school. Sara was the MC for the event and was very excited. I was at home, bummed because hubby was supposed to be off, but went to the hospital to check on his 5 patients in the I was doing work (scrolling the internet- did you know Robert Pattinson has split up from his gf Kristen Stewart? Who you say? Tsk tsk!)

Anyway anyway again, suddenly I got a call from teacher. Sara had fallen , she said. Could I come and get her, or do I want them to send her. I said no I can go and get her. then the maid rushed up and handed me the phone - hubs was on the line- sara had fallen he said ! Go and see her and I'm still here (hospital) if you need to send her.

I wasn't too anxious to tell you the truth, thinking that she had cramps or at worse, twisted her ankle. Nadine and I took the car round and 2 seconds later (serious, we live that close) we were at school- greeted by the teacher who took us to the class. She was leaning against the wall, grabbing her right leg with her foot turned to the right and being held by her friends. Crying and whimpering. So important to have good friends and Im glad Sara has heelholding friends. The knee looked odd under her jubah, and I guessed she had dislocated her patella (eh tipu ...the husband said , I didnt guess hehehe)

The school told me they called the ambulance and so we waited. Me being the clown that I was (under pressure oii) -  cracked jokes and at the same time, telling Sarah to recite whatever surah she remembers . Ada ke. One ustazah came to teach her a doa. Chet. I should also know that doa. I forgot whatever doa, in the circumstances. But the main thing, is, always wet your lips with the name of Allah and pray pray pray the pain is not so bad. I was, anyway. I hate to see kids in pain, apa lagi my own.  In the meantime, Nadine was munching her way through Sara's class food. (they were having a party kan). I made several calls to the other half who had either just come out of the operating theatre, or was about to go in. Sorry ye, I think your daughter trumps everything else :) .

After about what felt like forever, we found out that the school did NOT call the ambulance, thinking that I might have done it! Laaa...I called the other half and he said ok lah he will come and he will come with the ambulance.

In the meantime, it was a case of watching to make sure Sara's heel did not slip or her leg did not move, as that caused her agony. Mummy, please don't make me laugh please do not touch me etc etc. I guess I was not helping.

Called the other half yet again (if you go through his phone I tell you, 90 % of the calls come from me). And he said Im hereeee (and I could here the neenaw neenaw sound ). Thrill nyer. Then Nadine came back from outside(she was scouting I think) and said Daddy's in scrubs! Amboi thrill tol.

We saw the stretcher first, appearing in the class. followed by the paramedics. Then the father, wah macam superhero gitu. Kids were going oohh coooll! heheh girls kan, can't imagine boys going oooh cool! All because the father appeared in his blue operating baju (macam baju tidoq) and cap. Lain kot dari yang lain. By that time the teachers also came back to watch. I told the father- can you give her some painkiller before you lift her to the stretcher? I think normally they'd just lift you on the stretcher and forget lah yourpain kejap==tahan je lah. bear it my dear! But because the mummy is a big wimp I made the other half give her a huge injection. Wah sara you got injected by daddy sendiri lah spesel tu! Oh yeah, bapaknye was in scrubs because he had justttt came out of the OT and tak sempat change lagi punyerlah maknye dok kejar suruh datang

Actually Nadine should be a doctor. She said kalau tolak je the knee cap dalam I think it'd go in. Or something to the effect. Basically she said it probably could be repaired immediately . And the father agreed. Feelingless betol lah anak beranak ni. The pain would be quite considerable I think (which is a civilised way of saying SAKIT NAK MATI OI!) ,Anyway Sara was not letting us touch her knee. So forget that.

So somehow she got lifted to the stretcher after she felt she was ready . (alaaiii when I think about it, agaknye apalah kata pakcik paramedik tu kan, ngada tol patient and family) . Itu pun nangis sebab sakit. Mummy dah turn away dah, takut tengok.

And then off we went to the hospital! With the school watching. what a send off. I followed with Nadine  into the ER. The doc (Dr Palani the orthopaedic doc on call)  came and said actually I think can push in, but I will do it under heavy sedation. Sara was wheeled to xray with Nadine, and I stayed back watching daddy type in his notes on the pc and munching on some jajan which I honestly thought was his then I discovered was someone elses'. Eh sorry.

Then the doc came back and said  hmm Sara was in pain even in the xray so I think we will put her to sleep. Which was what Sara wanted. Then we cut open her pants which she had under her jubah . We all went to the OT with her and once she went in, Nadine and I went to get lunch (lapar oi!) and daddy went off somewhere else (probably to pay deposit - anak doktor tak anak doktor, must follow the admission procedure) .

Dr Palani said her joints were more flexible than others. IN fact all of the kids have flexible joints and that came from me. Her dad always say I'm a freak that way. Dr Palani said we would be good athletes and would be good in yoga because we are very flexible. Hoohoo..awat tak cakap..boleh I practise masa mudaa...hehe

We then went to wait for her in her room. She came back about 45 mins later. It seemed that as soon as she was unconscious the knee relaxed and popped back in place. Dalam masa 2 saat. What a palava..rupanye kejap je. Takyah admit actually. We wanted to bring her back home but she wants to stay in for the night. Takut sbb kat rumah ada tangga nak naik. OK lah. apa apa.

Then the dad came and we stayed for a while making sure she was comfortable. We went home jap to take the rest of the gang and came back after dinner. Terukkan maknyer, left Sara with Nadine kat hospital.

And the kids all treated the hospital cam hotel. Johan dah upset sebab i never send him to hospital if he gets sick.he is the only one not admitted yet, he said.  I said OI coming to hospital is not a good thing lah! He said- other hospital, yes, but not THIS hospital. Heh? I guess cause you get one room and tv and special treatment kot. Although I note that they have done cost cutting measures. Such as replace the quilt with normal hospital blankets. What happened- i guess they had to kot, since they lowered their rates. Sumer orang made themselves comfortable. Sara was happy because she could twitter everyone  now (we brought in all the gadgets).

Sara slept quite comfortably, nak go toilet got this zimmerframe . ..manalah kita nak carik ni ..hope she can make it upstairs kat rumah somehow.

Ok lah so that was what happened yesterday..I have to go do subuh now! thanks for listening !

Thursday, May 23, 2013

On the kids

How's things? Ok? Over here, kids are having their exams. Well, the secondary kids I mean. By which I mean, 3 of my 5 kids. Because 1 of them has actually left school, and only 1 is still in primary. And even that one  is in Std 6, even though I baby him, and he is currently sleeping in my bed. Which I let tonight because he has a fever. Ok ok I still want to baby him. 

I can't quite believe how big my kids are. In my mind they are still small. When I think of school fees, i think in terms of 5 people and actually it's only 4! When I think of Daya, for eg, I think she is still 10. Instead of going to be 13 oh my gawd. Daya , 13. Sara...16. I cannot believe it. 

You guys with small kids, seriously, quit your job. Hahahah ok ok too drastic. Spend as much time as you can , with your kids. Send them here there everywhere or not, be there for them. Play with them..and take loads of videos! You tube it! Now I wish I did! 

It hit me this morning when a friend said soon my daughter will leave the coup- next..menantu? cucu? Huwaaa! 

I am not ready to let go of my children's childhood. but I guess I have no choice eh? The dad and I looked at all these big people and wonder that they are ours! All of them except for the 11 year old boy, are now taller than me. Ok daya is not that far away! 

Sementara itu..nadine is still waiting to know whether she gets the biasiswa/pinjaman JPA MARA. the date's been pushed 3 times . She is getting antsy but I told her this is a GIFT so you don't nag the giver right. My brain pun macam, takdalah nak go apply mana mana. Buat my kid tak dapat, we will have to scramble for a place ! She wants to do A levels for now. Her friends who scored lower than her are allready in various foundation courses. Hope it will work out for her. In the meantime kakak tu sedap baca buku ceritaaa tak habis habis. I keep asking her to organise the cabinet lah, organise our pictures lah ..kesian 

Ingat I nak ajar them to do one dish or 2 dishes for them to know ...they can cook lah more or less but it's just cake now...rumah smell of baking when I come's nice, on the other hand, we keep running to get butter, eggs, condensed milk etc etc..hehe..this is how mak nigella lawson feels agaknya..

Ok ok tata..i have to go sleep otherwise tomorrow kepala "weng" pekena kopi lah ni, terus tak leh tido...

Monday, May 20, 2013


contractors never listen to you do they? I am revisiting the idea of expanding the kitchen and called a friend in to give a quotation. The friend came and I started to describe my idea. Soon I found myself being told this is better, that is better, I need to rip out the old kitchen cabinet that I was planning to just touch up, and replace the entire wall with tiles and then there is also NO WAY i can just have one kitchen, it won't look nice, what WILL look nice is if I have one wet kitchen and one dry kitchen and to HECK lah what I say

Geram tak?? I have to find a way to tell him hello, this is MY House. And I don't want an arch or what.

Ni yang tension kan?

Kat UK dulu orang sumer buat sendiri..ok lah that's an exaggeration but certainly the spirit of DIY is more prevalent than it is here, so much so that people have a shed at the back of their garden where they store tools . There are dozens of DIY shops where you can find people happily buying stuff like paints and er..other DIY stuff.

In KL--- ada , bukan takda, but we are so busy that we don't bother. Plus labour is (used to be?) cheap. We don't even ask for the qualification of that Indon labourer , do we. Entah entah dia tak reti baca or what but we are quite happy to let him rewire the entire house hehehe

Anyway yes. Rant over. I will be telling him not to do that horrible tiling of the wall that he wants to do.


Saturday, May 18, 2013


In about 10 minutes I have to leave home to go to Concept 1010. Arghh I always do this, start so enthusiastically, and then falter in the middle. I start not wanting to go or finding excuses not to go. It's only once a week pulak tu. It's only because one of the personal trainer is in my networking group that I do go every week, actually. If not sorry lah. So , the discipline issue has to be worked on. I sooo admire those who run every morning or swim every do you stay sooo focused. 

I also have problems with procrastination...for example. If the deadline is 3 weeks from now, I probably will start like 2 days before the deadline. I normally do a good job, but imagine if I had so much more time to do things, sure fantastico punyer. Or maybe not, sebab I probably would go over and over the job and change so many things 

See?  I am procrastinating, because I don't want to go to the gym. OK OK I have to go now. bye

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bye mom and dad!

Hi there

I wish I can join my parents..who have left for the UK...for a month be with my brother and his wife. I'm very happy that they are having a break..although mak kau so difficult to go ..must not forget my dad's Ali cafe 3 in 1, and then the barley and the tea etc etc..heheheh

I am going to miss them. Mom and I have grown especially close since I became a mom myself . Dulu ashik nak gaduuuh je. I pernah lari rumah lah which when you think how sheltered I was, was amazingly brave of me he he

Tapi I lari kat mana pun..I went as far as Gombak my grandmother's house ha ha! Kalau tak ke sana, ke my OpahGemuk's house  (mom's auntie who used to really pamper me) .Satu experience I tak leh lupakan is my first bus ride...I handed the money to the conductor, and asked for "gombak". And prayed for the best and stopped the first stop that I thought looked  familiar (yes my sense of direction was bad then too) ..which was actually 2 miles away from my grandmom's house. So I jalan lah the last 2 miles . me, yang tak pernah jalan or go anywhere without mom, dad or pakcik driver (bukanlah anak orang kaya, anak askar heheheh) .. eeee now I think about it, seriau betul..kalau lah anak I buat memang sure kena marah..What if someone kidnapped me? Nasib baik lah (1) we lived in a safer world back then and (2) no one gave me a second glance . I jalan pelan sebab (1) penat and (2) have no idea where to go and (3) have to look confident and macho. My opah was very upset with me when I finally arrived!

Mom and I still have our conflicts. I find her to be very prudent. Takut tol nak buat anything new and very cautious. Compare this to my dad who throws caution to the wind and have the spirit of JOM! I think Im probably like my dad (Ya think?)  so sometimes I do get annoyed when mom rains on my parade. But! I have come to terms with it and decided heck that's who she is! Love her for who she is! And understand how my other 2 brothers get that way too! :)

Ok im rambling on and on kan..better go off. Plumber is in my room changing the bathroom toilet as dah rosak. I am waiting for them to go away. Sebab malu the room is so messy.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

low sugar cam ni lah


mara jpa result postpone again....

aiyaa waiting game ni

from 10 to 14 to 20th

apa dah

another huwaaa is..

i got no food for lunchhhh

my staff went and bought burger king never ask whether i want or notttt

and then eat in front of me..smell so nice..huwaaaa

i want burger king now..lantaklah diet...

ok thank you

sekian terimakasih

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mommy's day

So anyway

Yesterday was Mother's Day.

I was not given any bouquet of roses or what. neither was I brought out to a restaurant to have a special dinner. I was going to be upset dah nih! memandangkan in the Facebook land, melambak mummy dapat pressie lah, cake lah , etc ...

But i realise I already have the best present. I am a mom to five beautiful kids !

And apart from wanting me to do stuff for them like play games and sweat (ugh) , they think Im allright as a mom!

So, apa lagi I mau...hehehehe

I did buy my mom a set of wondermilk cupcakes though. And now I have a tummy ache from eating so muc of the cream

and we did go back to kampung for a few hours. Dapatlah spend time swimming swimming and then lepak with family. Bro no 3 and family also joined.

BUT if the other half is reading- those roses would be nice hehehehe (*masih mencuba)

Thursday, May 09, 2013


Tadi the other half dapat call. it was from the hospital (phone was on speaker mode)

"Dokteeeerrr, ini wad 123, ni patient ni nak baaalik laaa dokter...., dokter A dan dokter B dah clear kan daaaah, tapi kan dokter, tinggal dokter punyer tandatangan je lagikkkk- doktor je yang belum signnnnn !'

Eh! nak cakap dengan doctor ke, nak cakap dengan pakwe? If the voice tu a person, it would be dancing in the breeze, swaying left and right., Up and down. Apa yang mengada sangat ni? Cakap betul betul tak leh ke?

Doktor, patient ABC nak balik, I have gotten the approval of Dr B and C. Can you come over? Thank you

Haa barulah professional! Kata nurse kan. Bukan dayang- Tak payah lah manja semacam. And I am not over-reacting BJ (heheh dah tau dah reaction you)

Imagine a 50 year old matron speaking like that..Funny tak. or a non malay nurse

OR! Imagine talking that way to a LADY doctor. Sure dia tak buat kan.

Of course lah the doctor in question, was as cool as possible -as cool as he could be lah in front of his wife who was getting immensely irritated! Entah entah kat belakang it's "eh ye ke, ah nanti I datang k...tunggu tauuuuuuu".

NAK PENAMPAU??heheheheheheh

I am not making this up. I told him I joke about your staff talking that way tapi i tak actually expect that they do! heheheheheh..gedixx tak?

Hissshh if any of my girls speak like that- they are DEAD.

Respect and professional at the workplace. Always. No place to manja manja. Go get your dad, or boyfriends for that.

Sekiannnnnnnnnnnn ---jangan marah ye sayang dokterrrrrrrr!

the kiddoes

I have raised mini mothers.

Nadine and Daya in particular

Eg 1:

1. I was at the facial place and they offered me a lot of cleansing stuff and I was about to get them and Nadine said: mom, you have this allready, and this , and that, and they are all over the bedroom mom, you never wear them yadiyadiya. And later I was looking for nice office blouses and had picked up a few and she limited me to THREE. My daughter told me I cannot buy more than 3 heheheh. 

Eg 2

Daya organised my handbag the other day. I stuff everything in it every day and she rearranges it from time to time . So anyway she checked in the bag later and then wailed- mom I JUST organised it..she found the same mess

So I have to now make sure I am tidy, and thrifty. 


And they all get to take money from my bag for their school allowances. And they only take RM2 . Most of the time hehehehe

Just to share!

Oh yeah. What do you think when couples take their wedding pictures in very intimate bedroomllike poses? Maluuuuuuuuuu...taulah halal but it's not er..asian lah to be so open...HAHAHAH says the person who probably would win the most PDA couple award. But seriously folks. More and more pics now are like that. Kan?

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Is it safe to come out?


I mean, with the election fever..takut nak tengok Facebook! Ramainya penyokong pembangkang so vocal in their support for anti government and also equally ramai the penyokong kerajaan ! Phew I'm glad the election is over ..

I went to vote, and got the wrong place. Went rather early but evidently not early enough as there was already a queue snaking all the way between the flats. I joined the queue asking why am I joining this queue and what is it for hah? The people in front of me wondered the same and we pounced on a man who appeared to have voted, and asked him. He said the queue was to "register" . Since we allready have our saluran (line) number we all unqueue (? got such word?) and everyone headed to the entrance of the school. There was a man trying to restore order to a growing group demanding to go up to the station to vote. We were told to line up in accordance with our saluran number and then we were allowed to go up 10 at a time. After about what seemed to be endless minutes of waiting where I managed to reach a trancelike state by reciting every surah  I know 10 times (NOT a long exercise) it was finally my turn. Excitedly I went in, to face man no 1, who checked my name with a ruler against his list. Taraaaa--- there it -wasn't. He looked up , grinned and said SEKOLAH BELAKANG LAA....the school at the back! Aiya

Needless to say I shot out of there. ORang comment--wahh dah vote terus laju ye...I buat dono....Heheh walked realllllly fast and reached the other school. Shorter queue, more orderly, and thankfully voted and left...

And waited for hubs who voted elsewhere

Wow the atmosphere was so much fun..people chatting to each other regardless of heart went out though to all the workers who man the station, the cops etc who had to ensure order ...they stayed there the entire day kan..and beyond..kesian

and the election result came - we sporadically checked. not lah tak follow , but other things happened. Like what eh..tak hingat

Anyway I have to continue this later..the other half is telling me he will be late...ta!!

Thursday, May 02, 2013


Yesterday went by quietly

Had nice breakfast at about 7 something in Kg Baru..nice place RA Nasi lemak..crowded allready! ate lontong - consider this very heavy breakfast for me. Bawak balik 10 nasi lemak for the fledglings at home. some also for the guard - hubs always bribing them with food and fruits ahahaha! (taklah kita berbudi..orang berbahasa)

Arrived home with grand ideas of going to the park , FRIM etc..tengok tengok no one was awake and in the end we dozed off as well! When I woke up Nadine was gone- the father and Daya sent her to meet up with her friends (one of whom had just come out of National Service). They told me later (really later- they came back maghrib I think) that they spent the time at Borders instead of meeting up with the friends. Ah.. nothing nicer than spending time at a book store...they brought home loads of discounted books - tapi there was one called "French Children don't throw food" or something, which is exactly the same book as another one which they bought" Bringing up Bebe"..laa kenapalah Borders stock 2 titles which are actually the same? I told them nemmain, one can give as present.

Anyway anyway I booked a lohmentik dinner date last nigh..scratched head last last found one that is ok - Tanzini at G tower...aiyooo we alone duduk meja besar...and fine dining. kejap kejap ada orang datang, hantar food, pre-appetiser, appetiser, main, sorbet, pas tu desert pas tu coffee. macam tak banyak makan sebab slow slow dia hantar tapi by the end of the night mata tak leh bukak lah! It's nice to eat fine dining occassionally..tapi cannot often lah. tummy today complaining loudly - I think it's the liver pate!

Ok ok back to work - bye!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


There was this open letter to the magazine Hijabsta , shared on FB by nadine. Basically the letter says to the editor...your magazine is pretty and all, but it does not meet the criteria of hijab which is modesty. Not when your models are wearing 3 inches false eyelashes and eyeshadows and heavy make up and  loads of accessories etc but covering hair. It's probably my age, but I tend to agree with the letter.

 I don't mean I want to cover up and look totally dowdy but I think MODEST means...understated. Not "Hey look at me I'm gorgeous" ..the magazine is not doing such a great job underlining the spiritual part of freedom from the fashion constraints - and again, make women object of beauty , the very thing that hijab is supposed to liberate us from..kan? kan??

The letter is here:

On another matter-- happy cuti tomorrow! (or rather..later) my house have 2 extra kids..the mother went abroad and then upon her return promptly fell sick! I hope you get better soon Z!! Don't worry about your kids, they are good girls! Although at 10 last night I popped in my head to see them and was horrified to find that they haven't had their shower yet! So I sergah them to mandi just like my kids! Sorry ye..tercarried away ! hehehehe

My son pulak is away...stay over at Zul's place. It's like I have no say in these matters. He said Zul invited him and Amirul to come over to spend the night, boleh ke mum? Boleh la Kot, although I feel segan jugak cause it's always him staying over there and not the other way round. I think rumah orang lain fun kot. In our house ada so many girls. I am actually thinking of doing up a den lah kat bawah, for the boys to lepak...the boys are getting bigger and my daughters are now covering up whenever they're around the boys. Any ideas on cheap dens?

Did you read about that guy who got deported from UAE for being too gorgeous?? No? Google that -- it's so hilarious. The guy is pretty good looking. With his eyeliner and his smouldering stares etc..but he is totally smarmy.His facebook page just jumped from 85000 fans to 500,000!! The guy puts up so many pics of him posing ,  after a while I felt like giggling at the smarminess (and no, autocorrect, i don't mean "smartness" ) . Also making me giggle is the captions of the pictures - totally corny like "the beauty of a woman is through the eyes" etc etc..ya, but can you take out the garbage ? hehehehhehe

Hubs and I are awake..I think we probably slept early that's why. Right after sending Johan, I came home , and crashed.  Age catching up on us?

Tomorrow nak jalan lah..but where ah? Wanted to go to Kuantan but Hyatt won't give us any discount even if we arrive really late. Teruk lah...I am NOT spending RM900 for just one night stay ok. (2 rooms mah),but I love the maybe we will go for the day, stare at the sea, eat keropok lekor and eat ikan patin masak lemak YUMS and come home.

Ok tata...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...