Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bye mom and dad!

Hi there

I wish I can join my parents..who have left for the UK...for a month be with my brother and his wife. I'm very happy that they are having a break..although mak kau so difficult to go ..must not forget my dad's Ali cafe 3 in 1, and then the barley and the tea etc etc..heheheh

I am going to miss them. Mom and I have grown especially close since I became a mom myself . Dulu ashik nak gaduuuh je. I pernah lari rumah lah which when you think how sheltered I was, was amazingly brave of me he he

Tapi I lari kat mana pun..I went as far as Gombak my grandmother's house ha ha! Kalau tak ke sana, ke my OpahGemuk's house  (mom's auntie who used to really pamper me) .Satu experience I tak leh lupakan is my first bus ride...I handed the money to the conductor, and asked for "gombak". And prayed for the best and stopped the first stop that I thought looked  familiar (yes my sense of direction was bad then too) ..which was actually 2 miles away from my grandmom's house. So I jalan lah the last 2 miles . me, yang tak pernah jalan or go anywhere without mom, dad or pakcik driver (bukanlah anak orang kaya, anak askar heheheh) .. eeee now I think about it, seriau betul..kalau lah anak I buat memang sure kena marah..What if someone kidnapped me? Nasib baik lah (1) we lived in a safer world back then and (2) no one gave me a second glance . I jalan pelan sebab (1) penat and (2) have no idea where to go and (3) have to look confident and macho. My opah was very upset with me when I finally arrived!

Mom and I still have our conflicts. I find her to be very prudent. Takut tol nak buat anything new and very cautious. Compare this to my dad who throws caution to the wind and have the spirit of JOM! I think Im probably like my dad (Ya think?)  so sometimes I do get annoyed when mom rains on my parade. But! I have come to terms with it and decided heck that's who she is! Love her for who she is! And understand how my other 2 brothers get that way too! :)

Ok im rambling on and on kan..better go off. Plumber is in my room changing the bathroom toilet as dah rosak. I am waiting for them to go away. Sebab malu the room is so messy.

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Nadine said...

Mommy i dont think the world was safer, but you're more aware/cautious (at times maybe overly) of the dangers that were always there

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