Monday, May 20, 2013


contractors never listen to you do they? I am revisiting the idea of expanding the kitchen and called a friend in to give a quotation. The friend came and I started to describe my idea. Soon I found myself being told this is better, that is better, I need to rip out the old kitchen cabinet that I was planning to just touch up, and replace the entire wall with tiles and then there is also NO WAY i can just have one kitchen, it won't look nice, what WILL look nice is if I have one wet kitchen and one dry kitchen and to HECK lah what I say

Geram tak?? I have to find a way to tell him hello, this is MY House. And I don't want an arch or what.

Ni yang tension kan?

Kat UK dulu orang sumer buat sendiri..ok lah that's an exaggeration but certainly the spirit of DIY is more prevalent than it is here, so much so that people have a shed at the back of their garden where they store tools . There are dozens of DIY shops where you can find people happily buying stuff like paints and er..other DIY stuff.

In KL--- ada , bukan takda, but we are so busy that we don't bother. Plus labour is (used to be?) cheap. We don't even ask for the qualification of that Indon labourer , do we. Entah entah dia tak reti baca or what but we are quite happy to let him rewire the entire house hehehe

Anyway yes. Rant over. I will be telling him not to do that horrible tiling of the wall that he wants to do.


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Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

It's called marketing tactics, like psycho customers to do more, the more you do, the more commission they get probably.


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