Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Is it safe to come out?


I mean, with the election fever..takut nak tengok Facebook! Ramainya penyokong pembangkang so vocal in their support for anti government and also equally ramai the penyokong kerajaan ! Phew I'm glad the election is over ..

I went to vote, and got the wrong place. Went rather early but evidently not early enough as there was already a queue snaking all the way between the flats. I joined the queue asking why am I joining this queue and what is it for hah? The people in front of me wondered the same and we pounced on a man who appeared to have voted, and asked him. He said the queue was to "register" . Since we allready have our saluran (line) number we all unqueue (? got such word?) and everyone headed to the entrance of the school. There was a man trying to restore order to a growing group demanding to go up to the station to vote. We were told to line up in accordance with our saluran number and then we were allowed to go up 10 at a time. After about what seemed to be endless minutes of waiting where I managed to reach a trancelike state by reciting every surah  I know 10 times (NOT a long exercise) it was finally my turn. Excitedly I went in, to face man no 1, who checked my name with a ruler against his list. Taraaaa--- there it -wasn't. He looked up , grinned and said SEKOLAH BELAKANG LAA....the school at the back! Aiya

Needless to say I shot out of there. ORang comment--wahh dah vote terus laju ye...I buat dono....Heheh walked realllllly fast and reached the other school. Shorter queue, more orderly, and thankfully voted and left...

And waited for hubs who voted elsewhere

Wow the atmosphere was so much fun..people chatting to each other regardless of heart went out though to all the workers who man the station, the cops etc who had to ensure order ...they stayed there the entire day kan..and beyond..kesian

and the election result came - we sporadically checked. not lah tak follow , but other things happened. Like what eh..tak hingat

Anyway I have to continue this later..the other half is telling me he will be late...ta!!


Anonymous said... cute la cerita salah skolah.. my pengalaman was after kertas masuk box jer boleh dgr a few guys panggil my (almost) full name from luar kelas. org semua pusing tengok..malu betul.

tengok2 kawan skolah yg tak jumpa almost 20years (melainkan dalam FB tu pun ada yg tak active). im sooooo happy. wpun tau some of them vote diff party (berdasarkan their postings) & even i penah bagi my opnion Alhamdulillah kami masih boleh bergelak ketawa. pendapat masing2...tak yah gaduh2 kan ;-)

-niza noordin-

Superwomanwannabe said...

Tulah my husband pun jumpa member lama..jadi reunion pulak ni hehehe

entah lah i boring dengan politik nak gaduh...padam je lah fb tu

Cik Kiah said...


Everyone had the same idea of going to the polling station early in the morning. In the end, apparently kena queue up sampai dekat 1 jam. I had to cast my vote in Swangsa..not because i planned to be late tapi after getting ready, breakfast kat luar dulu, kena travel another 30 mins, i finally arrived around 11ish. Was in and out of the station in 15 mins! Pas tu singgah KLCC for lunch and shopping before making our way to SA for hubby to cast his vote. Ada sikit problem with KLCC parking ticket, keluar lambat, finally arrived in SA at 4.40pm. Hubs was in and out of station in 5 mins! So maybe in 5 years time we will remember to pergi lambat2..hehehe.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Cik Kiah..yeah, ingat can go early and get it over with..rupanye semua orang excited ! Next 5 years we go at 4 nak..hhaha

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