Thursday, May 09, 2013


Tadi the other half dapat call. it was from the hospital (phone was on speaker mode)

"Dokteeeerrr, ini wad 123, ni patient ni nak baaalik laaa dokter...., dokter A dan dokter B dah clear kan daaaah, tapi kan dokter, tinggal dokter punyer tandatangan je lagikkkk- doktor je yang belum signnnnn !'

Eh! nak cakap dengan doctor ke, nak cakap dengan pakwe? If the voice tu a person, it would be dancing in the breeze, swaying left and right., Up and down. Apa yang mengada sangat ni? Cakap betul betul tak leh ke?

Doktor, patient ABC nak balik, I have gotten the approval of Dr B and C. Can you come over? Thank you

Haa barulah professional! Kata nurse kan. Bukan dayang- Tak payah lah manja semacam. And I am not over-reacting BJ (heheh dah tau dah reaction you)

Imagine a 50 year old matron speaking like that..Funny tak. or a non malay nurse

OR! Imagine talking that way to a LADY doctor. Sure dia tak buat kan.

Of course lah the doctor in question, was as cool as possible -as cool as he could be lah in front of his wife who was getting immensely irritated! Entah entah kat belakang it's "eh ye ke, ah nanti I datang k...tunggu tauuuuuuu".

NAK PENAMPAU??heheheheheheh

I am not making this up. I told him I joke about your staff talking that way tapi i tak actually expect that they do! heheheheheh..gedixx tak?

Hissshh if any of my girls speak like that- they are DEAD.

Respect and professional at the workplace. Always. No place to manja manja. Go get your dad, or boyfriends for that.

Sekiannnnnnnnnnnn ---jangan marah ye sayang dokterrrrrrrr!


Anonymous said...

I would feel the same way. You are not over reacting. But how come you could hear the conversation? Was it on speaker phone?


Superwomanwannabe said...

yes it was..someone was trying out his iphone..we had lunch tadi heehee. I just think its not appropriate thazzal

Anonymous said...

A simple : doctor patient A nak balik. Tinggal doctor punya signature je tak de lagi. Boleh Turun Dan sign bila free. Thanks
I suspect your husband probably as friendly to her (with no other intentions than being friendly) but she misunderstands the friendliness . So the men must be firm too when speaking to them


Cik Kiah said...


Men can't see apa yg kita annoyed sangat dgn pompuan macamtu. Either they're oblivious to the 'manja2' atau secretly suka? I get so annoyed with my husband's female colleague yg suka sangat menelefon utk cakap gossip office, after office hours...and my husband would defend her by saying it has something to do with him. Tak boleh tunggu esok ke??? Bukannya masalah negara pun. Menyampah tau!!

Sorry lah SW, menceceh kat blog you pulak.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Cik Kiah..i memang nak reply awal tapi macam berkobar kobar karang takut lak you nak I dah cool so I can tell you..ehhh tak elok lah dia buat cam tu kat husband you..tak tau ke boundaries?? I rasa you have to tell him , kita bukan orang puteh and if orang puteh pun bini dia marah tau (tak caya google: texts from work colleagues ha ha!) so he'd better stop it!

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