Monday, May 13, 2013

Mommy's day

So anyway

Yesterday was Mother's Day.

I was not given any bouquet of roses or what. neither was I brought out to a restaurant to have a special dinner. I was going to be upset dah nih! memandangkan in the Facebook land, melambak mummy dapat pressie lah, cake lah , etc ...

But i realise I already have the best present. I am a mom to five beautiful kids !

And apart from wanting me to do stuff for them like play games and sweat (ugh) , they think Im allright as a mom!

So, apa lagi I mau...hehehehe

I did buy my mom a set of wondermilk cupcakes though. And now I have a tummy ache from eating so muc of the cream

and we did go back to kampung for a few hours. Dapatlah spend time swimming swimming and then lepak with family. Bro no 3 and family also joined.

BUT if the other half is reading- those roses would be nice hehehehe (*masih mencuba)

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