Wednesday, May 01, 2013


There was this open letter to the magazine Hijabsta , shared on FB by nadine. Basically the letter says to the editor...your magazine is pretty and all, but it does not meet the criteria of hijab which is modesty. Not when your models are wearing 3 inches false eyelashes and eyeshadows and heavy make up and  loads of accessories etc but covering hair. It's probably my age, but I tend to agree with the letter.

 I don't mean I want to cover up and look totally dowdy but I think MODEST means...understated. Not "Hey look at me I'm gorgeous" ..the magazine is not doing such a great job underlining the spiritual part of freedom from the fashion constraints - and again, make women object of beauty , the very thing that hijab is supposed to liberate us from..kan? kan??

The letter is here:

On another matter-- happy cuti tomorrow! (or rather..later) my house have 2 extra kids..the mother went abroad and then upon her return promptly fell sick! I hope you get better soon Z!! Don't worry about your kids, they are good girls! Although at 10 last night I popped in my head to see them and was horrified to find that they haven't had their shower yet! So I sergah them to mandi just like my kids! Sorry ye..tercarried away ! hehehehe

My son pulak is away...stay over at Zul's place. It's like I have no say in these matters. He said Zul invited him and Amirul to come over to spend the night, boleh ke mum? Boleh la Kot, although I feel segan jugak cause it's always him staying over there and not the other way round. I think rumah orang lain fun kot. In our house ada so many girls. I am actually thinking of doing up a den lah kat bawah, for the boys to lepak...the boys are getting bigger and my daughters are now covering up whenever they're around the boys. Any ideas on cheap dens?

Did you read about that guy who got deported from UAE for being too gorgeous?? No? Google that -- it's so hilarious. The guy is pretty good looking. With his eyeliner and his smouldering stares etc..but he is totally smarmy.His facebook page just jumped from 85000 fans to 500,000!! The guy puts up so many pics of him posing ,  after a while I felt like giggling at the smarminess (and no, autocorrect, i don't mean "smartness" ) . Also making me giggle is the captions of the pictures - totally corny like "the beauty of a woman is through the eyes" etc etc..ya, but can you take out the garbage ? hehehehhehe

Hubs and I are awake..I think we probably slept early that's why. Right after sending Johan, I came home , and crashed.  Age catching up on us?

Tomorrow nak jalan lah..but where ah? Wanted to go to Kuantan but Hyatt won't give us any discount even if we arrive really late. Teruk lah...I am NOT spending RM900 for just one night stay ok. (2 rooms mah),but I love the maybe we will go for the day, stare at the sea, eat keropok lekor and eat ikan patin masak lemak YUMS and come home.

Ok tata...

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