Thursday, May 23, 2013

On the kids

How's things? Ok? Over here, kids are having their exams. Well, the secondary kids I mean. By which I mean, 3 of my 5 kids. Because 1 of them has actually left school, and only 1 is still in primary. And even that one  is in Std 6, even though I baby him, and he is currently sleeping in my bed. Which I let tonight because he has a fever. Ok ok I still want to baby him. 

I can't quite believe how big my kids are. In my mind they are still small. When I think of school fees, i think in terms of 5 people and actually it's only 4! When I think of Daya, for eg, I think she is still 10. Instead of going to be 13 oh my gawd. Daya , 13. Sara...16. I cannot believe it. 

You guys with small kids, seriously, quit your job. Hahahah ok ok too drastic. Spend as much time as you can , with your kids. Send them here there everywhere or not, be there for them. Play with them..and take loads of videos! You tube it! Now I wish I did! 

It hit me this morning when a friend said soon my daughter will leave the coup- next..menantu? cucu? Huwaaa! 

I am not ready to let go of my children's childhood. but I guess I have no choice eh? The dad and I looked at all these big people and wonder that they are ours! All of them except for the 11 year old boy, are now taller than me. Ok daya is not that far away! 

Sementara itu..nadine is still waiting to know whether she gets the biasiswa/pinjaman JPA MARA. the date's been pushed 3 times . She is getting antsy but I told her this is a GIFT so you don't nag the giver right. My brain pun macam, takdalah nak go apply mana mana. Buat my kid tak dapat, we will have to scramble for a place ! She wants to do A levels for now. Her friends who scored lower than her are allready in various foundation courses. Hope it will work out for her. In the meantime kakak tu sedap baca buku ceritaaa tak habis habis. I keep asking her to organise the cabinet lah, organise our pictures lah ..kesian 

Ingat I nak ajar them to do one dish or 2 dishes for them to know ...they can cook lah more or less but it's just cake now...rumah smell of baking when I come's nice, on the other hand, we keep running to get butter, eggs, condensed milk etc etc..hehe..this is how mak nigella lawson feels agaknya..

Ok ok tata..i have to go sleep otherwise tomorrow kepala "weng" pekena kopi lah ni, terus tak leh tido...

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