Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sara oh Sara!

Kesiannya Sara anak I ni

She has had her run of  bad luck , I tell you

She was the one with the huge goiter at the age of 2. Which sorted itself out naturally  thank goodness. Previously as a baby she had glue ear and had to be taken to hospital for tests. She was then ok  And then at 9 or 10 she spilled hot tea on her right leg and scalded herself very badly. Her dad went out to giant to get the emergency diy first aid kit...clingwrap and vaseline! Sara was wrapped like a mummy ! Noo hospital for her then. Now her leg is almost scar free. What about the time she was ill for so long that we sent her to the hospital , in case she hd SARS. Half a day of tests and was given the all clear. Not dengue either, phew! The fever sorted itself out as well

And here we are in hospital - back again. This time, Sara dislocated her kneecap - this happened yesterday in school.Yes, it was a public  holiday but the school had teachers day celebration , and kids brought food and pressies to school. Sara was the MC for the event and was very excited. I was at home, bummed because hubby was supposed to be off, but went to the hospital to check on his 5 patients in the I was doing work (scrolling the internet- did you know Robert Pattinson has split up from his gf Kristen Stewart? Who you say? Tsk tsk!)

Anyway anyway again, suddenly I got a call from teacher. Sara had fallen , she said. Could I come and get her, or do I want them to send her. I said no I can go and get her. then the maid rushed up and handed me the phone - hubs was on the line- sara had fallen he said ! Go and see her and I'm still here (hospital) if you need to send her.

I wasn't too anxious to tell you the truth, thinking that she had cramps or at worse, twisted her ankle. Nadine and I took the car round and 2 seconds later (serious, we live that close) we were at school- greeted by the teacher who took us to the class. She was leaning against the wall, grabbing her right leg with her foot turned to the right and being held by her friends. Crying and whimpering. So important to have good friends and Im glad Sara has heelholding friends. The knee looked odd under her jubah, and I guessed she had dislocated her patella (eh tipu ...the husband said , I didnt guess hehehe)

The school told me they called the ambulance and so we waited. Me being the clown that I was (under pressure oii) -  cracked jokes and at the same time, telling Sarah to recite whatever surah she remembers . Ada ke. One ustazah came to teach her a doa. Chet. I should also know that doa. I forgot whatever doa, in the circumstances. But the main thing, is, always wet your lips with the name of Allah and pray pray pray the pain is not so bad. I was, anyway. I hate to see kids in pain, apa lagi my own.  In the meantime, Nadine was munching her way through Sara's class food. (they were having a party kan). I made several calls to the other half who had either just come out of the operating theatre, or was about to go in. Sorry ye, I think your daughter trumps everything else :) .

After about what felt like forever, we found out that the school did NOT call the ambulance, thinking that I might have done it! Laaa...I called the other half and he said ok lah he will come and he will come with the ambulance.

In the meantime, it was a case of watching to make sure Sara's heel did not slip or her leg did not move, as that caused her agony. Mummy, please don't make me laugh please do not touch me etc etc. I guess I was not helping.

Called the other half yet again (if you go through his phone I tell you, 90 % of the calls come from me). And he said Im hereeee (and I could here the neenaw neenaw sound ). Thrill nyer. Then Nadine came back from outside(she was scouting I think) and said Daddy's in scrubs! Amboi thrill tol.

We saw the stretcher first, appearing in the class. followed by the paramedics. Then the father, wah macam superhero gitu. Kids were going oohh coooll! heheh girls kan, can't imagine boys going oooh cool! All because the father appeared in his blue operating baju (macam baju tidoq) and cap. Lain kot dari yang lain. By that time the teachers also came back to watch. I told the father- can you give her some painkiller before you lift her to the stretcher? I think normally they'd just lift you on the stretcher and forget lah yourpain kejap==tahan je lah. bear it my dear! But because the mummy is a big wimp I made the other half give her a huge injection. Wah sara you got injected by daddy sendiri lah spesel tu! Oh yeah, bapaknye was in scrubs because he had justttt came out of the OT and tak sempat change lagi punyerlah maknye dok kejar suruh datang

Actually Nadine should be a doctor. She said kalau tolak je the knee cap dalam I think it'd go in. Or something to the effect. Basically she said it probably could be repaired immediately . And the father agreed. Feelingless betol lah anak beranak ni. The pain would be quite considerable I think (which is a civilised way of saying SAKIT NAK MATI OI!) ,Anyway Sara was not letting us touch her knee. So forget that.

So somehow she got lifted to the stretcher after she felt she was ready . (alaaiii when I think about it, agaknye apalah kata pakcik paramedik tu kan, ngada tol patient and family) . Itu pun nangis sebab sakit. Mummy dah turn away dah, takut tengok.

And then off we went to the hospital! With the school watching. what a send off. I followed with Nadine  into the ER. The doc (Dr Palani the orthopaedic doc on call)  came and said actually I think can push in, but I will do it under heavy sedation. Sara was wheeled to xray with Nadine, and I stayed back watching daddy type in his notes on the pc and munching on some jajan which I honestly thought was his then I discovered was someone elses'. Eh sorry.

Then the doc came back and said  hmm Sara was in pain even in the xray so I think we will put her to sleep. Which was what Sara wanted. Then we cut open her pants which she had under her jubah . We all went to the OT with her and once she went in, Nadine and I went to get lunch (lapar oi!) and daddy went off somewhere else (probably to pay deposit - anak doktor tak anak doktor, must follow the admission procedure) .

Dr Palani said her joints were more flexible than others. IN fact all of the kids have flexible joints and that came from me. Her dad always say I'm a freak that way. Dr Palani said we would be good athletes and would be good in yoga because we are very flexible. Hoohoo..awat tak cakap..boleh I practise masa mudaa...hehe

We then went to wait for her in her room. She came back about 45 mins later. It seemed that as soon as she was unconscious the knee relaxed and popped back in place. Dalam masa 2 saat. What a palava..rupanye kejap je. Takyah admit actually. We wanted to bring her back home but she wants to stay in for the night. Takut sbb kat rumah ada tangga nak naik. OK lah. apa apa.

Then the dad came and we stayed for a while making sure she was comfortable. We went home jap to take the rest of the gang and came back after dinner. Terukkan maknyer, left Sara with Nadine kat hospital.

And the kids all treated the hospital cam hotel. Johan dah upset sebab i never send him to hospital if he gets sick.he is the only one not admitted yet, he said.  I said OI coming to hospital is not a good thing lah! He said- other hospital, yes, but not THIS hospital. Heh? I guess cause you get one room and tv and special treatment kot. Although I note that they have done cost cutting measures. Such as replace the quilt with normal hospital blankets. What happened- i guess they had to kot, since they lowered their rates. Sumer orang made themselves comfortable. Sara was happy because she could twitter everyone  now (we brought in all the gadgets).

Sara slept quite comfortably, nak go toilet got this zimmerframe . ..manalah kita nak carik ni ..hope she can make it upstairs kat rumah somehow.

Ok lah so that was what happened yesterday..I have to go do subuh now! thanks for listening !


Cik Kiah said...

This is so funny! But kesian Sara nonetheless. Who wouldn't want to stay at PCMC. Kalau ada swimming pool, dah jadi macam hotel betul dah. Yes, anak dr can request pk before being loaded into the van esp if the dr dad is around. I wonder what the pm's cakap dlm hati. Hehe. Its like masa I nak kena pi ambik darah kat my workplace, I made the nurse apply Emla on my arm. Mengada2 je!

Superwomanwannabe said...

heheh taklahh i think i would have done the same! sebab low pain tolerance! yeah I should suggest the hospital put a pool hehe!

Nadine said...

No laa, i was just thinking how it might have gone.. But i'd probably want to be sedated first too

Anonymous said...

so funny and happy la ur family ni. hehe. i've been in that situation too when i was a kid. my dad was a doctor back then and i felt so cool man, naik ambulance neeno neeno dgn abah.. ahahha.. and i even ask my dad to find me a future husband who is a doctor! kalau ada event, my dad will bring me instead of my mom bcoz i insist nak cari future husband yg doctor. nasib baik my dad layan je budak kecik ni.hehe.. i missed those days.. :) anyway, semoga sara cepat sembuh ;)

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