Thursday, May 09, 2013

the kiddoes

I have raised mini mothers.

Nadine and Daya in particular

Eg 1:

1. I was at the facial place and they offered me a lot of cleansing stuff and I was about to get them and Nadine said: mom, you have this allready, and this , and that, and they are all over the bedroom mom, you never wear them yadiyadiya. And later I was looking for nice office blouses and had picked up a few and she limited me to THREE. My daughter told me I cannot buy more than 3 heheheh. 

Eg 2

Daya organised my handbag the other day. I stuff everything in it every day and she rearranges it from time to time . So anyway she checked in the bag later and then wailed- mom I JUST organised it..she found the same mess

So I have to now make sure I am tidy, and thrifty. 


And they all get to take money from my bag for their school allowances. And they only take RM2 . Most of the time hehehehe

Just to share!

Oh yeah. What do you think when couples take their wedding pictures in very intimate bedroomllike poses? Maluuuuuuuuuu...taulah halal but it's not er..asian lah to be so open...HAHAHAH says the person who probably would win the most PDA couple award. But seriously folks. More and more pics now are like that. Kan?

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Anonymous said...

ya betul sis. i agree on the wedding pic part. so not appropriate. nowadays mmg trend pose dah mcm tu. ada yg mcm ala2 kiss tu...dlm masjid ok! not noice..

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