In about 10 minutes I have to leave home to go to Concept 1010. Arghh I always do this, start so enthusiastically, and then falter in the middle. I start not wanting to go or finding excuses not to go. It's only once a week pulak tu. It's only because one of the personal trainer is in my networking group that I do go every week, actually. If not sorry lah. So , the discipline issue has to be worked on. I sooo admire those who run every morning or swim every morning..how do you stay sooo focused. 

I also have problems with procrastination...for example. If the deadline is 3 weeks from now, I probably will start like 2 days before the deadline. I normally do a good job, but imagine if I had so much more time to do things, sure fantastico punyer. Or maybe not, sebab I probably would go over and over the job and change so many things 

See?  I am procrastinating, because I don't want to go to the gym. OK OK I have to go now. bye


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